[Story] Love, Lust And Lost

5 years ago

“Please come closer na” she pleaded. Trying to get closer to him even when he was restraining backwards.
The room was empty, only for the long bench in it. No fan or lamp-holder or anything wiry in the room. It looked very dilapidated, it had been deserted by its occupant very long ago.

“I’m not really that experience” he replied. His eyes shut out. Very shy at what they were trying to do.
He stared into space, cobwebs hung at almost every corners of the room where spiders found cozy and accommodating enough to lay the foundation and in the most effective way – complete the building of their web-house.

“I will teach you how to do it. Don’t worry” she drew close to where he was. Now, he saw through side gaze how close she was, he turned and faced her.

“Please Zainab A. You know we are just brothers and sisters! We can’t do this together. It is an abomination.” He tried to walk away but she held him down.

“It doesn’t mean anything dear. No one would know we did it and it would only be between the two of us,” she tried to persuade him.

“But,…….” He grumbled, trying to shake free of her.

“Shhhhh!” She shut his mouth, attempting to pull his belt’s buckle open. Such power of a lady (woman) to cajole or s£duce any man she wanted, even the most `unfeeble’ would not resist such temptation. He would surely fall for the cunning and seductive power of a woman.

“Arh Zainab A.! Pleaaaasssse! Mmmmm! God!” he was already feeling her touch on his body. They were so romantic even without her holding his J0yst!ck. Such feelings were of paradise.

“I promise you, I will do it gently. Since you are inexperience!.” She said while she had succeeded with his belt. she pulled his trousers down and his boxers were visible. His J0yst!ck giving the rising of the sun mode. They were hard and curved to the left – bowing to the lord of the south.

She started going rough on him. She was also inexperience but her anticipation were unbelievable. She was breathing hard. The rate at which her heart was pumping were more than the rate a bouncing castle could pump in air. She tried to ransack his boxers to bring his J0yst!ck out but he restrained.

“I’m so pressed. Can I ease myself?”

“Oh Lord! Femi please! let’s do this first,”

“But I might pee (Pour) in the process. Please let me go. I won’t take long.”

“Okay! But don’t stay long!. Or should I follow you?”

“No! I will be back soon” he said and went to a place which was convenient to pee. He brought out his J0yst!ck and `peed’.

“Arh! Mmmmm! I love you so much! God!”. He groaned as the pee came out of his J0yst!ck.

That was the moment he woke up. Adefemi checked his trousers on the mat he lay and it was wet. What sort of dream was that?

“Arh God! I don `pees’ (pee) for body o!. Which kind disgrace be this?. I’m 14 already!.” He complained rising from the mat he lay.

He felt the mat but no sign of pee was on it. Not even the smell of it but his trousers was wet.

He deep his right hand into his pant and with two fingers felt the liquid. It was sticky and he remembered he had had such experience before and it was a wet dream.

That was the way it happened too, the other time. He had been dreaming though of different scenario – but on same intention of emptying his bladder.

That day had also disturbed him as if he had wet the mat. Something a boy of his age shouldn’t do but was disappointed the mat wasn’t wet the way it should – when one really bed-wets.

Although, that was at the age of 11. He didn’t have the interpretation to such experience but as they continued to further the scheme of work of the Integrated Science. They had thought them Reproduction and he was able to deduce it as wet dreams, – very common occurrence once puberty starts in males.

He smelt the fluid and it was familiar to the one he had before.

“I don dey get Pour be that. Na the second time be this.” he soliloquized and went into the bathroom to change his pant and trousers.

It was 9:45am already. A week to resumption. Holidays were often the best days he longed for cause he had the chance to sleep up to some certain hour but once school starts, he would have to be up by 5:30am sometimes.

Though he fancied holidays but once they were getting much and he was sent on unnecessary errands about, he often prayed school resumes and that was the way he felt at present.

Coming back from the bathroom, he saw his Visafone mobile ringing and he went to pick it up.

Paul was the caller on the line.

“Hello paulo, how far na?”

“I dey baba. How your side?”

“Omo, e just dey anyhow joor. Wetin dey happen na?”

“Guy, I dey show your side today o” paul said on the phone “hope say food go dey sha?” He added laughing on the phone.

“You no know pass food ni?. Oga, no food for house! No show abeg, sit-down for your papa house” he said jokingly.

He knew Paul to be a glutton. He doesn’t play with food no matter the circumstances he might find himself. He loved food than his studies.

“If your papa like make e no keep food for me. I dey show by 12pm” he said and ended the call.

Adefemi was still laughing after the call had ended. He knew Paul very well. He would surely come even when no food was promised. But he just made sure always that, at least there was something to entertain him when he visited.

He went to the sink and started doing his chores. The first of which was to wash the dishes, then later, he would go clean up the rooms and rake the gutter.

While washing, his thoughts ran wide. Most pointedly at Zainab A. The girl he had dreamt about in his last sleep.

She was never related to him in anyway, not even blood or water. She was just a school girl and mate he knew because he saw her face in class. He had not engaged her much in a discussion. Though when they were asked to do hand-made greeting cards in their JSS2, she had come to him to help her out making the card.

The way he made his greeting cards were exceptional. He had learnt it from his aunt who had attended the Holy Child College and was the best student in Art and Music, – the same way her nephew (Adefemi) was starting to set the pace in his school.

The cards were appealing and looked very real, as though he had made them with machines. But all he used were special cardboards for greeting cards, markers of a full set of colours; his maths-set; gloss transparent nail-paints with shiny particles in it and an empty `biro’ (pen) container used for spraying.

His classmates were stunned at such brilliance and artistic work. He had made a lot of money making for others, even the best artist in the whole school, Isaac had come to him, – not only to help make his own greeting cards but also to seek employment from him. He wanted to save Adefemi from doing much by helping him to draw any pattern he wanted on the card with pencil while he (Adefemi) did the designing and the rest, for some token as wages.

That was some part of the good times he enjoyed in his Junior school. He did really turn an assignment into almost seasonal money making ventures. Once there was a festive to celebrate, he made cards and got patronages.

Zainab A, the last time he knew he saw her was the day she ran up to him while she was being pursued by Elvis. She had run up to him for safety claiming he was her brother. That still rang a bell in his memory but that status seemed to be changing.

He was beginning to have some feelings for her. Tosin though was there in his plans for S.S.S but Zainab A. had sprung up from nowhere in his dreams and he was starting to like her. Whenever he went out during that holiday, he had often looked at houses on the island may be he could see her but all were futile.
`i will surely get her to be mine’ he thought finishing all he was doing and entering the bathroom to have his bathe.

2 girls now in his plans, only God would help him.

Later that day,………


Paul arrived at his house and knocked at the door.

Bang! Bang!! Bang!!!

“Femo. How far na?”

“Ha ha ha!!, Paulo baba” he replied coming out of the room, offered him an handshake. – as they both strolled outside. He was on a blue baggy jean, a black chase-deer t-shirt -on barefoot while Paul was on a stripe white and orange shirt, black trousers and a fine pair of palm slippers.

“Guy how far?. Wey my food?” Was the first thing he asked as they approached a car parked outside the garage of Mr. George, Adefemi’s grandfather.

“Ha ha ha!, Paulo and food!” He mocked and left him as he climbed to seat on the boot of the car.

He came back few minutes later and handed him a cold pepsi with a straw.

“Manage am guy! No bar for my hand!”

“Why you stingy like this Femo?. You don run chop all the food finish because I dey come” he laughed looking cunningly at his friend.

“As you see me so self, I dey H” he replied paul with smiles.

“Okay, thank you! Make I just manage your mineral,” he said opening the Pepsi cork with his teeth and inserted a straw in it. “Guy, how we go take go school next week na? This one wey dem never give us Senior School uniform!”

“Omo, I never know o. Me go wear my Junior school Uniform go!”

“Me don buy materials give tailor o. My sister tell me say we fit sew am by `ourself’ (ourselves) then later buy badge for school” Paul explained to his friend and sipped his pepsi.

Paul’s complexion was nothing different from the colour of the pepsi he drank. He was dwarf, and Adefemi often make fun of him but really, they were not that far apart in height. They were of same age and one could refer them to be brothers. Paul also was handsome on his own and not that a very intelligent boy but still, he faced his studies the little he could.

“Well, me no get choice, I go manage my Junior school uniform” he said and later explained to him about his recent likeness for Zainab A. But skipped the dream part.

“You self get eyes o! That babe self don dey mature small small,” he said, smiling.

“No! Na your papa eyes I suppose get” he replied and they both laughed.

“I even see her for near my house yesterday.”

Adefemi’s eyes bulged out of their socket hearing Paul say he saw her last night. He became more interested, enthusiast!.

“Wetin she come do?”

“Her grandma dey live for near my house gan gan like this, so she say she come visit her” paul explained and downed the last content of the Pepsi bottle. He belched loudly and gave a mad laughter.

“Your papa na goat, no be today” but Paul didn’t reply him and he went further.

“Abeg when next you see her, help me collect her number” he pleaded receiving the bottle from Paul and setting it down on the floor.

“You no fit wait to see her next week when we resume?.”

“Abeg bro, I no fit wait!”

“Guy, you go gaz wait o, cause she don go back to her maale house” he disappointed Adefemi. “Abeg escort me, I wan dey go my papa house” he added and they strolled off to the bus-stop.

Adefemi was now anticipating resumption in no time, he couldn’t even wait.

To Be Continued….

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