Fierce - Season 1 - Episode 27

1 year ago

Just as she thought, the world kept moving on even after she retired.

She and Ochi started a clothing line. She was the financial part while Ochi did the rest.
With all the time in the world now, she became the annoying mother. She attended all the kids activities in school and even brought snacks. Even though their class mates saw her as a cool mom, her kids on the other hand felt she was embarrassing them and also ruining their social life. They always made her promise not to attend the next activity in school but she always broke the promise.

When she wasn’t being an annoying mom, she was sitting court side and watching Cicero play.

After a few more weeks of terrorizing everyone, Ehi gave in and returned to modelling. Tho she refused to do anything runway and also insisted on things close by since she didn’t want to spend much time away from her family.


It was Ehi’s thirty fifth birthday and she was at her wedding reception in the backyard of her house.

Cicero had retired at the end of last season and they were finally able to plan their wedding.

Their close friends were around.

Christian had walked Ehi down the aisle. Malik and Samuel were Cicero’s best men. Ochi was her maid of honour while Theodora, Olivia and little Mani made up her bridal train.
When they were exchanging vows, little Mani threw up a tantrum because she didn’t understand why daddy and mummy were gifting each other rings without her having any. It wasn’t until Christian gave her his ring that she kept quiet. The ceremony had gone smoothly after that.

During the reception ,while everybody was dancing or cheering , little Mani was busy destroying the cake. By the time they discovered what she was up her entire body was covered with cake. Celeste had taking her upstairs to clean her up.
“Am I the only one who feels like anyone with the name Mani is always up to no good. “Christian said beside her.
“Bro, you are not the only one. And to think that she is just sixteen months old is crazy. Like I’m scared of what she is going to do as she grows up. ” Ehi replied laughing. “So have the both of you picked a name yet? ” she said pointing at Christian’s pregnant girlfriend who was standing beside his parents.

“Not a name point of correction. We are expecting triplets and truth is I can’t come up with that much names so I will just live it to her. But instead of her looking for names, auntie is nagging around the house telling me I need to wife her up because she doesn’t want to be a baby mama. Can you imagine? ”
“Hold on, but she is knocked up so technically she is already a baby mama. ”
“Thank you. My point exactly. And truth is even if Tasha is the last woman on earth I’m not going to marry her… Don’t be looking at me like that. Believe me when I say that lady is crazy plus she can drive a man nuts from nagging. ”

“How are you just noticing the crazy part? Well Sorry Chris because you and that crazy woman are now stuck together for the next eighteen years. That’s a long time bro. ” Ehi said laughing at him as he rolled his eyes. “Who is that man Trish brought as her date? ”

“That man is bad news girl. He is a billionaire but somebody’s husband. Like Trish is a wonderful manager but she can’t seem to leave other women’s husbands alone. If she gets beaten up again like she did last time I swear I won’t intervene.”
“Wait, when did she get beat up and why am I just finding out now? ” she asked but before Christian could reply, Cicero came over.
“Please may I borrow my wife from you? ” he asked politely.

“By all means, take this Gossip Girl from my side. ” was Christian’s response as he walked away.

“You really had to interrupt me Mr Smalls ” she said as he led her to the dance floor.
“Yep Mrs Smalls. You can always continue your gossip another time. For now I need all your attention. ”

She laughed before responding “The same way your daughter Mani loves everyone’s attention on her. ”
“Don’t blame me. She got that from you. ”
“I would believe you but you see I used to be really good friends with your mum and I know all those pranks you pulled as a child. ” she said with a knowing look.

“She was just saying things to make you feel good about yourself. Believe me I was the perfect child. ”

“I wish she was here you know. ”
“She is right here with us, in our hearts same way Mani and Nessa are. Now enough of talking about other people let’s get this dance up the notch. ”
“I love you Mr Smalls. ”
“I love you too Mrs Smalls. ”

******** END*******

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