Fierce - Season 1 - Episode 25

10 months ago

And when I decided to start small, my dad get shot and then next thing you know Nessa is dead and not long after that mom dies from an overdose. I wouldn’t have come to you but it was either you or social services.” Ochi was crying by the time she was done.

Ehi wrapped her arms around Ochi and brought her closer all the while crying with her “I’m so sorry, you had to go through all that on your own. I swear I had no idea you existed tho now that I think of it some years back at the twins birthday Nessa made reference to you but she didn’t call your full name and I didn’t ask. While I may not have been there for you growing up. I promise to be here for u now . You are not alone, you don’t have to be scared anymore. I got you. Okay? ” she asked and Ochi nodded and they hugged each other and cried more.

Mani walked in and started clapping “Y’all are here being all sisterly meanwhile social media is on fire. ” she laughed and then continued “Girl why do you keep breaking the internet. Now I can’t log on and post some thirsty traps because everyone in my comment section trying to know more about your sister. They say we are friendship goals for keeping it sealed within us. Oh… before I forget Christian said both of you are going to pay for almost giving him a heart attack. ” She walked over and hugged both sisters. “How about we really break the internet now and I post a picture of the three of us? ”

“Sure. ” Ochi replied.
Just as Mani was taking the picture Cicero and the kids walked in and photo bombed them. Mani uploaded the picture like that and if breaking the internet was what she had in mind well she did more than that because the picture was the number trending topic on all social media platforms.

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