Fierce - Season 1 - Episode 23

1 year ago

“What is this thing I am hearing that you are both not speaking to your mom? ” Mani asked the twins who were both staring at the floor instead of looking at her. “Yes… I’m waiting. So let me get this straight you both want to disrespect your mom because you now know your father.”
“Well she had no right keeping us a secret from him. ” Malik said.

“Really, that’s what your block head think. How about the fact that your father dumped your mom when she was nineteen and pregnant. Your mom has always protected y’all from the truth is but the fact is all her friends including myself told her to have an abortion because it was the best thing to do… ”

“D--n Mani. ” Ehi screamed from the couch she was sitting on.

“Don’t d--n Mani anything. I say it’s time we burst the bubble these kids have been riding on. You want to act like adults then be prepared to take the tea like adults. Your mom was pregnant at nineteen, homeless and didn’t have a cent to her name but she kept y’all. Because according to her she couldn’t live with herself if she had an abortion. She didn’t even have time to nurse probably because she had to get back to the gym and get fit because that was the only way to provide for you. When we were buying designer clothes and shoes, your mom won’t join us because she was saving up so y’all will have money to take y’all to college. And you are going to stand there and disrespect her. Where was your daddy when me,Christian and your mom took turns to watch the both of you. How about when we needed to travel for work and one of you decide to be sick. How about the sacrifices your mom had to make over and over so she could be a mom to both of you and at the same time have a career that can put food on the table. If you were wondering where your father was all this time I was talking about, he was busy playing house with his other woman and their kids. And you have the nerve to be disrespectful. D--n… You little goats have no idea how close you are to getting your ass whopped by me. Now would the both of you go over to your mom now and apologize before I lose my temper. ”

Theodora who was already crying ran over to Ehi and hugged her while Malik reluctantly walked over too. At that moment Cicero walked in with his other two children. A five year old girl name Olivia and a three year old boy name Samuel.

When Mani saw him, she hisssed “I will see y’all later. ” she said and left.
Cicero took a deep breath before he began “I’m sorry for coming unannounced but Rebecca let me have the kids for the day and I thought it would be nice if we all bonded together. We could go have lunch, or the park or go see a movie or even go to the mall. Anything y’all will comfortable doing. ”

Ehi wanted more than anything to turn down the invitation but all the kids in the room were looking at her with pleading eyes that she had no choice but to accept “Yes sure, let’s just freshen up and then we can all go out. ”
They had lunch in a restaurant close-by before going to the mall. Even though the adults were tensed around themselves, the children were doing just fine. The twins were so happy to have younger ones.

It was a fun filled day that all the kids were sleeping by the time they pulled up in her driveway. In other not to risk waking them up,they decided to take them upstairs so they will spend the night at her place.

When they had tucked the children in. They went to the sitting room and she brought a bottle of wine and handed a glass to him.
“Thank you. ” he said as he received it.
“It’s no biggie. ” she replied and sat beside him.

“Thanks for today, I really had fun and the kids had a blast. ” he said and she laughed. “I mean it’s next to impossible to get to sleep and here they are snoring upstairs. I’m yet to see children that have that much energy it’s scary atimes.” he paused and stared at her before continuing
“I’m sorry I wasn’t here to help you raise Malik and Theodora. I should have been—”

She cut him short “Hey it’s not your fault. You didn’t know they existed and I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark.”

“That’s not an excuse. I have told myself that but the truth is even though we broke up I was supposed to check on you. You probably wouldn’t believe me but I have been beating myself ever since I got to know. I just want you to know that even if I wasn’t around then I promise to be here from this day forward. I know us living on different coasts would make it difficult but I believe we can make it work if we really put our mind to it.

“I guess we could… ” her sentence was cut shut by the buzzing of her phone. She picked up “Yo Christian. ”
“Girl you need to come online asap. Cicero’s baby mama is dragging you for filth.” She cut the call and hurriedly checked her mentions on social media.

Apparently someone had taken a picture of them at the mall and Rebecca made a video which she posted on social media saying Ehi after breaking her relationship was trying to play mum to her children. She went on to call Ehi derogatory names and ended the video calling her disrespectful.

So many people online were adding their own two cents and calling her every name in the book.

She was about replying Rebecca when Cicero who had also watch the video with her snatched the phone from her hands. “Don’t fall for her antics. My lawyer told me she just signed a contract to appear on a reality show. All she is doing is creating drama so people would tune in. If you reply her, it would only prolong this madness.

I know it’s difficult to do but just ignore her. She already did two interviews this week making me look like a bad person and I chose to ignore her and then she moved on to you and I am willing to bet that if you also ignore her, she will move on to someone else. ”
“Are you sure? ” she asked.
“I’m positive. Now let’s go back to our happy discussion. ”


Ehi was driving out of her house when she locked gaze with someone and she hit the brakes in her car like she just saw a ghost.
The ghost was walking towards her nervously and tapped on her window. With shaking fingers she pushed the button and brought her head outside.

“Do I know you? ” she asked.
“Not really. My name is Ochi and I have been told that you are my sister. ” the stranger replied.

Ehi’s mouth dropped open as she heard the stranger speak. She couldn’t say a word because the young lady standing before her was a replica of her mother, just a taller version of her.

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