Fierce - Season 1 - Episode 12

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Ehi and Mani stood in a corner discussing with each other. They were guests at the Caldwell’s fundraising event. There were a lot of famous people at the party and also strong political figures.
Christian came over to their side with a popular socialite called Trish. There was a time when her face was on every tabloid. She was famous for being famous. She came from a wealthy background and had friends who were celebrities and also only dated rich or famous guys. She had a breakdown some years back from alcohol and too much partying. That seem to be a turning point for her because she went back to school and now has a degree in business management. There have not been any scandal attached to her in a long time now.
“Ehi and Mani,meet my friend Trish and Trish this are the annoying roommates I was telling you about.” They waved at her and glared at him “Don’t give me that look,you know I am telling the truth.” He continued.
“Oh please, you act like you can live without us. Don’t believe anything he says. We are everything but annoying.” Mani chipped in.
“Oh you don’t need to tell me that. I have known Christian long enough to know that you ladies need an award for being able to cope with his annoying self.” Trish replied.
“Hell no,I take offence in that. I am the most calm man in this room and also the best friend any of you have.” Christian argued.
“Boy please,if you don’t wakeup from your daydream I may have to slap you.” Ehi said playfully and everyone burst into laughter.
“Okay I give up.” He said with his hands in the air in surrender. “Well that aside, the reason I came with this beautiful woman by my side is because Trish here owns an agency. It’s a new venture and since both of you are not being represented by anyone at the moment I thought it was wise to introduce you all to each other. And now that my work is done I will leave you all to discuss. Au revoir.” He left them to greet other patrons at the event.

“I actually just started the agency. I don’t have anyone signed just yet but that’s not withstanding I have done my homework and I have contacts that I have already informed about my plans.” Trish said in a patronizing voice.

“I guess we will exchange contacts and we will talk about it some other time.” Mani replied.

“Sure, that’s fine with me. So… here is business card,my private number is written behind. You can call me anytime.” She said and handed then a card she just retrieved from her purse.

“Alright we will call you.” Mani said and Ehi nodded in agreement.
“Okay,I guess I will see you some other time.” She replied and left.
“This is huge Mani. We really don’t have a choice,we have to sign with her.”
“I know. I am just cautious that’s all plus I doubt Christian would introduce her to us if he wasn’t certain she she would work her a-s off to make our career take off. But we have to consider her past. A lot of people don’t take her seriously. And many people are just counting the time until she relapse into her drug habit. I don’t know if I want to put my career in a walking time bomb ready to explode at any minute.”
“Look who is talking. You always tell me about second chances and how everybody deserve one.”
“I know but we have to put different things into consideration. How about we just talk about this later when we have really thought over it.”
“Yeah that’s good. Where are those waiters when you need them. I need me a drink.”

“Hahahaha,girl that makes the two of us.”


In April they flew to California for a charity fashion show. Trish had told them earlier that it was going to be televised live.
Ehi was so nervous she oblivious to everything that was happening around her. She had been waiting for a moment like this for a long time but that didn’t help calm her nerves. She was so scared of doing something wrong and missing out on other things.

She had not worked for almost two years now. Even tho she rehearsed with Mani,she was scared something would go wrong. The fact that the show will be televised live seem to add more pressure on her.

She took deep breaths trying to calm her nerves. She saw the other models moving towards the director and she dragged herself to join them. They were being given last minute instructions but she had no idea what the lady was saying because she couldn’t make out her words.
“I got this,I got this,I got this.” She kept mumbling to herself.

Everything was moving fast around her. Next thing she knew it was her turn to walk the runway. She took a deep breath and took a step forward.

First thing she noticed was the crowd. It was way more than she had ever seen. Photographers were clicking away. Cameras were recording. There was this awful music being played in the background.

She was trying to block everything out and focus on her steps. She kept remembering every walking lesson she had ever received. She became conscious of her surrounding again and discover she was already half way down the runway.

She felt a surge of excitement. If she could make it this far then she can definitely finish. One step in front of the other she kept telling herself.

She was almost there she kept reminding herself. This is the life I have always wanted,the reason I left home,the reason I am homeless and the reason I was left by the love of my life. She had no idea were does thoughts were coming from but as soon as she thought of Cicero it became catastrophic for her. She missed a step and she tried to correct it but somehow instead of walking she found herself tumbling across the platform. Somehow she was able to pick herself up and somehow she finished her walk.

Cicero was scrolling through the channels finding something interesting to watch when he stumbled on a fashion show. He wanted to change the channel since starring at the models brought back memories of Ehi. There were days when he wanted to reach out and call out but he chose not. She had chosen to stay in New York what were the chances she would change her mind now. He missed her and wished they had worked things out differently.

As if she was conjured by his thoughts he saw that face he would never forget walking down the runway. He felt so proud of her that he was cheering loudly in his living room. This was what she always wanted and he was happy she had finally made it to the big stage.
One minute she was walking and the next she was stumbling. He got up from his seat and walked closer to the television trying to see if she was okay. And then she stood up and completed her walk like a pro.

He knew how she was feeling at that very moment and wished more than anything he could be there with her to comfort her right now.

Mindlessly he reached out to his cell and dialled her number. It was number he couldn’t forget,he had memorized it back when they were dating. The number was no longer functioning he discovered. He felt bad for not being able to console her at that moment.


“Ehi you need to eat something. Crying is not going to change anything.” Mani said beside her.

“Please leave me alone.”
“You have been crying since last night and what has that done for you? Nothing except making your eyes swollen from too much crying. You are not the first model nor will you be the last. You have to continue living your life my dear friend. There will be other opportunities to redeem yourself.” There was a knock at the door and she went to check who it was. It was Christian. “Where is Trish?”

“I don’t know. Last time I spoke to her she was with the organizers of the event but that was last night. I have no idea where she currently is.” Looking across at Ehi he asked “How is she doing?”
“Bad,she wouldn’t stop crying I don’t know what to do to cheer her up.”
He walked into the room and pulled Ehi up “I know this is the last thing you want to her write now but I got us tickets to coachella and you crying on the bed is not part of it. So go to the bathroom this minute and have yourself cleaned or God as my witness I will carry you on my shoulders to that festival and you will make the news again although this time it will be from looking a mess.”

“I’m not in the mood to be around people.”

“Do I look like I care. Now off you go to the bathroom.” He pushed her in that direction and she sluggishly walked into the bathroom. Soon they heard the shower running. “Thank God” he spoke in a mumble.

“Do you think it will help cheer her up?” He heard Mani asked.

“I don’t know but I think its better than leave her here. I will be back in half an hour. You both better be ready or else —”
“Boy get out of here.” She cut his sentence short and kicked him in the butt “See your arse in an hour time and nothing less.” She closed the door behind him as he stepped out.

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