Fierce - Season 1 - Episode 11

2 years ago

Mani lived in a duplex penthouse on fifth avenue at sixty- third which she shared with Christian Caldwell. Ehi wasn’t really sure how they met but she knew from stories she had heard from Mani that Christian had a very rich father.

Apparently his mum was dating his father who was married and had thought if she became pregnant he would leave his wife for her but it didn’t happened. This in turn made her very angry and she told his wife about the affair and also made sure he paid dearly by demanding for huge child support and other unreasonable financial requests.

Since Mr Caldwell was trying to save his marriage he accepted her terms in order to put everything behind him fast but she wasn’t done. She leaked pictures of them to the press. It had caused a media storm since Mr Caldwell and his wife were very respectable people in the society and since his wife never had a child for him it made the matter worse. What his mum wasn’t expecting was the backlash she got since she was a black woman trying to come in between a well connected white couple. The media ate her up and brought out things from her past that made her look like an unfit mother. The court didn’t sway to the media’s tirade and granted her sole custody of Christian but it wasn’t for long. A picture was sent to media outlets that showed her snorting cocaine in the presence of her infant son.

Child services stepped in and Mr Caldwell used his connections to gain custody. Things went downhill from there and in three weeks his mum was dead from an apparent suicide.

Again the media had a field day,some blamed Mr Caldwell while others blamed it on racism.

Mr Caldwell who felt guilty about how things ended had gone out of his way to become the best father anyone could ask for. Even Mrs Caldwell had taken Christian as a son and was very protective about him. Even though Christian favoured his black side more no one ever made any remark on his skin colour in public. The Caldwells made sure he was never racially profiled and always had him by their side whenever they were attending functions.
Once he had turned eighteen, he moved out of his parents house to the one he is currently residing in. His father owned the building so he wasn’t any rent. Christian was now a professional photographer and she guess that’s how he met Mani. Tho he had initially wanted a romantic relationship with her,they both came to the conclusion that were better off as friends and somehow they ended up living together and now here she was trying to add herself to the equation.

Ehi took a deep breath and stepped out of the cab. The driver helped her with her luggage and she paid him before bidding him farewell and picking her bags she entered the building. She exchanged pleasantries with the doorman before stepping into the elevator.

She knocked on the door and Christian opened up dressed in his pyjamas looking sleepy but one look at her cleared his eyes.
“Are you okay?” He asked as he retrieved her bags and ushered her in. “Mani, come out its Ehi.” He shouted.

“I guess, I mean I am not injured or something.” She replied as she sat on the edge of the couch. “I’m just homeless.” She continued.

Christian walked over and sat on the edge of the couch opposite her “What do you mean homeless. That Simeon dude threw you out or what?” He asked with concern.

“I wish.” She scoffed. “Do you know he changed the lock on the door and left me stranded. He kept my things outside where anyone could just carry them.”
“I always told you he was an arse but you wouldn’t listen now see. Between tell me that fella paid you everything he owes you before throwing you out?” Mani chipped in, she walked down the stairs to stand beside Ehi.

“Nope,he did not. Even the small savings I had in my bag he took them. The only money I have in this world is the one I gave you to keep for me. I’m so lost I don’t know what to do or where to begin.” She said as tears started to roll down her eyes.

Mani wrapped her arms on her shoulder and pulled her towards her chest “shhh, don’t cry. We will figure this out one way or the other.”

Ehi pulled back and looked her in her eyes “I don’t think we can figure this one out. I’m pregnant and that’s what the whole fight is all about. He wants me to have an abortion and I don’t want to.”

“Where is the child’s father?” Christian asked.

“He dumped me tho he is not aware of the baby and I have tried reaching out to him but to no avail. I don’t know what to do. I’m so terrified right now. What if I turn out to be just like my mother? What if I am a bad parent? Maybe I should just carry out the abortion and save everyone the stress and spare an innocent kid from coming into this weekend world and having a foolish mother.” She said as she burst into tears while Mani rubbed her back.

“Let’s just take one step at a time. Christian and I are here for you. There are two free rooms so you can take one and use the other for a nursery when the baby comes. You are not alone,we got you.”
“Yes dear,we got you and I can’t wait to meet my new niece or nephew. I will be the best uncle ever.”

“Boy shut up. I’m gonna be aunt Mani to the baby and I will be the best no one would even remember your boogie a-s. You feel me?”

“Its game on. We will see who the baddest is.” He countered.

“Yo,yo, calm down both of you. Its my baby we are talking about. I don’t care which of you is the best aunt or uncle I just want my child to grow in a healthy environment and be happy that’s all that matters to me.”
“Okay we hear you mama to be. Errm, by the way I hope I am going to be the godmother because lord knows I worked hard for that position.”

“Oh my goodness, I am done with you Mani. Worked hard for that position how? But if it will help you sleep fine then know the position is yours. I mean there is no way my baby’s aunt Mani won’t be his or her godmother. You feel me?” She said as her body began to shake with mirth.

“Hope you heard that Uncle Christian.” She said in a mocking voice. “Come let me help you get settled. You will sleep in my room tonight then tomorrow we will clean yours.” Mani carried some of her things and led the way.

In the second week of April she gave birth to a set of twins. The boy she named Malik and the girl was Theodora. Mani and Christian made it their duty to spoil them silly with gifts and love. They looked just like their father did when he was young. She knew this because she had seen baby pictures of him. She prayed they will grow up to look like her because if they don’t then everyone would know who their father is.

She had never told Mani or Christian who her children’s father was not because she didn’t trust them with the truth but because she knew they will be on the first plan to LA to tell him a piece of their mind and drag him back to New York if she told them. They have asked for his identity but she has kept mute and once they discovered she wasn’t going to give them the answer they wanted they let her be.

She spent her days looking after her kids. They seem to be the only reason she lived for. Every minute was with them. She hadn’t even bother to work out to shed her post baby weight but somehow it seem to disappear. Mani always teased her tho she admitted she will like her body to snap back like that too after childbirth.

She knew she had to find work fast because she couldn’t let Christian and Mani continue to take care of her. She had not work in months and she didn’t have an agent anymore and she wondered if she could get a new management. She started working out and eating right so that whenever she gets someone to represent her she will just get back to work.
She celebrated her twentieth birthday with Christian and Mani at a small restaurant. On thier way out she bumped into someone,as she tried to apologized, she realized the person was Sarah who used to be a manicurist for Ms Catherine.

“If it isn’t the one and only supermodel I know.” She teased.

“I am so sorry, I really didn’t see you.”
“Its not biggie. You look good by the way.”
“Oh my,thank you. You look good yourself.”
“Thank you. Forget my manners. This handsome man over here is my fiancé.” She said pointing to the man beside who waved at them. “So what’s up with you. No one heard a thing from you. Once Ms Catherine died you just seem to disappear. How are things between you and Ci—.”
Ehi hurriedly stepped in “I needed to move urgently and right now I am also in a hurry. How bout we chit chat some other time.” She walked away without a second glance at Sarah who had a confused look on her face. Mani and Christian both offered apologizes on her behalf and hurriedly left. One look at their face told her they wanted answers for her puzzling behavior but she had intention of telling them anything.

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