Betrayal - Season 2 - Episode 66

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“won’t you introduce me to your lovely friend?” Chike asked Amara, while i blushed nervously,
“oh silly me,” “meet my dearest friend Cyndii jare” Amara introduced. He calmly drew close to me, smiling confidently,
“Cyndii meet my big cousin Chike” Amara said to me. I nodded and shook hands with him.

“i’m very pleased to meet you” I heard him say polietly as he studied me with his eyes.

“we are actually heading to our lodge, hope you won’t mind giving us a lift?” Amara asked. He instantly nodded and dutifully led us to his car.

“sure of course, who am i to say no” he laughed as we walked to his car.
I quietly settled at the rear seat, while Amara sat beside him. He switched on his car engine and quietly drove towards our lodge. I closed my eyes due to exhaustion, and almost fell asleep.

We arrived at our destination minutes later, gladly thanked him and alighted, but surprisingly he also alighted from his car and stopped me, while Amara stared at us with a smile.

“can i have your phone number? Please don’t decline, because i ask with good intention” he said to me. I breathed deeply and shook my head.
“please don’t take it personal, but unfortunately i don’t easily give out my number, maybe in due time i will, but not now please” i replied seriously. A deep line instantly appeared on his face, as if my answer crushed his ego. He however quickly recovered and laughed effortlessly.
“c’mon ask Amara, we are like family” he tried to insist, but Amara quickly came to my rescue.
She instantly walked up to him, grabbed his left hand and dragged him away from me.
“abeg leave the poor girl jare, don’t you have somewhere to go” she asked jokingly.
“we will meet again, i promise” he said to me with a smile, entered his car and drove off.
“don’t mind him dear, though i prefer him to Mike” Amara calmly apologized as we waited for the gateman to open the gate for us.
I lazily slept throughout that friday, and later in the evening, went over to Amara’s room where we argued for a while as she tried to discourage me from going over to Benjamin’s family house.
“seriously i commend your bravely and courage in deciding to apologize to his family, but i really don’t think it’s a wise idea, looking at it from a different point of view. How do you think they will look at you?, do you think you can survive the tension? Hmmmm nawaoo, you get liver jor” she murmured when she saw how determined i was.
“but i still need a favour from you” i said pleadingly,
“i’m all ears” she answered and held my hands.
“please can you go with me, i need you to accompany me, i need someone to share the tension with” i begged with all my heart. She instantly drew back with fear.
“noooo” she gasped,
“yes” i nodded. She breathed deeply and shrugged,
“i pray they don’t pour us hot water” she murmured. I hugged her happily, eyes filled with relief.

“Thanks alot Amara, i owe you much” i murmured gratefully, while she rolled her eyes.

Early the next day, we headed to Benjamin’s family house, very scared and nervous. but i was consoled with the fact that i was doing the right thing.
“Hmmmm”,breathes deeply
I guess, the outcome of that journey will be a story for another day.

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