Betrayal - Season 2 - Episode 65

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“oh dear good evening, I guess you are looking for Mike, he went out minutes ago” Stella giggled with bright eyes. I breathed deeply, as i desperately tried to control my temper.

“It’s in our best interest to keep our thoughts quiet, let’s go” Amara clevely whispered, before dragging me away.
“ain’t you going to leave a message” i heard the obnoxious Stella ask as we left the building.

I wasn’t myself as we headed back to our lodge that fateful evening, because not only was i jealous and angry, i equally was very doubtful of Mike’s intention towards me. My thoughts wandered aimlessly, while the police officer’s advice came rushing into my head,

“you have seen nothing of what we call life’; your boyfriend is false in heart, in mind, in soul; he has a false flattering tongue, false lips, false principles, you better be careful” he had advised me on sunday, but i choosed to ignore him,
“could he be right?” i wondered, “no no no Mike won’t be so stupid as to get back with her, there must be a solid reason for her to be in his house” I fearfully concluded.

Amara and i didn’t say much to each other when we got back to the lodge. She soon retired to her room, while i settled to sleep, but i kept tossing on my bed uneasily due to my unhappy thoughts. Unable to control my emotions i dialled Mike’s phone number.
“hello dearest” he answered seconds later,
“i came to your house earlier in the evening with my friend, didn’t Stella tell you?” i asked. He kept quiet for some seconds.
“no she didn’t tell me anything, why didn’t you wait for me to return or call my cell phone?, i could have rushed home instantly” he asked,

“there isn’t any need for that since your wife is already there” i answered coldly,
“believe me, it’s not as you think” he murmured nervously,

“A person dosen’t need to see a lot of things to imagine the truth” i replied and hung up. He tried calling me back, but i switched off my phone, shed a few tears and slept.

I left my phone {switched} off, stayed away from my room and spent all my time with Amara. By 9pm, we decided to be a little wild and go clubbing. It really was one of the best nights i ever had as a student. I enjoyed the loud noise, crowd, happiness and music that shook the dancing hall. I forgot all my problems and danced myself to exhaustion.
By 4:15am friday, we left the club and trekked towards a nearby junction to get a cab or tricycle. We barely had gone ten steps when a black SUV pulled and stopped in front of us. Amara and i stared at each other fearfully, stopped and tried to cross over to the left section of the road, but a young guy instantly jumped out of the car and called my friend.
“Amara don’t be scared, Chike your cousin is greeting ooo” we heard him say. Amara froze and stared at him speechlessly, when he got very close, she recognized him, smiled and laughed.

“bro Chike” she greeted and hugged him, but Chike’s eyes soon left my friend and focused on me brightly, while the street fluorescent lamps glared on us..


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