Betrayal - Season 2 - Episode 63

1 year ago



Monday morning

I left early for school and attended my first lecture as a final year student. It really brought brief happiness to my life, making me put all my fears behind me. I religiously faced my studies.

Tuesday evening approached very fast, bringing Mike with it. I was writing an assignment when i heard someone knock on my door. I thought it was Amara, but was a bit surprised to see Mike standing nervously with a coloured face.
“hello” i greeted coldly, before paving way for him to enter my room. He calmly sat on my bed, while i returned to my assignment which i faced seriously.
“why havn’t you been answering my calls?” he asked calmly,
“because i have been very busy, which you can see for yourself” i replied coldly.
“I came to apologize for the way i treated you on sunday” he said slowly,
“you have nothing to apologize for, i perfectly understand” i replied,
“seriously i’m yet to get myself, it hasn’t been easy for me” he tried to explain, but i interrupted him rudely.
“you have no need to explain yourself, let’s forget about it” i muttered without caring to look up at him. He stood up, drew close to me and caressed my hair gently.
“i know you are still angry with me, tell me isn’t it so?” he asked searchingly.
“please i’m not angry, allow me to concentrate on my assignment, i still have four pages to cover” i replied with a slightly raised tone. He breathed deeply, brought out his wallet and fetched some naira notes which he dropped on my book.
“i have to get going, it’s almost 6pm, do take care dearest” he murmured, stood hesitantly for a while before leaving my room. I never thanked him for the money, nor even bothered to say goodbye to him. I however counted the money as soon as he left and smiled to myself, because i was five thousand naira richer.

5:15pm wednesday

Amara dragged me to a boutique which was just few houses away from Mike’s apartment, giggling happily as she showed me the gown which made her drag me out by that hour.

“Cyndii isn’t it beautiful?, i can’t afford waiting till tomorrow, because i can’t risk losing it for anything” she explained happily as i stared at the beautiful gown. She really was very right, the pink cute thing was well designed with a lovely material.
“you are right dear, the gown is worth the trouble” i replied with a smile. She laughed and quickly paid for it.

As we left the boutique minutes later, i begged her to accompany me to Mike’s apartment which was just few steps away. She wasn’t happy about it, but had no choice than to follow me.

But you guys can’t imagine the surprise, shock and anger i felt when the door to Mike’s apartment was opened by no other person than Stella, three minutes later.

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