Betrayal - Season 2 - Episode 62

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“alright then, i have to get going” Benjamin muttered seriously. I nodded with a faint smile,

“thanks again for checking up on me, hope you will be at home on saturday?” i asked meekly,
“of course i will” he replied, breathed deeply and turned to leave.
“Ben please wait” i begged nervously, forcing him to stop, turn and stare at me curiously,
“i have cute coursemates who will be willing to have a relationship with a guy like you, should i arrange one for you?” i asked nervously. He breathed deeply and shook his head,
“never mind, thanks” he objected,
“are you sure?” i asked seriously,
“yea and i’m also very sure you will later regret leaving the only boy that truly loved you” he answered, turned and left without another word.

I took a long shower, freshened up and had a little nap. However a loud knock on my door hours later, woke me up. I lazily answered my door and smiled brightly as my eyes fell on Amara.
“thank God you are back, i missed you dear” i happily cried as we hugged each other.

“me too” she murmured happily.

Even though our friendship wasn’t as strong as it used to be due to my strange affair with Mike, we still maintained a little closeness and still shared a unique bond which kept us together like sisters. She never supported how i got back with Mike, but it never stopped me from sharing my fears with her.
“could you believe Mike has a daughter” i announced as she walked into my room,
“don’t say that, jeez!” she exclaimed with surprise, settled down on my bed with both hands on her jaw and listened keenly. I calmly sat beside her and narrated the latest story of my life to her.
“ this is so weird and unbelievable” she murmured and shook her head after listening to all i poured out,
“my dear i think you should run away from that guy, unless you are willing to risk your life over him. Moreover it isn’t too late for you, since you havn’t given him much commitment, nor slept with him after that careless night you spend at his family house last year” she advised seriously.

“you are right, but i just can’t do it, don’t ask me why please” i said seriously. She scoffed, shook her head and held my left shoulder,

“I think you are being insanely st.upid, seriously” she scolded,
“you used to be a level headed, intelligent girl, but it seems like you are getting stupid as you grow older, please don’t take it the wrong way, but i have to tell you the truth” she added with a serious look.
“what is love without happiness?, and what is happiness without a bright future?” she asked, forcing me to look away in confusion,
“there is no doubt you are love with Mike, but where is your happiness, and how will your life turn out in few years coming?” “this is no soap opera, we are talking about your life. Youthful love fades with time, but happiness and bright future can make it last a life time” She advised with burning eyes,
“you are like my sister my dear, and i know you have a very good but weak heart, do you think you stand a chance with Stella and her numerous antics eeh?, answer me?, moreover how are you sure Mike won’t abandon you at the last moment, because he’s good at it?” she asked seriously. I silently swallowed hard, lost in thought.

I was lost, disoriented and disorganised. Instead of helping, Amara choosed to dismember me with her frightening questions. But sometimes a truthful reality is very painful and horrible to imagine.

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