Betrayal - Season 2 - Episode 59

1 year ago



My heart pounded furiously as i tried to say something, I opened my mouth but no word came out. I swallowed hard and looked away, deeply embarrassed and confused.
“Cyndii” Benjamin called my name softly, breaking my heart and flogging my soul with his voice. He really behaved like a good christian, very forgiving and caring, making my conscience flog and bite me without mercy.

The way he offered his help totally broke me into two, i really couldn’t believe he was ready to help after how i betrayed and dumped him the previous year.

“I don’t deserve your help, sympathy or anything, please just go, i beg of you” I finally managed to mutter, shaking and surprising him with my outburst.
“you are too proud and it isn’t good for a girl” he said with a very sad face. I breathed deeply and touched his left cheek,
“you are a very nice guy who deserves something better. Seriously each time i look at you, my conscience hurts because i instantly remember all the bad things i did to you, so accepting anything from you will kill me, please just let me be, moreover i’m not in any terrible situation that needs help, believe me” I explained calmly. He bit his lips and stood up.

“I broke my pride and most importantly i did what every guy will frown upon, by coming back to see you, but it’s okay” he murmured regretably.

“oh no Benjamin don’t say that” I cried, stood up and hugged him tightly, “you are a very nice guy and i know God will repay you somehow” I prayed,
“We don’t choose who we fall in love with, it’s something that happens without influence, and when it happens we leave everything just to follow our heart. Sometimes we end up with the wrong person, but believe me that’s it” I poured out as i held him tightly,
“and what happens to a guy who falls in love with a girl who happens to love another?” he asked,
“seriously i can’t answer that” i murmured with a heavy heart.

“i wronged you, i scammed your family and broke their trust. I’ll be at your family house next saturday to apologize and seek forgiveness from your family” i heard myself say. He instantly broke away from me, stared into my eyes and rubbed his face with his palms.

“will you actually do that?” he asked curiously,

“of course i will, moreover it’s the only way i can atone for my sins and be free from the evil touch of misfortune which has befallen me lately” i confessed.

Was there ever anything seen like love and sorrow meeting together in a place?.

The pure love of Benjamin’s noble heart, and the keen sorrow in mine, brought sadness more bitter than death upon us as we stared at each other that fateful sunday..

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