Betrayal - Season 2 - Episode 58

1 year ago


I froze in shock as i stared at him, got hold of myself, looked away and ran past him to my room, but he surprisingly came after me, catching up with me as i stopped to unlock my door.

“happy sunday Cyndii” he greeted polietly,
“Hello Benjamin” i murmured nervously. He breathed deeply, drew close and studied me silently. Luckily, i managed to open my door that moment, and rushed into my room without another word. He however joined me in my room, throwing me into great tension with his undesirable behaviour.

He really was the last person i expected to see or talk to that moment and I equally was extremely ashamed that he saw me in a very terrible condition. My heart pounded furiously as i fell face first on my bed, backing him rudely, and praying silently for him to leave, but my prayers weren’t answered. He simply stood calmly, and waited for me to get hold of myself.

“please let me be, i’m not myself please” i finally heard myself say to him.
“you look very troubled, dejected, broken and lost, what is happening to you?” he asked curiously. I bit my lips and sighed deeply,

“Ben please leave me alone, i’m very tired and weak” i murmured, sat up and faced him with a coloured face. His eyes melted as he looked into mine, he came forward and squatted by my side,
“did he hurt you again?, tell me, what did he do to you? I see pain and unhappiness in your eyes?” he asked searchingly, making me blush and look away. I was extremely embarrassed and ashamed.
“why should you care, please leave” i said to him, but he calmly shook his head and held my hands,

“old things has come to pass my dear, this is new year and ‘A New Year Brings a New Beginning’, so don’t worry about the past, you can still count on me for anything” he sweetly said, while i looked into his eyes and saw hope. The only thing missing that moment was a soap opera music.
Can you guess what happened next????
Hmmm remember to think and guess out of the box, way above the ordinary, because things are not always as they seem.

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