Betrayal - Season 2 - Episode 54

1 year ago


Mike was thrown into the cell as soon as we arrived at the police station, while i was left to cool off at the counter{behind the reception desk}.

“i just don’t want to punish you further because just like my sister, you are equally an unfortunate victim in this whole mess, if not i would have thrown you into one of the cells as well” Stella’s brother said to me. I nodded gratefully and thanked him.
“yes sir, thank you sir” i murmured nervously.

My thoughts kept me company all through the night as i wondered what Mike’s fate would be. By the look of things, i saw that Stella and her brother were very ready for a tough battle. Mosquitoes however never allowed me to think properly, i kept slapping myself as i battled them all through that restless night. I was in a very terrible state the following morning, which luckily arrived very fast.
Fortunately for us, stella’s brother arrived the station very early, and sent for us. I hastily walked into his office, while Mike was dragged in minutes later. He looked tired, scared and nervous, but fortunately his body wasn’t in anyway tampered with.
“you know before i joined the police force, i used to be a very bad player?. I did everything unthinkable just to get down with a girl, but i never for once la!d my hands on any girl nor got any pregnant. You know why?, Because i used my head” he lectured Mike with a smile, “i’m so sorry mister, but you went too far with my sister this time around, and i’m going to deal with you to the extent you end up losing your job. You know banks hate getting involved in scandals huh?” He asked Mike, who instantly frowned and looked away.
“I already have mapped out my plans, first i will call the press and some popular bloggers i know, give them the story i prepared about you with the caption, “BANKER COOLING OFF IN POLICE CELL AFTER TRYING TO KILL GIRLFRIEND”, OR “BANKER TRIES TO KILL AN INNOCENT EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL IN HIS APARTMENT” or better still, “BANKER TRIES TO KILL BABY MAMA FOR ANOTHER” he tilted his head sideways and poured out evily, while i gasped.

“what do you think will become of your job after such news is made public, or what do you think the state prosecutor will do after learning of such case?” He asked with a mischievous smile. The look on Mike’s face was terrible, it was very obvious he was extremely scared. He looked like someone who just saw a ghost.

“i have evidence, plus pictures of my sister’s battered face and doctor’s report” he continued.

“please what is it you want?” Mike nervously asked, interrupting him. The young police officer simply licked his lips and smiled.

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