Betrayal - Season 2 - Episode 53

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“what do we do dear, what do we do?” i nervously asked as i picked up the crying child.
“i don’t know my dear, i guess we have to wait for her to come for the child, hope you ain’t planning on leaving me here alone?” he asked fearfully.

“of course not, how do you think i will leave this child with you” i answered. He heaved a sigh of relief.

Anxiously we waited for Stella to show up, the clock soon struck 7:00pm, but she was yet to return. 8:00pm i got very worried and anxious,
“what if she isn’t coming for her baby?” i asked Mike who simply shrugged with confusion.

“there is no way she could have left for the village by that hour, i have a feeling she’s at her brother’s apartment. Her elder brother is a police A.S.P, a graduate in police uniform” he explained lightly. I simply stared at him, extremely shaken and confused.
“i think i still remember the house address the brother once gave me when i was settling her case with the family, i will return the child first thing tomorrow” he added with a blank expression.

“seriously Mike, how did you get yourself involved with such obnoxious girl eeh?” i asked curiously. He silently scratched his head and shrugged.

“it’s a long story my dear. A very terrible mistake which is slowly eating me up like cancer” he muttered weakly, collasped on a chair and sighed. My stomach growled and bit, i was very hungry but had no appetite whatsoever to eat. I knew Mike equally felt the same way.

Exactly 8:38pm, we heard gentle knocks on the entrance door. Mike breathed deeply, stood up and opened his door. I instantly gasped as i saw him leap backwards, while two uniformed policemen jumped into the room, grabbing his trouser {by the waist}, another guy on mufti gently walked in with Stella by his side.
“there she is” i heard Stella say, pointing at me, “she’s the lady that orchestrated the whole plan to steal my child” she said to the policemen. My heart instantly skipped five beats, i felt like disappearing that moment.
“what’s happening, how dare you guys barge into my house to intimidate me, i know my rights” Mike yelled.
“then you have to start calling your lawyers, because you are in for a very big case”, “Assault and battery, attempted murder and child theft, my friend you ain’t getting easily away this time. You can’t humiliate my younger sister and get away with it whatever be her fault” The guy on mulfi barked angrily, while the two policemen, dragged us into a waiting police Van.

My first visit to Mike’s apartment was a big disaster, it earned me a night at the police station.

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