Val's Diary Series (Life As An Adult) - Season 1 - Episode 54

1 year ago

Sunday morning, Val’s family home, Mbano, Imo State Nigeria

I slowly opened my eyes as rays of light entered the room, yawned and kissed Adaora’s forehead. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled at me.
“Good morning my queen” i greeted. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply.
The Journey from Abuja to my village was really a long and tiring one. We were totally exhausted by the time we made it to my hometown around 8pm. We simply managed to clean up my room, eat and shower before falling into a long sleep. However the stress was worth it at the end because i finally had Adaora all to myself, away from temptations and anything that could jeopardize our happiness. I was so much in love with her and there equally wasn’t any doubt that she was very much in love with me.
“so what’s up?, are we going to be on the bed all through today?” she asked. I smiled and sat up.
“dearest we really have a lot to do today. We have the house to clean, water to pump, and food to prepare. It’s going to be one long day” i answered. She frowned and sat up.

“so what’s the fun when all we are going to do is work. You brought me here to stress me, then after you will call me your queen” she playfully complained, getting up from the bed. I quickly held her by the waist, forcing her back on my body.

“I love you sweetheart. All that is in my mind right now is getting married to you and filling up everywhere with kids” i confessed. She rolled her eyes, breathed deeply and laughed.
We spent the rest of the morning putting everywhere in order. Adaora equally showed how hard working she was by working like a horse. She really surprised me with the effort she put in making the whole house clean, showing me that she wasn’t as lazy and spoiled as i thought she her to be.
Later in the evening, we trekked round the village, played and spent great time enjoying each other’s company. We equally talked about our future and i used the opportunity to tell her about my plans in T.v/movie production, tactifully leaving out Tessy’s involvement. She really was Very impressed.
Finally after dinner, around 7:45pm, we sat outside, under the glowing security lights of our big house and enjoyed the wonderful evening breeze. For the first time in my life, i brought out my father’s old guitar and played music for Adaora. Singing songs i specially composed for the wonderful moment.

I really wasn’t good with guitar but the love and power of her smiles made an expert that very evening.

I sang of love, passion, desire, hope and our future. I told her my feelings and all i felt with my song. She listened attentively, closing her eyes over some words, and shedding few tears in some.

It was all magical as the wind suddenly began blowing as i rounded the first part of the album i prepared for my queen.
“i have never written you a love letter my queen but tonight, i present one to you. Read it and keep it safe” i slowly said with trembling lips as i gave a letter which i embedded the engagement ring on.
Her grew dim with grew passion as she read the letter, picking up the ring with disbelief. I quickly leaned forward, held the hand in which she held the engagement ring and repeated the words i wrote in the letter.
I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to.

I know you’re the only one I want to share the rest of my life with.
There are many ways to be happy in this
life, but all I really need is you.
When I look into your eyes, I can see a
reflection of the two of us and the life I
hope we’ll share together.
I know my life will never be complete
without you beside me to share it.
The story of our love is only beginning.
Let’s write our own happy ending.
Will you marry me??”

“oh yes yes” she cried with great passion. I smiled and slid the ring into her middle finger. She quickly hugged me.
“this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. After so many years of waiting and hoping” she confessed. I drew back to see her eyes filled with tears of joy.
“can you sing for me all over again?” she begged. I smiled picked up the guitar and sang the exact words i wrote in the letter for her. She soon added her voice to the song and with great love we sang together, and prayed for a great future….



Did the two love birds finally get married??, what’s will Tessy’s reaction be?. Did Kingsley carry out his threat?. How about Chinwe and the mysterious twin girl?.

watch out for season 4….

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