My Spoilt Neighbours - Season 1 - Episode 22

1 year ago

I was confused!

I kept trying to mind-fix where the letter may had ‘flown’ to.

I remembered clearly that I had kept the letter in the inner pocket of my school bag. How come its gone?

Apart from being confused that I didn’t know how the letter had magically disappeared, I was scared. Scared that the letter may had gotten into the wrong hands which will eventually get to my class teacher.
Ofcourse. . . That would be the biggest tragedy of my young life!

Apart from being brought out in the assembly or probably stript of my pants, my mom would kill me!

Plain words.. I was scared.

I couldn’t eat properly, it seemed like the food were not going in. Then I thought to myself while doing my assignment..

” I didn’t write the letter (I had never written a letter to anyone then), Tasha did. So if the letter is found she’ll be the one in trouble and not me.”

*I was a little bit relieved after realising this truth*


”Hey Leke, so what did the letter say?” -Nonso.
”listen, keep quiet. You speak to loudly. Besides, I don’t know what the letter says”-Me.
”meaning what? You didn’t read the letter or you just don’t want to tell me?” -Nonso.
” I swear, I searched my entire bag for where I had kept that letter yesterday but I couldn’t find it. I’m really confused on how it disappeared.” -Me.
”you mean the letter Just went off from your bag just like that? I know You’re hiding that letter from me..”- Nonso.
” Am serious Nonso, I could not find it…. Truth!” -Me.
”Who did you sit with yesterday?”-Nonso asked.

”Kevin.” I replied
*It then dawn on me that I had actually excused myself from the class yesterday for a pee.

I thought that Kevin may had saw me putting the letter in my bag and took it when I left.
It made sense.. I was convinced that Kevin took the letter.*

#I was about telling Nonso what I had just realised when the bell went off to hold assembly.#

*Everywhere seemed normal and everyone were present for assembly apart from Tasha.
I was shocked to see Emma( the bully), some pupils told me that they saw his mom literally dragging him to school.

I saw him during the assembly and he was looking more fierce than ever, definitely ready to disarm any hapless prey that crossed his line. *

#Still having thoughts of who Tasha’s letter may be with, I thought about going to Kevin to ask him if he had gone through my bag. That would be awkward.#

I had no big problem with Kevin.. He was just my classmate but we weren’t friends. The reason being that he was one of Emma’s cliques ( This automatically made him my adversary).

Then I thought for a split second that if Kevin really had the letter, he wouldn’t hesitate to show it to Emma… Surely, after the embarrassment Emma received weeks earlier (flogged publicly), he’ll want me to have a taste of it.

Definitely that letter will get to my class teacher’s hands.*

I was worried….

More so, I had no idea about the content of the letter. .

Class kick started as usual and I kept thinking about how to confront Kevin.

I decided I’d do that during break-time.
It appeared that there was an emergency staff meeting minutes before break-time so some seniors were posted to different classes as the teachers departed for the meeting.

*I moved to Nonso’s seat taking my English reader with me acting like I was going to read with him*

”… Nonso, I think the letter is with Kevin” – I whispered silently.

” Really? How are you sure”
*I told him how I had left my bag in the class went I went to pee*

”you maybe right.. But I think you’re in trouble o.. How are you gonno get the letter back now?” -Nonso whispered.

”Am not in trouble, Tasha wrote the letter not me. But I don’t want to be included into any problem. Am thinking about going to ask Kevin if he had taken it”- I replied.

” wait till break, we’ll go together” – Nonso uttered.

*I frequently kept looking towards Kevin’s direction, his facial expression seemed neutral, but I wasn’t comfortable that he was sitting few length ahead of Emma, he’ll regularly turn towards him as they both seemed to have a chat going.*

#The bell didn’t sound off for break at the regular time due to the delay of the teachers’ meeting. . It was minutes after they arrived that we were finally allowed to go out for break.#

”oya, lets go..” – I uttered to Nonso.
”wait, lemme go and give Olaitan her money for biscuit”- Nonso

*Olaitan was Nonso’s neighbour who he brought to school. She was in Kindergarten.*
I observed Kevin’s movement as Nonso went to Olaitan’s class.

Haven waited for a minute or two, he finally came and we both went towards the direction I had seen Kevin go through.

#I and Nonso searched for Kevin for a while until we eventually found him and some others playing close to the school’s exit.

I beckoned on him and he seemed not to mind me. So I went towards.

”Kevin, come with me first” – I uttered while holding his hand.

*He rejected*
” Am I holding anything that belongs to you?”- Kevin.

”Come joor, we just want to ask you something” -Nonso intruded.
”What do you want to ask?” -Kevin.
” Can’t you see people are here, Just follow me. All you need do is answer yes or no” -I added.
”well, if it is because of the letter Tasha wrote to you, it is not with me!” -Kevin.
*waves of anxiety went throw my abdomen on hearing this*
”Why did you go through my bag? Whats wrong with you?!” – I flared up.
*Nonso cautioned me to keep my voice down*:
” ok Kevin, we know the letter is with you, just give it back”- Nonso uttered.
”I said its not with me! I was with it this morning but Emma took it in class” -Kevin.
*I felt an hammer fall on my head. what I had feared had finally happened. I just opened my mouth hoping he was joking.*
”Liar! How come he is with it?” – Nonso.
”I swear! I was gonno give the letter back to Lekins yesterday during closing-hours after reading it.. But he went home too quickly before I even had the chance to open the letter.

I really wanted to return it today but Emma took it from me in the class.” -Kevin uttered.
* I couldn’t say anything, I just stood thinking of the worse that could happen if the letter gets to my class teacher*

#I got angry and went into the class leaving Nonso behind.

I saw Emma sitting calmly in the class but I didn’t dare approach him.. He didn’t seem to care either.

I went to my seat and forced my food into my stomach as I didn’t know what to expect.#
*few minutes later break was over..*
#while everyone were getting settled Nonso came to my seat and assured me not to worry that we’d go and beg Emma during closing-hours.

I told him to forget about the idea that Emma had probably given the letter to my class teacher.

Nonso further assured me that Kevin had told him that Emma wouldn’t report me.#
While Nonso was trying to calm me down, our class teacher (Mr.Ojo), came into the class and Nonso immediately went to his seat.

*Time went rather fast and we were set to go home. .

I was a little bit calm hoping on what Nonso said would turn out true. I had actually planned how I’ll knee and beg Emma to try and convince not to send the letter to Mr. OJo.

The closing bell finally went and
I and Nonso was on our way out of the class when Mr. Ojo called me ..

*That feeling when you know you’re in trouble but not sure what to expect. .yeah, Fear gripped me!
”I think your friend sent you a letter ”.. Mr Ojo replied while handing me a white paper….

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