My Spoilt Neighbours - Season 1 - Episode 20

1 year ago

I tell you confidently without missing words
that these incident happened really. Emma
was stripped of his uniform and was
trashed 12strokes or more and that marked
the beginning of a new era. The humiliation
obviously crushed Emma’s ego as the ‘most
feared’ student in school and he suddenly
became more quiet and polite.

He never bothered me since then.



Mom and I hardly went out but there was
no light in the neighbourhood so she
decided we pay a visit to her friend who
lived near by.

Mrs Rotimi and my mom both finished
from the same university and she was one
of my mom’s favourite friends, She had two
children- a boy and a girl, Fayose and
Roseline respectively.

Fayose was same age with me and we were
older than Roseline with 2years or so.

When we arrived at Mrs Rotimi’s house (her
husband doesn’t live with them), out of joy
Fayose immediately grabbed my arm and
took me to his room showed me his toys
and cool shoes while Mrs Rotimi and my
mom went to her room.

Fayose and I were both playing in his room
when I suddenly saw Roseline walked in. .
she said her mom had ordered her to come
play with us for her not to feel neglected
and lonely.

She joined us in the spelling game we were
playing and she received alot of slaps (The
rule of the game was if you mis-spell a
word, you’ll receive a slap at the back of
your hand).

We eventually got tired of the game and
she was almost crying due to the slap she
was receiving so we decided to read stories
from a story book. The lamp in the sitting
room was brighter and we all moved to the
sitting room.

I sat on the double chair while Fayose sat
adjacent to me and Roseline was sitting
beside me.

We decided to take turns in reading and
Fayose was first..

Roseline was kinda leaning on me probably
feeling sleepy, she was putting on a night

Suddenly I remembered what Esther and I
used to do in class ( I used to rub her
thighs) before we had our fight.

Out of impulse I placed my hands on
Roseline’s knee. There was no adjustment
or reaction from her.

I removed my hand.

After a while she adjusted closer to me and
her thighs were touching my waist. I got
the signal and immediately placed my right
hand on her thighs.. She moved her gown
upper and I started massaging her thighs.

It was difficult for Fayose to see what was
happening because the lamp was close to
the book and he seemed to be enjoying
what he was reading.
* suddenly we heard Mrs Rotimi’s door
open, I swiftly removed my hands like i had
touched hot oil and Roseline immediately
adjusted her gown down.*

”oya.. Leke.. Lets go! It’s dark already”- My

# I wasn’t disappointed we were leaving, I
was glad I wasn’t caught#
* It was about 8:30pm when Mrs Roseline
and her children escorted my mom and I to
the gate when we suddenly heard two gun
shots. . We hurriedly zoomed back into the
house and Mrs Rotimi quickly locked the

We stayed inside the the house for some
minutes when we heard another gun shot.*
”Maybe robbers dey rob around”- Mrs
Rotimi said to my mom.

”una nor fit go house today, make una just
sleep over to be on a safer side” -Mrs
Rotimi added.

#my mom was kinda reluctant to sleep over
but with much persistence from Mrs Rotimi,
she agreed#

we were all in the sitting room and I was
reading the story book while Mrs Rotimi
praised me for reading fluently at my age.

About an hour spent my mom had gone to
bed in Mrs Rotimi’s room and told me to
ensure I pee before I sleep..

At about 10pm the light came and Mrs
Rotimi then told us to go to bed and switch
off the fan. I and Fayose begged her that
we wanted to watch a cartoon Fayose
showed me and we promised her we were
not gonno take long.

With much pleading she agreed but told us
she’ll come over some in some minutes to
switch off the tv.

”Roseline, oya come lets go and sleep”- Mrs

” but mommy am not feeling sleepy.. Let
me watch cartoon with them a little..
please”- Roseline said quietly like she was
about to cry.

*Mrs Roseline remained insistent but when
she saw Roseline’s eyes bringing out tears,
she allowed her stay and told us a more
reason why she’s coming back sooner*
#Mrs Rotimi went into her room and
Fayose put on the cartoon..#

we were laying on the floor and I was at the
middle when I suddenly felt a leg

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