My Distraction - Season 1 - Episode 36

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I quickly dashed into the shower and turned on the faucet while Mrs.Amanda hurried up with breakfast.

“Hope you’ll eat before going?” she asked aloud.

“No dear, I have to meet up” I replied.

“Then I will leave it in the micro wave. Warm it whenever you return”
and she left the kitchen.

In a short time I was set for work and placed a kiss on her cheek before turning to leave. But she held me back.

“Can I drop you off?”
she asked.

“No baby”
I replied, “You can lock up the house and bring the keys to the hospital”

“Okay then, I’ll check on Dr.Saha when I come. You know he’s a family friend”

I didn’t say anymore word but only nodded and tapped her round a-s before dashing out.

The hospital was already buzzing with nurses stuck in corners chattering in whispers and gossiping. On passing a group of nurses I heard one say to the other “He’s in a critical condition”. And I stopped to interrogate them.

“How serious is it?” I asked.

“The man might not make it!”
the plump nurse replied.

“And whose prognosis is that?”
I shot back at her. I was angry at her sudden conclusion on Dr.Saha’s chances of survival. The nurse apologized and walked away, while I went to Dr.Leturah’s office.

From what Dr.Leturah told me, Dr.Saha had collapsed the moment he tried to climb the stairs on his way to his office, and i understood that situation. Owing to the fact that the man had Leukemia, his body could experience Hypoxia (which was a lack of oxygen supply) at any given time, thereby leading to Cerebral Anoxia. Such a situation could suffocate brain cells and force an individual to pass out. But what Dr.Leturah didn’t know was that Dr.Saha had leukemia. I would have loved to tell her but the old surgeon had made me promise to keep it secret. Definitely everybody would soon find out by the time his results were out. There was no point rushing to see him at that moment because I already knew he was at the Emergency Unit with other doctors who were trying to resuscitate him. So we all waited patiently in the doctors common room for latest developments.

When the doctors were out from the Emergency Unit, Dr.Adeyemi came to meet us where we were. He had a the expression of a stress on his face. Based on our training, we braced ourselves to hear the worst (if it had to be) as he approached us.

“The man is in a coma”,
he said before taking a seat.

“At least that’s a better news”
an Indian doctor muttered.

“But we have to keep our fingers crossed”,
Dr.Adeyemi rasped.

While the doctors were still talking and speculating, I left them and went upstairs to the ICU 2, where Dr.Saha lay almost lifeless, if not for the oxygen support system on his buccal area.

I closed the door behind me and walked to where he lay still. His face looked peaceful and full of self satisfaction as I stood watching him. The EKG machine kept beeping while he took repeated shallow breaths with the aid of the cylinder. In that moment I envisaged a man who had left the shores of his country to come soujourn and save lives in a strange place. How brave was he to take up such a feat. Dr.Saha was a good man and everyone knew that except DEATH. Death was no respecter of person or personality. I was still watching the old surgeon and lost in thought that I didn’t notice Dr.Sunil come in and held my right shoulder. I turned in shock.

“Don’t worry he’s gonna be fine”
she muttered. “Come with me”. And she pulled me along as we left the ICU. Casting one final look at Dr.Saha, Sunil shut the door and we walked away wishing him the best.

Sunil led me down the stairs arm in arm as we walked pass Nurses Mercy and Betty who didn’t hide the pang of jealousy in their eyes. In her usual saucy manner, Nurse Mercy just strolled passed us giving me a full view of her wobbling bakassi and gigantic b-----s as if to remind me she was more endowed than Sunil. I must confess….watching that wicked a-s vibrate sent h---y notes down my nerve endings and I smacked my lips and swallowed hard. Meanwhile Betty just overlooked us (the babe no get wahala) and focused on what she was writing at the Nurses’ post as I winked at her to signal her that nothing mega. Sunil and I finally ended up at the refectory and we had lunch together, talking about so many things. Then she said:
“Karam is in the country”

I choked over my spoon of fried rice “Karam your fiancé?”, I asked in surprise. She only nodded without looking at me, and concentrated on her plate of noodles.

“I think he has come for me”
she said.

“For you? I thought you guys broke up?”

“The asshõle talked to my big aunt, who called me two nights ago to inform me that he was coming into the country”

I exhaled sharply and looked intently at the beautiful Asian woman. ”So what next now?”

“I don’t really know till I see him”
she stated.

Part of me wanted to be free of Sunil’s possession, the other still wanted her.

“I guess it’s gonna be a make up for you two I guess”

She stopped eating and raised her head to look me directly into the eyes.

“Is that want you want? You want us to make up?”

Honestly her question was ambiguous. I know she was expecting me to selfishly tell her never to make up with Karam, and also she suspected I was looking for a way to get rid of her.

“Anyway” she shrugged, “Till I see the b-----d”.

We didn’t talk much after then. Having finished our lunch, we got back into the hospital as Dr.Sunil got a call from a nurse who had been searching for her.

“See you back at home” she said before joining the nurse.

Nurse Mercy kept watching me as I strode the hospital lobby from one post to another. She never took her eyes off me and I was sure she was monitoring me. When I was down with duty at the ground floor, I climbed upstairs to Dr.Saha’s office and shut the door. The desk was still the same way the surgeon had left it the last time. Walking round the desk, I unbuttoned my ward coat and took the leather seat and puffing out in exasperation with my left palm over my face. I was still in that position when I heard the door knob chuckle, and Nurse Mercy walked in. She had this weird look on her face and I looked at her in expectation. Probably she had brought a message.

“Is there anything you need sir?” she asked.

“No Nurse Mercy”, I replied. “I’ll call you when I need you”.

She warped her face, shrugged and turned to leave but not without displaying her feminine charms as she shook her ikebe in a deadly manner (Holy Lawd!! Gaddamn a-s). Her backside kept rising and falling as she walked towards the door. I didn’t know when my voice came up:

“Erm….on a second thought (she turned back), i think you can help me with something”
I said.

She turned to fully face me, as my eyes fell on her huge racks which looked like paw paw.
“And what is that sir?” she asked.

“Come help me search for my fetoscope in this drawer”
I indicated at the desk drawer.
Hesitating for a moment the sexy nurse cat-walked round to where I sat on the right, and bent down to open the the drawer, rummaging in to as her big a-s was jutted backwards and facing me directly in the face. I ogled the erõtic sight before me and felt my d!ck trying to burst my trousers.

Nurse Mercy was a very coded girl. She kept bringing her round a-s to my face and wiggling it (while she rummaged the drawer) as I was forced to plant a kiss on her bakassi. She pretended not to notice I kissed her a-s and kept on with what she was doing, till I grabbed both a-s cheeks together and spanked her lightly. She stood erect and tuned to face me, looking at me seductively. More by impulse, my right hand went between her thighs and slid up into her coochie. And I felt the moist warmth of her of crotch. She jerked the moment my fingers brushed her labials (through her p@anties) and she winced, spreading her legs further as her hands caressed my head.

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