My Distraction - Season 1 - Episode 35

2 years ago


Truth be sey Mrs.Amanda na f--k expert.You no go believe sey after that round she mount me again, after we don rest like for 10 minutes.One thing I enjoyed about her f-----g was the facial expression she gave while she rode me gently.Mrs.Amanda rode me gently and steadily till I groaned aloud (hoping the neighbors won’t hear), and spilled my c-m allover her thighs.We were panting like athletes by the time we descend from our blissful height.After which we slept off on the couch, with her lying on my chest.
The next early morning, I was awoken by the sweet aroma oozing out of the kitchen.I turned to my side and found that Mrs.Amanda was not there.She was definitely the one in the kitchen I knew.So I rose to my feet and strolled nãked to the kitchen doorway and there was the hõrny housewife still naked and backing me as she prepared breakfast.I watched her soft smooth a-s protrude from behind and I wondered how marvelous God was in his creation.What will this world be without women, I thought.What would s-x be like without a soft a-s like this? Shaking my head at my lousy thoughts, I didn’t know when I chuckled aloud and the woman turned behind to see me.

“Hey….wakey wakey”
, she teased, ”Hope you slept well?”

“Yeah I did”
I replied, ”And you?”

“I’m fine hun.Just that I was f----d into the stone age by a certain randy doctor”
and we both laughed aloud.At that instant my mind fell back to the hot s-x we had the previous night, which had the woman screaming “oooh” and “aaah” as her b-----s quivered in response to my rapid assault.And my d!ck jerked erect.She turned to look inbetween my legs and eyed me playfully.

“What is that nonsense thing standing for?”
she purred.

Still at that instant i walked towards her with my s---t hanging erect.And she made a sexy playful eye over her shoulder as I held her round from behind.

“Ohh leave me alone”,
she pouted.

“That can’t be possible”,
I laughed.

“Shey you wan f--k me again?”

I hummed in reply, nibbling the nape of her neck and she gasped.I could notice the goose pimples on her skin.She then turned the gas cooker off and held my arms to her right b----t.

“You have to go to work remember”, she rasped.

“Its still early….I have time”, I replied.

Then I began to massage both b-----s caressingly.She gasped louder, ”Haaaa!” and turned to face me. ”Now you make me wanna f--k you again” she whispered taking my lips in a wet and hungry kiss.

I replied the wanton lips of the lovely Mrs.Amanda while she hummed hornily into my mouth.We were neither breathing nor thinking.All we had in mind was to get our pubis closed up together.My hands massaged her butt0ckz aggressively and she managed to free her lips from mine and gasped, ”Yes baby….knead my a-s” and she took my lips again.I could feel her hard nippIes pressing to my chest and her b-----s were so warm from vaso congestion.As I continued kissing her, I took my finger below, between her legs and she spread her thighs at ease and my middle finger snuggled in.That soft place was so warm and wet.It felt sticky though.Then with abruptness, I pulled away from her and turned her around with her back to me.

“Oh myyyy….”
, she rasped.Then I bent her roughly, over the kitchen cabinet, and spanked her a-s.She shrieked, ”Ahhh….spank me master”.It seemed she likes kinky s-x.So I continued spanking till her butt became red as she continued shrieking, enjoying the bizarre pleasure of pain.Then she purred, ”F--k me master…Please punish me!”

But I was not ready to give it to her yet.So I inserted my middle finger once again (from behind) into her and she vibrated.

Then I began to finger f--k her sporadically as her yawning cuñt kept gaping and squishing.

She pushed her backside further backwards and I inserted a second finger making it two and she made a whooping sound as her legs shook violently sending the first streaks of her morning juice leaking down her round thighs.She was now panting in a whimper and I knew she wanted my d!ck.So I made her beg for it by teasing her c--tõris between her thumb and fore finger and she groaned deeply, pressing her face into the sink.This was going well as I thought.I was gonna give her a good kinky s-x.

I loved being innovative when it came to s-x.So with Mrs.Amanda’s head in the sink, I turned on the faucet and the turbulent water hit her face in surprise and she was dazed by the shock the running water had on her.And that increased her arousal as she kept blowing raspberries under the faucet enjoying the chilling s£nsat!on of the water and my finger in her.Then without fore warning, I drove my bursting d!ck into her and she gasped in awe, with her wet hair under the water flow.Instantly I began to nail her from behind.

I pressed her head lower down the sink, and b@nged her hard in rapid thrusts.All I could hear in the kitchen at that moment were the running faucet and Mrs.Amanda’s m0ans.She kept pushing her nyash backwards, ”Oh f--k….yes f--k me!…Give me hard” and I held her waist with both hands and continued splatting away on her bouncing butt0ckz.She gasped and panted, shrieked and whimpered as I f*cked her in virility.

“Oh yes….just llke that….yes master!”
she wailed kinkily.Then I turned off the faucet and pulled her by her wet hair, while my other hand still held her waist.I kept drilling her pusse on and on and on, till she gave a cry of ecstacy and shook violently, grabbing the faucet as she came so hard, while I withdrew out of her to release on her a-s cheeks.We remained humped in that manner catching our breath when I heard my phone ring in the sitting room.OMG!! I was going to go be late for work.Striding to the sitting room, I looked at the screen and the caller was Dr.Sunil.I hissed deeply before I picked.

“Hello Sunil”

“Dr.Goodheart please come to the hospital with immediate effect”
(she sounded tense).

“What is it Sunil?”
i asked under tension.

“Dr.Saha……He just collapsed this morning”
she ranted.

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