My Distraction - Season 1 - Episode 34

2 years ago


My lips was still curved in simles as I stepped down the stairs.I could hear the matron calling behind me but kept on walking.I think sey she be robocop wey no dey feel anything.Haba!!…..How woman go dey threaten me like that?….for what?? I was still stuck in thoughts when I bumped into Nurse Becky along the way.She was going towards Dr.Leturah’s office.Becky smiled sexily at me the moment she saw me.

“Hi doc”
she said.

“Sexy Becky….how’re you?”

“Fine sir…..why are you talking to yourself”,
she asked.And it dawned on me that I had been soliloquizing all along.Oboy…see madness.

“Erm….nothing serious dear”,
I told Becky.

The leggy nurse stepped closer to me, resting her hands on my shoulders.Then she twisted her nose, sniffing suspiciously.

“I can perceive a strange perfume on you”,
she stated. ”And I bet it’s not your cologne”.

The babe was d--n smart.I could hardly perceive the scent sef.So I decided to cover up.

“Naaaahh…’s my usual naa”,
I lied

“Doc talk true naa….I think I know this scent”
“Scent kwa….from where?”

“And the person uses only this scent too…..”
and I cleared my throat and stepped away from her.Then she looked at me steadily, ”Have you seen the matron today?” she asked.

“Matron?….what for?…do I report to her?”
She seemed to notice I was getting pissed

“It’s okay.Never mind”
, she said and gave me a smile which concealed deep thoughts in her.Ofcourse she was dead correct when she said the scent wasn’t mine.And i knew she was fully sure of the owner of the scent she had just perceived…..the matron.Hence her tricky question to deduce the truth from me.Na wa for this women oo.I dey patch from one side, the thing dey leak from another side.Shey Becky wan start her own snooping now?? Okay na….let’s see how this goes.Becky stepped forward once more and embraced me closely.

“I missed you randy boy”,
she purred.And my hands wrapped around her waist as i began to knead her butt0ckz.Ohhh….those firm soft butt0ckz of hers.

“How about coming to my place during the weekend”,
she suggested.

I pretended to think about it for a second.Like seriously I missed that tight pusse of hers.Then I dimmed my eyes and smiled.

“Weekend then”,
I confirmed and she giggled cheekily.

“I’ll be waiting then”,
she said before kissing me and left.Not without me spanking her jelly bum.

That day finally came to an end for me by 5:00 pm and i drove home with Dr.Saha who dropped me right in front of the Resident’s quarters.Those minutes in his car as we drove along filled me with great concern on how long the good old surgeon had left on his life line.

I walked into the premises and turned my door lock.It felt nice to be home after a long stressful day as I stepped into my apartment.The TV was still on just the way I had left it in the morning before going out.So I forget this television commot, I thought.I can be careless oo.On the screen was a documentary on the Kardshians and I picked the remote console and changed the chanel.Which kind Family dis Kardashians be sef…..wey be sey na only dem we dey watch for TV.Abi na only dem waka come? I was still skipping through the channels when my phone rang and I picked it.

“Hello baby”,
the sweet voice said.It was Mrs.Amanda. ”Been trying to reach you but your phone was switched off”

“Yeahhh…..I was at work”,
I replied.

“Owkaaay….are you at home now?”
she asked.

I paused for a while then spoke up: “Just got home now.I haven’t even taken off my clothes”

“Then you better don’t take them off because i’m coming to take them off for you”

“What did you say?”
I replied.

She laughed loud and sexily into the phone.
“I need another therapy doc”, she purred. ”I’m coming”

“Hey no…..”
and the line beeped signalling an end to the call.

Omo! see this woman oo.I never rest na im she wan start to come here.What of her husband I thought.Kai…..Mrs Amanda go put me for trouble ehh.Like a sprinter, I threw my briefcase on the chair and dashed into the shower.Soon I was out nakēd and drying my body when the door bell rang.That must be her, I thought.Quickly I tied my towel round my waist and made for the door, and opened it to find a gorgeous Mrs.Amanda standing at the doorway.She flashed me her smile, revealing her set of nice open teeth.

“Goodevening doc”,
she cooed, ”May I come in?”

“Yes….yes, ofcourse”,
I stuttered, and she catwalked into the house.Her lovely fragrance hit my nose at that moment.I was overwhelmed by her looks.She had a mini skirt and a tank top to go with.Simple and yet exquisite.

“Its a nice place you’ve got here”,
she purred swirling her eyes around the sitting room.

“Yeah, thanks”,
I replied, shutting the door.Then I walked to face her as she took a seat.

“What do I offer you?”
I asked.

She brought down her eyes to me and admired my bare torso.

“I want nothing but this”,
she grabbed my d--k through the towel, and that got the towel falling off as my black member hung in action.Before her eyes, my d!ck grew like a rod and she wrapped her left palm around it.

“Wow!…I remember this big thing in me”,
she rasped, while I stood at akimbo watching the fiery lust in her eyes.In the twinkle of an eye, the hõrny housewife dropped to her knees and brought her beautiful face before my swollen c0ck.She stared up at me and gently took my s---t into her warm mouth……ohhhh…the feeling was awesome.

Mrs.Amanda had greatly improved with her fellatiō skills as compared to last time.She bobbed her head slowly, back and forth over my p---k.Then she deep thrōated me for seconds before taking away her mouth, coughing.

“Its chokey”, she rambled and spat on my s---t, before bringing her lips to my cap.And her velvety tongue swirled around with expertise, I groaned “urrgghh”.As she s----d my d!ck, she looked up at me at intervals to see the expression on my face.Then she wankēd my s---t furiously and brought her lips to my balls, sU-Cking it vigorously.The feeling was too good that i had to withdraw my thing from her mouth.And she looked up at me in surprise as I lifted her up on her feet and kissed her vividly.She responded with deep incessant m0ans as my eager hands fõndled her nyash.

Mrs.Amanda was already figdeting in anxiety by the time I let go off her lips.And she looked into my eyes.

“My husband is out of the country”,
she rasped, ”Its just you and I now” and I pushed her down to the sofa, pulling off her skirt, alongside her p@anties, which I threw on the arm rest.She instantly threw her legs wide apart and I knew what she wanted.Hungrily, I dropped my face between her thighs and began to sU-Ck the rubbery flesh of her pusse lips.She grabbed her hair and rasped convulsingly.

The woman was oozing out juice like a fountain as I licked her cuñt.She wriggled and writhed in ecstacy, making s£nsu@l sounds like “Ohh….yeahhh….babyyy…..mmmhh” as i dug my tongue into her honeypot.She approached her first o----m not too long after as she quivered continuously, closing her thighs over my head.Then I rose up to take of her blouse exposing her bra-less b-----s which bounced as she adjusted on the sofa.Together we guided my d!ck into her warm k---y cat and she m0aned deeply, welcoming the wonderful feeling overtaking her.
Like the piston of an engine, I rammed in and out of her with such gusto, panting and grithing and she locked her powerful legs around my waist and cried out in ecstasy.

“Oh yesss….nooo babyy…like that, oooh”
as I continued pummeling her.I watched her títties bounce on her chest and that aroused me further, causing my d!ck to engorge more, and she felt it, throwing her legs apart and flailing her head as I gave it to her without reserve.She wanted me to sU-Ck her b00bs while f*cking her, so I brought my lips to her right b----t.The feeling overwhelmed her and she bucked her hips wildly gripping me tight with her body vibrating as her orgasmic fluid hit my g---n.

“Oh my God! oh my God!! oh my God!”
was all she could mutter as i kept on banging her.Then i tappered to a halt and withdrew from her, adjusting her to the d----e position and she muttered louder.

“Oh no! oh no!!”
and I penetrated her once again as she clawed at the sofa for support.

“I’m going to f--k you crazy”,
I sputtered before resuming my thrusts on her.I swear the woman can sabi to whine waist ehh.Na so she start to dey whine her waist like okoso, come dey scream as I continue dey enjoy her sweet tõto.Na so her nyash dey sound and vibrate like sey na blue film we dey act.Walahi! Mrs.Amanda too sweet.

The speed at which I was thrusting had increased, and she now knelt erect, pushing her a-s back to me while my hands went infront to sq££ze her soft b-----s as we f*cked like minks.Soon I felt the sweet s£nsat!on travel around my g---n and I held her waist and pumped more strokes, groaning “Urrgggghh” before withdrawing to spill my hot on her arched back…….Panting like a stallion, I held on to her waist and felt salty sweat trickle into my mouth.

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