My Distraction - Season 1 - Episode 32

2 years ago


I felt deep pity for the bald headed surgeon as i stood by the door.There was the sound of someone approaching by the corridor, so i quickly wiped my eyes and headed for the ICU to answer my call.I found the nurses trying to stabilize the patient within.It was the case of a woman who had a septic abortion and she was running into septic shock.Quickly i arrested the situation by injecting some amounts of intravenous antibiotics.Due to the patients hypotension, i introduced a central venous catheter in the internal jugular vein to allow for medication centrally.After a long time in the ICU, the patient became stable and i left.

It was 3:00 pm when i checked my wristwatch.

I needed to see the matron and talk things over with her.I was still surprised she hadn’t gone ahead with her threath or was she bidding her time? Turning towards the left wing of the hospital, i climbed the stairs, heading towards her office.

I tapped twice on her door before i heard her husky voice respond from inside.

“Come in”
, she said and i opened the door and stepped in.

She hissed “mtcheeeeew” the moment she sighted me and i smiled faintly.

“You don’t seem pleased to see me”,
i said walking close to her desk.She didn’t reply but kept her eyes glued to the novel before her.

“So you read?”
i asked yet there was no response. ”I love ladies who read” and she raised her face to cast me an irritating look and returned her eyes to the book.

She was acting like a school girl.The woman no know sey she don old.E be like sey na too much young p---k dey make her feel young.

Then i moved to sit on the right side of her desk beside her and meant to touch her right shoulder and she sparked.

“See eh….look…if you dare touch me”
she stammered.

Madam Grace seemed to be hot tempered from what i had noticed so far about her.And she pushed my hand away.

“Yeye boy”,
she spat. ”Is it because i gave you my pusse to f--k… you think you can misbehave.Anyway, i’ll teach you a lesson”, she snapped her fingers and got up, walking to the shelve by her left.And her a-s rolled like a rollercoaster.

She was rummaging through some files and mumbling words of anger at the same time and i said to her: “I don’t have anything to do with Dr.Sunil”.

“Tell that to the birds”,
i heard her mumble.

Despite the matron was angry, i couldn’t help but notice the protuberence of her large behind.Her fleshy butt0ckz wobbled with each movement of her legs as my d!ck twitched.And i came walking to her where she stood.

“Don’t touch me oo”,
she warned
“C’mom Gracey baby”,
i teased her.

The pet name always had an effect on her and she paused for a moment, then contunued with what she was doing.I moved closer to her and held her right arm.She wrenched her arm free and tried to step away but i grabbed her by both arms.

“See this boy oo….what is….”
and i devoured her lips in a wild kiss.She fought her lips away tried to slither out of my grasp
“Stop it! Stop it!!”
she protested
“Stop what Gracey”
and i embraced her closely.

She seemed to have been pacified by the pet name as she was now beginning to kiss me back (though unwillingly).

As we kissed, I let go off her arms and dropped my hands to her wide hips and her hands rested on my shoulder.I took my lips away to look into her eyes.

“You broke my heart baby”,
she rasped
“I’m sorry….it’s not what you think” and she pushed me back to the shelve, devouring my lips.We kissed in that manner for a while before she broke free.

“The door”,
she panted

“Yes…the door”
I noted and went to turn up the lock.

She was already seated on her desk waiting for me by the time I turned back.Her legs were already apart, with her skirt drawn upwards as she placed her left foot on the chair infront of her desk, giving me a fair view of her round thighs and black p@anties.I gave her a smile.

“Come and pay for your sins”
, she purred beckoning on me with a finger.

And I walked like a hypnotised man into her arms.

She massaged my c0ck through my trousers as we kissed.While my right hand fondled her b-----s as my left hand caressed her inner thighs.All I could hear were the incessant hums the matron made as we devoured each others lips.Soon my d!ck was out and my ward coat was off, and so was my tie and she unbuttoned my shirt and began to sU-Ck and nibble my n-----s.Her tongue felt so good on my skin and I succeeded in bringing out her round b-----s from her flowery bra.

I lifted her head from my chest (she stared at me with those bulgy and sexy eyes of hers) and I bent to sU-Ckle on her b-----s.Matron Grace gasped and panted passionately as I moved from one nippIe to the other.

“Yes baby….I missed your touches”
she rasped.

My hands dropped on her thighs and moved upwards to tug at her p@anties.Slowly, I pulled her undies down her fat thighs and she leaned backwards lifting her hips off the desk as her thin p@anties came of her legs.Throwing the undies on her desk, I spread her legs and made to go down on her but she protested.

“No baby.Just give it to me.I’ve been starved”

And I dug into my back pocket for a condom which she helped me tear open with shaky hands (she was anxious) and she slipped it on me.Guiding my piston between her thighs, I penetrated her rings and was rewarded with a whimper which sent shudders down my spine and I began to pump into her.

The h---y matron spread her legs so wide, leaning on her hands as I watched my s---t dig into the soft pink flesh of her velvety snatch.She m0aned and groaned, urging me to go faster (which I did) and she grabbed the back of my neck with her left hand, gasping and looking into my eyes with such lusty passion.

Her eyes were dilated and beautiful, her lips full and quivering as she made shrieking sounds with each t----t I made.To be honest I missed her mature pusse.There was something about her cuñt which I enjoyed so much.It kept sU-Cking my d!ck deeper and deeper like a vacuum cleaner as I found myself pounding away with my head thrown backwards.

“Oh don’t stop….yes don’t stop”,
she m0aned aloud as I was feeling my o----m building up.And she grabbed my waist and began to writh and jerk wildly giving me a hint of her approach.Together we climaxed in a frenzy and I tappered to a slow halt, feeling my face sweating in the air conditioned office.

she heaved in post o----m still holding my waist with my d!ck still in her.

“I’m sorry Gracey”
, I panted.

“It’s okay baby….”,
she gasped with her eyes shut.

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