My Distraction - Season 1 - Episode 30

2 years ago


I got into the house enraged and found Sunil seated on the arm rest of one of the cushions with her arms folded.She had a subtle look of disappointment.And she stared up at me the moment I got to her.At first I had expected her to lash out in anger, but the reverse was the case.Rather she looked into my face like she was about crying.That facial expression alone was enough to quell the tide of my anger and I stuttered instead.

“Er-erm I don’t….”
“How many of us are you sleeping with at Briggs Memorial?”
she interjected softly.
For a second I was caught unawares by her million dollar question, before I got a hold of myself.

“What makes you think i’m sleeping someone else?” I replied.

She scoffed, ”Nigerians and replying questions with questions”. That line almost got me laughing but I refrained myself so as not to embarrass her.

“Seriously Sunil”,
I stated, ”I haven’t slept with any other person at work apart from you”.

“And what about the nurses…like the matron?”

“She’s just here to visit me.Like you heard her say, this is her first visit to my place”
“You’re sure it’s her first visit?”
“Ofcourse” .

And she heaved deeply jutting forward her average size b-----s. ”Can I ask you another question?” (which kind rubbish be this?)
“Go ahead”

“What would’ve happened between you two….I mean the matron…if I wasn’t here today?”

“Nothing.Absolutely nothing”,
I replied.She seemed to notice the exasperation in my voice and knew it was time to end the questions as I walked away from her.I had intended to send her away, but the sense of maturity she displayed concerning the situation had succeeded in saving her (If not I for just pursue her commot from my house).

She shrugged indifferently and sighed before going back to complete her chore of cleaning my kitchen and I watched her round a-s roll.She was strikingly beautiful but could be a pest when she chose to.

Returning back to my bedroom i picked up my phone to apologize to madam Grace, and i saw a text message from Iniobong saying she missed seeing my face and had dreamt of me all through the night.And I returned a text telling her how beautiful and sweet she was.Seriously she was sweet.With smiles on my face (while I typed the message), my mind drifted away to that fateful day I visited her place……

****3 weeks ago****

The gate groaned rustily as it went open after waiting for about a minute after knocking.

A stout boy who was quite short for his age poked out his head looking at me inquisitively.

I said to him, ”Ini just called me now.She said she’s sick”

“Okay…na you be the doctor? Oya come in”

And he stepped out of the way for me to pass through.Afterwhich he closed the old black gate.I had closed early from work that day for Iniobong’s sake.She sounded very worried over the phone when we spoke in the morning.

“Please lead the way”,
I said professionally.

“Make you dey come”,
the boy said in a remarkable Ibibio accent which almost got me giggling.

And we stepped into a simple and well furnished sitting room which had pictures gracing the walls.

“Tell her i’m here”
, I said moving to take a seat and the boy smirked stupidly.

“Aunty Ini say if you come make I bring you for her room”
, he told me.

“Her room?”
“Yes sir”

With that he led the way and we walked through a narrow passage before he stopped at a door and knocked KNOCK! KNOCK!! KNOCK!!!

“Aunty…the doctor don come oo”

“Tell am to enter”
I heard Inioboing’s soft voice reply from inside.And he gestured me to go in as I turned the door handle and walked in.

Iniobong was lying supine on the big when I walked into her room.Her room was lovely with simplicity and the walls were painted in pink (typically ladylike).And she wore a purple top with micro sleeves (which did little to cover her massive b00bs) and a knee length skirt.She raised her head off the bed the moment I got in.

“Goodafternoon doctor”
, she greeted with a faint smile.

“Ini how’re you?”
I inquired seating beside her on the bed.

“Not so fine”
, she replied. ”I feel sick”.

“How do you feel exactly?”
“Quite feverish and weak.I think I have malaria”.

, I asked. ”You never can tell it’s malaria till you run a test”.

“Doc na malaria oo”
she insisted.And I resolved to check her.

Judging from the check I did on her, i couldn’t detect anything wrong with her.Her vitals were also sound so was her temperature.And that got me suspicious.Yet I decided to take some of her blood samples for Haematology analysis.There was a possibility her blood could contain sickening agents.I just had to do my job despite I wasn’t convinced she was sick.

“Are you sure you’re sick?”
I asked her putting back the blood vial into its place.

“Ofcourse i’m sick”, sh replied sulkingly.

“But you don’t look sick to me”

That was when she stirred and sat up as her left sleeve crawled down her shoulder.And she jutted her racks forward.

“Am so sick of you doc”,
she whined.
Definitely she had played me.I couldn’t believe she did that.

“That means you aren’t sick”

“I really wanted to see you and I knew this was the only way to get your quick attention”

I kept silent for a while before I spoke, ”Are you aware you just made a fool out of me?…On the other hand I had to abandon some other things back at work for your sake”.

“Eyahh….i’m sorry doc”,
she purred. ”See eh…after the phone sēx between us, I have found it difficult to take you out of my mind”.

“Hmmm…the phone sēx eh?”
I smiled and she responded with a mischievous grin.And drew closer to me.I could now see into the top of her blouse and into her cleavage.She followed the direction of my eyes down to her bossom and looked back at me (our eyes met).

“Do you like my big b-----s?”
she asked.

“Ofcourse I do”
, I replied.

“Someone once told me it’s out of proportion”.

,i disagreed, ”Though It’s on the very large side, I must confess it’s alluring” and I cupped the left b----t feeling its weight.She liked what I did and she caressed my right cheek, smiling with affection in her eyes.

“You’re such a lovely guy”,
she said looking into my face, and pushed her racks into my body.My d!ck stirred instantly. ”sq££ze my b-----s” she demanded.

“What about your mum?”
I asked.

“She’s gone to visit Emem in her husband’s house.She is to spend the rest of the week there”. There was no need asking about her father because she once told me her father ran off when they were kids with an Edo woman.And they hadn’t seen or heard from him ever since.

I gently cupped her b----t one after the other, enjoying their weights in my palm while she watched my hand move from one b----t to the other.Then I grabbed the left one and sq££zed mildly, she gasped clutching behind my head.I did the same to the right b----t and was rewarded with similar response.Then she got up on her knees, kneeling before me (on the bed) and brought down her sleeves as her round big b-----s stared into my astounded face.Her hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her bossom and I nuzzled between the m----s of her melons, kissing and nibbling the soft flesh.

“Yeahh…that’s it doc”,
she winced.
My hands moved to grab her butt0ckz and I kneaded and sq££zed, while my tongue and lips lashed out on her swollen puffy nippIes.She responded with guttural sounds as I s----d her n-----s and she was beginning to suffocate me on her racks.It was a wonderful feeling nursing on those soft bulbous flesh on her chest.And I raised her skirt to her waist to notice she wore a g-string.I tugged at it immediately pulling and leaving it below the m----s of her ikebe and spanked her jelly butts lightly as she whimpered with each tap I made.Then I disengaged from her and pulled off her blouse while she worked on my tie.Like the speed of lightening, our clothes left our bodies and we embraced in a passionate kiss kneeling on the bed.

We clawed and roamed each other’s body hungrily and I meant to push her down to the bed but she struggled like a wild cat and disengaged from me panting.

“No…let me be on top”,
she rasped, ”I reach o----m that way”.

And she pushed me down to the bed with a look of an amazon.I had heard a lot about the sexual prowess of Ibibio and Efik ladies and I was about experiencing it.I only prayed I would survive it, judging from all i’ve heard.As if she read my mind, she asked:

“Have you f*cked a calabar girl before?”

I was too tongue tied to respond, so I only shook my head desperately.And she pulled her hair backwards and brought her head down to my g---n.

Iniobong used her teeth to tease the flesh around my g---n area before she licked down the length of my c0ck and gently wrapped her warm lips around the tip.She tickled the glans of my pēnis with her tongue as if she was a snake and I began to spasm under intense pleasure.I meant to hold her head inorder to regulate the intensity of her torture (I was almost running out of breath), and she knocked off my hands and looked up at me, “Doc don’t move”, she stated almost like a warning and I rasped in deep breaths as she resumed her oral assault.Chai see as I carry my leg come commit suicide for calabar woman house.If I die here wetin I go tell God.
She s----d my d!ck without mercy, bobbing her head frantically as she did so with spittle trickling down the length of my s---t (while her hand massaged my balls) till I felt my seed coming and my waist jerked in its own accord as I groaned aloud

“Ohh Ini i’m coming…i’m coming”

And she increased the intensity of her assault without taking off her mouth; and I shot my load into her warm mouth as she kept on sU-Cking, swallowing and milking me off my juices.By the time she took away her mouth, I was already spasming and twitching as she licked the trickling c-m on her lower lip.Then she moved away from the bed towards her drawer and brought out a foil of condom which she tore open as she walked back to me.

“I guess you might not have this since I didn’t tell you i was going to f--k you”
she said, putting the rubber sheath over my d!ck

“I came with mine.I’m always prepared”, I panted.And she gave my d!ck a light tap (It quivered).

“Then let’s use mine”, she purred and mounted me, holding the tip of my c0ck to the entrance of her pusse and gradually impaled herself on it.

Iniobong rode me at first with tappering movements before her speed began to increase in succession as her m0ans were getting louder.

And she kept pounding and jerking her waist like a sewing machine.While she f*cked me, I watched her b00bs jiggle and flail and my hands shot upwards to grab them as I struggleed to get them into my palms owing to their size.She seemed to love the way I grabbed her b-----s and she rasped, ”Yes, sq££ze my b----t….sq££ze my b----t” and I obeyed squeezing and tickling her nippIes.The more I sq££zed her racks, the faster and harder she rode me.Soon I felt her pusse clench over my d!ck and she made a guttural sound and rotated her waist, ”Its coming…its coming oo”.But she didn’t stop instead she rode me wildly.To tell the truth, I hadn’t been ridden like that in a long while by a wonan.The last woman to ride me that way was a lady from my past called Isla.But that was during my days in Uniport.

I began to t----t back with all I had and groaning as well while her m0ans were now transcending to screams and I held her b-----s firmly.

“Ini your screaming….the house boy will hear you”

She continued f*cking me with her eyes shut and mouth quivering agape

“Ohh doc forget about Udeme…just keep squeezing my b-----s” she whimpered.

It didn’t take time and she hit a second o----m and that was when she slowed down as her body shook violently.Then she slowly resumed riding me, this time, in a slow but steady rhythm.

Iniobong could do tricks with her pusse and i was now the one groaning and crying out.She clenched the muscles of her cuñt and raised her hips upwards as she f*cked only the tip of my d!ck.Wow! I felt like sinking into the bed.Then she began to talk gibberish
“Do you like it?” she asked
“Yes…yes.You’re killing me”

“Ohh baby I can’t kill you…you’re so sweet.”

And a second o----m hit me and my waist pumped upwards as I released spurts of semen into the rubber sheath.I think my cry of release got to her and her pusse clenched once again in a third o----m as she made sobbing sounds above me while her body convulsed.Surprisingly enough, she didn’t stop convulsing but kept on and on as her pusse kept clenching and releasing, and she cried out:

“Oh Gawwd…I keep coming and coming and coming….ohh nooo”[/b] as tears dripped down her cheeks.

She was having multiple orgasms and the joy of it was overwhelming her.By the time her body had stopped convulsing, she wheezed like an asmathic patient and tappered to a halt, before falling sideways and breathing with her eyes closed.I sat up to watch her bust heave up and down as she lay.

“Hope you’re okay?” I asked
She didn’t reply instantly but gulped in a reasonable amount of air before she panted:
“It’s been long I had such an o----m”
she rasped.

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