Must Read: Snake Ladies +18 - Season 2 - Episode 24

3 years ago

The Queen is dead followed by the other witches, the bottle I was being held inside broke and I was free immediately.


Nurse: he is awake, he is awake!!

I heard a nurse cried out. Then a doctor rushed inside the ward with a smile on his face. He brought out his setescope and did some medical check up on me..

Doctor: this is a miracle.
He shouted
I heard him say some unclear things I passed out again.

Evening Same day
I slowly opened my eyes and looked around me, my mother and an unknown man (Judging from his suit, I think he is a pastor) where standing by me. My mother was in tears while the unknown man was just smiling displaying his white set of teeth.

Mum: welcome back to life my son.
She said and hugged me again.
Me: aargh!

I groaned in pains. She quickly left me and the man standing behind her introduced himself.

Man: hi Idris, welcome back to life. My name is pastor Val. You should be grateful to God for he alone saved you from the hands of the wicked.
Me: *I nodded*
Pastor Val: your mum here also did a great job. Her prayers with mine and the ultimate help of God brought you back, once again you are welcome.

He said
Another doctor, a tall handsome man came inside.
Doctor: good day ma’am and sir!
Mum: welcome doctor.
Pastor val: you are welcome doctor.
Mum: so doctor what are the result you conducted on him.
Doctor: oh yes, here are the x-ray result.

He said showing my mother and pastor Val some papers which contained a white and black photo and other things.
Doctor: the last test we conducted shows that most of his bones were broken and it will take time to heal them. Miraculously all his bones have been healed. Sincerely, I have not seen anything like this before.
Pastor Val: that is the hand and power of God in his live.

He said with a smile. I opened my mouth and asked the question that I have been waiting to ask since.

Me: what about Anita!! I hope she is also alright.

I asked but noone replied me. Suddenly the look on their faces were sorrowful. I looked at the doctor and he was busy looking on the floor.
Me: what happened to Anita?

I asked this time with anger laced in my voice.
Doctor: *shakes his head* I am sorry!

He said and shut up. No one needs to tell me that Anita didn’t survive the car accident. Hot tears ran down from my eyes at the thought of anita being dead.

So my carelessness and rough live has killed Anita. Why did I even wake up? Why didn’t I just die with her? Oh God, why me!

I thought as more tears filled my eyes.

My mum, Pastor Val and the doctor left me alone in the ward so I could have time to think alone.

Me: nooo!!!!!!!

I shouted ignoring all the pains that surged through me. The greatest pain of all was loosing Anita, my world has finally fallen all because of the snake Ladies.


I was back in my apartment. The place didn’t feel homely because Anita wasn’t around anymore. Sitting with me is my mum, Pastor Val, his little child princess (whose injuries are almost healed), his wife Judith (who is also recovering from the pain of loosing a child) and some staff from nesco brewing company which are Tobi, Abidemi, Pastor Lucky and some few others.
They were all happy for me being alive and were giving God the glory. The manager of nesco brewing company gave me some months of holiday before resuming work.

Pastor Val walked to me saying into my ears.

Pastor Val: can I see you outside.

I followed him outside and he started.

Pastor Val: I know you are angry, sad and your mood is not bright. This may not be the right time for this but don’t you think giving your life to Christ is the best solution for you? You have lost your wife to be due to your reckless life before but yet it is not too late. Give your life to Christ and everything shall be restored in your life.

I broke down in tears, yes he is very right. Giving my life to Christ is the best thing now.

I confessed my sins before him and promised not to go back to my evil ways again.

He smiled and prayed for me. Instantly, I felt a huge load taken off me. Being born again is the best thing that can happen to a man.
Pastor Val: now for your surprise. Follow me..

He said and I followed him. What surprise is he talking about?

We went back to the room and he called everyone to come close.

Pastor Val: I have a goodnews for everyone sitting here, we have just gotten a new candidate of heaven.

Everybody clapped and cheered while I blushed.
Pastor Val: now for the surprise, you can now come out!!

He shouted and Anita came out fully healthy, there was no scratch on her.

Me: Ghost!!!!!!

I shouted and everyone laughed. She came closer to me and hugged me.
Anita: my love I am happy for you.
Me: how come?

I asked surprised.
Anita: lol, nothing actually happened to me. you were the only victim during the accident.

I hugged her and kissed her while the everyone clapped their hands. with the snake ladies gone, I surely have a bright future ahead with Anita.
written by: Mustapha Idris

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