Must Read: Snake Ladies +18 - Season 2 - Episode 16

3 years ago

2 weeks later

Pastor Val was discharged from the hospital. My mother and many people escorted him to his house.

After staying with him for a while, they started leaving one by one till only my mum was left inside their house.
Pastor Val: thank God I am back. From now on, we will continue our mission. We shall not let the devil prevail over us.
Mum: hmm, we thank God o. Its is written “NO WEAPON FASHION AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER” no matter what the devil is planning against us, Jesus Christ is always there to protect and guide us.
Pastor Val: yes you are right.
Mum: it’s high time I should be going home.
Pastor Val: alright. I will get my driver to pick you up tomorrow morning so that we can continue our prayers from where we stopped.
Mum: alright sir, thank you very much.
Judith: let me drop you off.

She said and my mother followed her. They both entered inside her car and Judith drove my mother to her house.


Pastor Val stood up from his bed. He did his morning prayers before taking the two clutches they gave him in the hospital to aid his walking ability for some time.

He used the clutches and walked to the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and took his bath before moving over to the sitting room where his wife Judith was setting the dining table.

Judith: good morning sweet heart.
Pastor Val: good morning love. How was your night.
Judith: splendid I must say. For two weeks I have been spending the nights all alone and it was really scary.
Pastor Val: hahaha. So what do we have for breakfasts.

He said sitting on the dining table.
Judith: just your favourite bread, fried eggs and tea. I also prepared fish pepper soup because you need all the proteins you can get.
Pastor Val: that’s very nice. That’s why they’d say no place like home.
Judith: that’s very true.

Just then princess came out of her room fully dressed for school.
Princess: Daddy good morning.
Pastor Val: good morning my princess.
Princess: daddy do you know that I assisted mum in frying the eggs, infact most of the work was done by me.
Pastor Val: seriously?
Princess: yes.
Pastor Val: let me taste it o.
He tasted the fried egg.
Pastor Val: very delicious. One day, you will be the best cook in Nigeria. Infact your cooking skills will double that of your mum.
Princess: hahaha. Thanks dad.
Judith: hmm, daughter and father against mum. No problem, let me see the person that will teach you how to cook.
Princess: haa mummy. Sorry o. Please will you teach me how to cook?
Judith: hahaha, yes I will. I was only pulling your legs.
Pastor Val: hahaha.

After the family finished their breakfasts, Pastor Val escorted princess to his car that will take her to school.
Driver: oga good morning.
Pastor Val: good morning.
Princess: good morning sir.
Driver: good morning the princess of our house. How was your night?
Princess: fine and yours?
Driver: cool. Get in lets go.
She entered inside and the driver started the car.

Pastor Val waited if he could receive any vision from God but nothing was coming out so he let them go because he thought the road was safe.

Princess: daddy bye!!

She waved at her dad and pastor Val also waved at her in return.


They hadn’t gone far when the driver notice that his breaks were not responding.
Driver: this is odd. This car has never done something like this before.

He said to himself and as he looked infront of him, he saw a woman standing on the road with a crown on her head. Her hair was long and was touching the ground. She wore red and a long staff was in her hand.

He quickly tried to dodge her but his action resulted to a fatal accident as he collided into a nearby shop destroying properties and lifes included.

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