Must Read: Snake Ladies +18 - Season 1 - Episode 42

3 years ago

We were looking dull through out the day. I picked up my phone and called my darling Anita.
Me: hello, Anita.
Anita: Idris, why did you leave your car at home.
Me: the key was faulty so i couldn’t open the door.
Anita: better.
Me: why did you say better?
Anita: i thought you wanted to make another joke about seeing one useless woman again. The one with snake head.
Me: hahaha, forget about her. Its all in the past.
Anita: so why are you calling me?
Me: get ready, we are going to my village.
Anita: for what? Is that another joke?
Me: no, our boss Mrs Bukky was found dead in her apartment this morning. Our company will be closing down for a month. We might resume next year.
Anita: but i thought our trip was planned during December.
Me: its just a few weeks to December na.
Anita: lets wait till December abeg.
Me: no, no. I have money now and i want our traditional marriage to be done as soon as possible. Abi you don’t want me to marry me? You want me to spend the money abi?
Anita: no, no. So when are we going to the village?
She sounded excited this time
Me: you know we will go to my village first, take some elders including my mum before going to your village for the introduction?
Anita: what of your dad?
Me: he is on an operation in the north so he won’t be around.
Anita: ok, when are we going to your village?
Me: today!
Anita: how is that possible?
Me: get our stuff ready and put them inside the boot. Once i get home, we are closing early today, so i will drive to my village.
Anita: ok honey, I love you.
Me: me too.

I cut the line and called my mother.
Me: hello mummy.
Mum: idris my son. How are you?
Me: fine ma. We are coming to the village today.
Mum: why.
Me: don’t worry, when i get there i will explain everything to you.
Mum: is it about your traditional marriage?
Me: its among them.
Mum: ok what shall i prepare for you?
Me: my favourite.
Mum: no problem.

She said and ended the call. Or God help me.. If i can get to the village then i am safe.
We stayed for something before calling it a day. I meet tobi to greet him.
Me: guy till next year na.
Tobi: abi oo, your loving mama don go be that oo..
Me: na so we see am na.

I got to Pastor Lucky’s car and waited for him.

Soon, he joined me and we drove home peacefully.
Me: sir, i will be travelling to the village today.
Pastor Lucky: for what?
Me: about what you said this morning sir. My mother is a prayer warrior and with the two of you combined together, we shall win.
Pastor Lucky: hahaha, its all about faith. You don’t need all the prayers in this world. Don’t go to the village. Stay here lets fight the battle together.
Me: *for where?* i just wanna go there.
Pastor Lucky: my spirit does not approve it.. Stay here Idris lets do this.
Me: i would have loved to but i have informed my mum.
Pastor Lucky: you can still cancel it..
Me: sha its for my traditional wedding oo..
Pastor Lucky: ok if you insist. May the lord be with you.
Me: Amen.
Pastor Lucky: May he see you through till you reach your destination.
Me: Amen, thank you sir!
Pastor Lucky: your welcome.

I got down from the car and walked to my house. Anita has prepared everything. The house was locked.

I just entered the car and drove away.
The journey was peacefull at first. When we got to Aba, the brake started to fail.
Anita: why you are running so fast.
Me: the brakes, they are not responding.
Anita: Jesus, i thought your mechanic serviced this car yesterday.
Me: yes oo.. God, God help us.

By now the car was moving at a high speed. I kept stepping on the brake but for where?

I looked up and saw the woman again right ahead of me.. Her head was the same cobra while she wore red cloth.

At her sides stood three to four women with different snake heads too. Anita couldn’t see them.

I was fast approaching them. The one in middle, the one that wore red cloth with cobra head pointed her staff at me.. My hands glued to the steering immediately.

She pointed it to another side and i turned the steering and entered the front of a fast moving trailer.
The trailer crash our car into pieces.
I looked at my body, my soul was lifted from my body by the snake ladies. Anita soul hasn’t stand up yet but its obvious that an angel will come and save her.

The snake ladies tied my soul in a bottle and disappeared to their COVEN……

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