Must Read: Saints, Sinners And Stag (18 )

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‘Mummy, the lady was so rude!’ said Oyinda who had gone to report the issue to her mother. ‘She even said you were in on the plan to snatch her husband! she continued ‘and that you are the one encouraging me to behave badly!’ said Oyinda
‘How can she say that? Are we now mates that Derin’s wife will drag my name in the mud like this?’ Asked Mrs. Robert angrily
‘Exactly!’ piped Oyinda. ‘She’s a very stupid lady!’
‘But…Oyinda, I have seen you around that Pastor. Are you sure you are not doing what the wife has accused you of doing?’ asked Mrs Roberts softly
‘ mummy’ responded Oyinda who always found it difficult to lie to her mother.
‘Oyin, I’m your mother. Tell me the truth’ she said ‘Is there anything between you and Derin beyond the ordinary?’
‘We are just good friends.’ said Oyin
‘Oyindaaaa! The last boy that you said was your good friend was your lover. Have you been naughty with the pastor?’ her mother asked
‘Nnno’ she said
‘You have been. Does his wife have proof?’ her mother asked
‘No’ responded Oyin
‘What do you want from Derin?’ asked her mother
‘I think I…l just really like him’ said Oyinda
‘Like or love? Do you want to marry him?’ asked the mum
‘Maybe’ shrugged Oyinda. It was hard to tell one’s mum that you fancied another woman’s husband, wasn’t it?
‘What my daughter wants, she gets. You will get this especially now that the foolish girl has accused me of doing this. Let her fight for her husband, we will see who’s going to win.’ said Mrs Roberts.

After all, there was no point in depriving oneself of what they wanted in this life. Look at her, she had been very good to her husband, but anyone who saw how he treated her now will think she’s a leech, begging for attention, money, for everything.

She was damned if her daughter could not get what she wanted. Rubbish.

The Segi girl has used her own hand to scatter her own home, and she, Amope Roberts will see to it that Segi got her wish.
‘As for you, just follow my lead’ said Mrs. Roberts to her daughter, ‘you have to be very wise. This girl’s anger and stubbornness will be her undoing and we will capitalise on this.

After all, nobody brings a husband from heaven and if my own husband can be snatched whose husband can’t be snatched?

Besides, a Pastor in the family might be a good move.’ said the older lady who did not reveal her real reasons for encouraging her daughter.
She looked at Oyinda and smiled. Who would have ever thought that the naughty girl would ever prove to be so useful?


‘Ehen! Your secret is out! Even your best friend has admitted to what you have been hiding for so long’ said Segi who sprung up from the sofa like a scalded cat.
‘See your life!’ She said, moving dangerously close to her husband and clapping in his face, in glee
‘Wait! wait’ said Akintunde
‘Akin! what are you saying?’ asked Derin who spoke over Akintunde’s voice. ‘What exactly are you saying? did Akin know anything?
‘No, Segi, you have gotten it all wrong! Derin, relax, that’s not what I meant. The both of you should just relax!’ said Akin
‘What I meant is that Derin should have seen this coming. The girl has eyes for only you. No matter what any other person does its you she follows with her eyes everywhere’ said Akintunde, who spoke in measured tones, pausing to gauge Segilola’s reaction.

He intended to plant this seed in her mind properly, it had to germinate and grow roots.

This will definitely help him in future.
‘If I didn’t know you better, I would have said maybe the both of you have been intimate with each other’ he said
As soon as Akin said this, a tide of guilt washed over Derin, for he remembered the day Oyinda had brought him intense pleasure when she had put her warm mouth over his manhood. He also remembered how he had slept in her wardrobe after that incident.

Could their attraction for one another be so evident to people around him he wondered?
‘Look, I don’t know what this is about, all I know is that…‘ he stopped talking as he heard his phone ring. He checked the face of the phone and saw that it was Mrs. Robert!!!

Oh God! He sincerely hoped Oyinda had not said anything!
‘Hello ma!’ he said in a loud and happy voice as he tried to pretend that all was well. The woman did not beat about the bush at all.
‘Derin, I hear your wife has been speaking about me in a negative light. Are we now mates? Or is it bad that I took a keen interest in you and your ministry? Asked the older lady
I’m sorry ma.’ he promptly said ‘I think it is a huge misunderstanding ma!’ said Derin ‘We will resolve everything ma.’
‘I have been very benevolent to you Derin, even when I did not have to be. I expect you to do the needful and ensure that your wife apologises and vows to desist from such behaviour in the future.’ said the old lady as she dropped the phone.
‘Akin, imagine what Segi has caused. Our benefactor is very livid. Oyinda has told her mother everything!’ said Derin in a sad tone.
‘Are you happy now? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? he asked as he shouted at Segilola who did not look in the least bit fazed.
‘I don’t care, to be honest!’ responded Segi, angrily
‘Ah, you will care oh, Segi. You must care! Said Akintunde, who saw everything slipping through their hands. The fellowship had been more profitable to Derin as its Pastor than to him, but he needed Derin and the Roberts to be on good terms. It was the only way he could get any freebies and he desperately needed a brand new car, just like the one they had gifted Derin with.

So, they needed the Roberts’ and there was no way he would allow Segi to destroy that relationship.
‘Look, it’s easy. We shall all go to Mrs Roberts house and we will apologise to her.

Once we do this, we can focus on building the relationship back’ said Akintunde, who faced Segi.
She looked at him and smiled before she said in her softest voice
‘I will do no such thing’…… she said. The smile on her face belied, the strength in her voice. She sounded very determined.

YOU HAVE NO CHOICE, SEGILOLA!, YOU MUST APOLOGISE!’ yelled Derin as he stared down at his wife in hot anger.
‘I won’t’ she said

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