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Whilst that was going on in the kitchen, Derin had received a phone call in the room.
‘Madam Adesua..’ said Derin as he picked up his phone shortly after his annoying wife walked out of the room.
‘This isn’t her. I’m Charles, her husband’ responded the husky voice
‘Ah, how are you sir?’ asked Derin in a voice that belied his current state of mind.
‘Hmmm’ responded the man grumpily
‘It is good to hear fr…’ began Derin
‘Look here, this is not a familiarisation call okay?’ said Charles ‘I’m calling to warn you about what you say to my wife’ he said
‘I hope there is no problem sir?’ asked Derin hesitantly. He could not remember anything he had said that was so bad.
‘There is. You can decide to tell each other whatever lies you so wish in the name of religion, but when it comes to how my home is run, you have absolutely no rights in the world to tell my wife what to do or how to run our home!’ said Charles angrily
‘Did she say I did that?’ asked Derin, confused
‘Did you not tell her not to serve me meat?’ asked Charles ‘Were you not told that I’m a meat lover? Does your own Bible teach you to wreck homes?’ asked Charles in rapid succession
‘Sir.. I think..’ but before he could complete the sentence, Charles interjected again
‘Please, let this be the very last time in your life you will tell my wife how to treat me, otherwise, you will be in for it. I will not even say that you are a Pastor, I will deal with you sobadly, so much that you might forget your own name!’ said Charles
‘Take it easy, sir’ said Derin who was holding on to the threads of his own emotions. ‘Easy Derin, easy Derin’ he said to himself.
‘Do not ask me to take it easy. This is how it starts when jobless men claim to have heard from the Lord. The next thing is that you get into women’s lives and then begin to take advantage of them’ said Charles
“I take exception to that!” yelled Derin ‘What do you take me for? Look, if you have an issue with your wife, please resolve it and don’t bring your family issues to me! ’ he finished as he yelled at the offending caller.
‘You better stay away from my….’ began Charles, before the sounds were suddenly muffled. It seemed as though something had happened and perhaps the phone had been snatched.

Derin could hear a woman yell for her phone, insulting Charles and calling him an unreasonable fellow. It did not take long for the situation to degenerate to the point where it seemed like a full blown scuffle had ensued.

Derin could hear the man promising to hunt ‘the foolish pastor’ down so he could deal with him properly while the woman warned him not to try anything with her pastor.

From what he could hear, the couple seemed to be on the verge of getting physical with each other as the man was upset that she’d had the effrontery to snatch the phone out of his hands while she was angry that he’d insulted a Man of God.

Unsure of what to do, Derin cut the line and called the number, but nobody picked up. He wished he knew their home; he would definitely have gone there this evening.

Derin dropped the phone and reminisced on the day he’d had so far. He knew that the niggling headache he felt in his head was due to the horrible way his day had ended. Why was his wife such a pain? Why? Why? Why? He asked himself as he began to pace the room, back and forth. She was such a kill joy! In fact, he had to call her, they had to finish this conversation and find a way to bring things to a logical conclusion.

Derin stepped out of the living room expecting to see his wife in the living room, but she was not there, he could however see that the light in the kitchen was on and so he walked towards the kitchen.

As Derin stepped into the kitchen, the sight that he met was surprising, he could see his own wife in the arms of Keppy, his own PA!

Derin looked at the both of them who were oblivious of his presence and knew that this Keppy boy could spell doom in his home. See how Keppy held Segi, his own wife as if she was his girlfriend! It was hard to imagine was Keppy’s first night in their home for crying out loud!

What the hell is going on here?’ Derin bellowed as Segi and Keppy froze.


Segilola had gone to bed feeling a little strange.

It had been awkward when Derin had walked into her and Keppy’s hug. She hated that she’d had to explain that it had been an innocent hug, and worse still she’d had to corroborate the lie Keppy had told Derin about the reason for the hug.

Derin had quickly left, but the genial air had died. She and Keppy seemed caged, like they were criminals, guilty of committing a huge crime. What worsened the whole issue was how Segi felt deep within. She knew that if tables were turned and she walked in on her husband hugging a house guest on the first night, she would not like it too. This made her forgive Derin as she sheathed the sword of her own anger, but he was not having it, he had gone to bed angry and hungry as he’d refused the late night meal she had offered him.

Segi wondered if Keppy had lied about his parents. Had they really died in an accident as he had told Derin or was it a lie? If it was a lie, then she had to be very careful of the boy because he had looked really sincere when he had explained to Derin that they had been in an embrace because Segi had been sorry to hear that he was orphaned due to a car fatal crash that took both parents.

Segi drifted off into slumber as she recollected the type of day she’d had, and no sooner had her subconscious taken over than she started to dream.

She could see the old man again, standing in front of the sun and for the first time in a very long time, she could not see his face or any of his features, she could only see the outline.
‘I warned you!, I warned you!’ He said, pointing a forefinger at her. He seemed really upset
‘What did you warn me about?’ she asked
‘I warned you about the boy’ he responded simply.
‘Go and make up with Derin, you must not fight if you are to stand a chance’ said the old man.
‘A chance at what?’ she asked.
‘Make up with him, make up with him now.

Don’t fight him. The both of you are two twines knotted together, formidable as a team, but useless when alone. Make up with him now’ said the man
‘But didn’t you see what he did?’ she began
‘Make up now’ said the old man as he faded off into thin air.
Still in the dream, Segi found herself walking off in a green field, irritated that the old man had not allowed her to have her say about her side in the argument. She walked on grumbling to herself when she saw someone in the distance, he looked really familiar.
Hey!’ Keppy!’ she yelled, glad to see someone who understood her. It seemed like those closest and dearest to her just did not understand her these days. Keppy was half clad, wearing only jeans trousers and no shirt. His chest was sculpted and even from afar, he was a sight to behold, his masculinity could not be denied.
‘Hey, Segi’ said Keppy who turned around and began running in her direction. In less than a split second, they were locked in an embrace and as though it was absolutely normal, his mouth covered hers in a kiss was soft, yet urgent and full of heated passion and intensity.

She looked into his eyes and knew that she wanted him right there and now.
Segi held Keppy’s hand and began to run. She had only one thought on her mind and it was to devour him, consume him completely. Her need was urgent too. She could feel molten heat waiting to be stoked by him, her Tips hardened as she waited for his mouth to minister to them. She found the perfect spot, under a tree and stopped.

It was she who went to him, dragging the zipper of his pants down. It was as though she had done this a thousand times, as if she wanted him to be satisfied before he ministered to her own desperate need. She wanted to satisfy him. As usual, he had worn no undershorts and she smiled when she saw his manhood spring forth. It showed that he too was ready for her.

She knelt in front of him, looking up into his eyes, ready to take him in a way she had not done before. First, she kissed the head of his manhood. It was a feather light kiss, and then she took him in. It was a light suction, enough to make him m0an from the pressure, but not strong enough to lock him in, he could move in and out freely. She kept of kissing, licking, teasing just the head of his manhood, and when it seemed like Keppy was getting used to the s£nsat!on, she pulled him in.

All of him, into her mouth at once. Keppy was surprised for he hadn’t expected it. The build-up was cataclysmic, it was as though an earthquake was building up within him as his m0ans got louder and she kept looking up at him, gauging him, planning her next move.

Just when it seemed like he was getting used to it again, she upped it a notch and she put her hand there, that area just beneath, as she began to massage him lightly, whilst still taking him in and out of her mouth, with even pressure, gently licking, slow sU-Cking, furious sU-Cking all in rapid sequence.

She knew he would come soon because she felt him twitch, it seemed as though he wanted to hold back, but failed. It was explosive for him when he came; yelling her name as he crashed to his knees and fell back on the grass, breathing like he had just run a marathon.

Segi sat back on her knees and smiled as she tasted him. She knew he would pay her back in kind.
‘Come here you’, he said as dragged her towards him ‘Give me couple of minutes to rest, I’m gonna deal with you properly’ he promised as he rested her head on his chest.

She could hear his heart beat and it lulled her to rest.

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