Must Read: Saints, Sinners And Stag (18 )

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Adesua bustled in and out of the kitchen carrying crockery as she set her husband’s place for his evening meal. She knew he was going to be happy, for she had cooked him a delicacy, one of his favourite meals.

Adesua smiled at to herself excited as she thought of what her husband’s reactions would be. She knew he would wrongly assume that she wanted something from him, but that was so far from the truth. It was her silent way of thanking him for allowing her to call the Pastor.

At least, now she was certain that a child was soon to be hers if only she could adhere strictly to the Pastor’s directives. He had asked her to stay away from all animals and she had decided that although it might not be easy, she would do her very best to keep to what the Pastor said, at least until she held her child in her arms.
‘Charles, Charles’ she called out her husband who was in the living room watching soccer
‘Yes, Ades’ he responded lazily
‘The food is ready. Hope you are hungry’ she asked
‘Ah, thank you sweetie. I’m famished. He said
‘Ehyah. Why didn’t you say something?’ she asked as she took her seat at the table and opened the dishes she had earlier placed atop the table. She was quiet as she dished the meals into their respective plates and bowls. When she was done, she looked up to signal to her husband that they should commence eating.
‘Ehen. What happened?’ he asked
‘How do you mean?’ she responded
‘Are we broke?’ he asked
‘Uh?’ said Adesua who did not understand the point he was driving at
Where is the meat in my soup? he asked, pointing at his soup bowl
Ahhh, but I told you that Pastor Derin said we should avoid meat, dear’ responded Adesua with a smile.

Who is ‘we’? he asked, seeking clarification from his wife
‘You and I. I told you that Pastor Derin saw a vision and said we will have children, but we have to abstain from eating animal…’ she started
‘He told you we cannot eat fish too?’ asked her husband incredulously
Well, he did say we should avoid all animals’ she responded
Who is this joker to think he can control my house?’ asked Charles flaring up ‘Is he a doctor, or a medical practitioner?’ he asked. ‘I will not have my home over run by some people who have cult ambitions.’ he spat out, very angry by the idea that an outsider could control his wife to the point where she was willing to change his diet. What else could she be made to do in the name of religion?

‘Haba, why are you talking like this? Pastor Derin said if we can stick with this, we will have kids. I love meat too, but it is a sacrifice’ said Adesua in a low voice
‘Sacrifice?’ He asked, irritated.
‘By the time we carry our babies and Pastor Derin bl…’ began Adesua
‘Shut up! Shhut up! Pastor Derin this, Pastor Derin that! ;He exploded. ‘You have turned a mere mortal into your god! Where is your sense of reasoning? Has he taken hold of your reasoning faculties too? Yelled Charles who was obviously livid. Why should anyone tell his wife how to serve him at home?
‘What is wrong with what I said? I’ve only relayed the message the Pastor sent through me. I think if we took heed of Pastor Derin’s advice we stand a..’ Charles did not allow her finish before he interjected again
‘I swear Adesua, if i hear you mention ‘Pastor Derin’ again, I will deal with you!…. So your common sense cannot tell you to go and get me some meat abi?’ he asked when she lapsed into what appeared to be very stubborn silence as she sat on the spot.
‘Adesua…’ he called her name in warning.

The way he called her sounded like a threat.

‘See Charles, the funny thing is that it was also recently on the BBC that eating meat can cause medical problems. So you see, Pastor Der…’ as soon as her husband heard the Pastor’s name, he shot out of his chair and picked up her phone which lay by her side.
‘I’m going to call the idiot myself! He has no right to brain wash you into any of these beliefs! What rubbish is this? Is it because I gave you a free hand? Do you know how many husbands forbid their wives from calling these so called men of God? Pastor Derin, Pastor Derin.’ he said as he walked out of their dining area.

By the time I’m done with him, that false prophet will realise whom he is toying with. How dare he dictate how to run my house?

How dare he dictate my own menu to my wife?

Is he the one who provides the money? What arrant nonsense!’ he ranted as he left the dining room in a huff of annoyance, scrolling through her contact list.

The Pastor was going to get the bad side of his tongue today. He should be taught that useless visions should be kept in his fellowship alone.

Nonsense’ he grumbled.

Adesua watched her husband in dazed confusion. What had she done wrong? Was it only because of meat? Why did Charles enjoy overreacting on little issues like this? She was certain he was not going to call the Pastor, so she sat behind at the dining table to enjoy her meal.
She was not it the mood to pacify or beg him.

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