Must Read: Saints, Sinners And Stag (18 )

3 years ago

‘What the hell was that rubbish about?’ asked Segi as she broke the tense silence. It had been a very frosty atmosphere.They were on their way home and had suffered many moments of tense silence before she decides to attack him for abandoning her and leaving her with Mrs. Roberts
What rubbish?’ asked Derin
How dare you abandon me in the living room while you went to sit in the private sitting area with that girl?’ asked Segilola angrily
We were discussing some stuff.’ said Derin off-handedly.

Some stuff indeed! I’d like to know what you were discussing and why you abandoned me for so long’ said Segi angrily
It was not long and I did not abadon you!

responded Derin who began to get irritated too
You did not have the presence of mind to tell the girl to greet me properly yet you followed her into a private living area. Please tell me what you were doing or saying that the rest of us could not hear? yelled Segi

Woman, keep your voice down and stop with the jealousy. What did you expect me to do? Say no? asked an angry Derin
I expected you to say ‘we can all talk here” said Segi

How was I to know she didn’t need counselling or that it was not a confidential issue? If she had been willing to discuss it in the open, she would have’ said Derin
You should have asked her and forced her! yelled Segi

Just listen to yourself. Does that make sense? Responded Derin in annoyance as the both of them lapsed into silence.
‘So what does she want from you?’ asked Segi when her curiosity got the best of her
She wants to do the interior design of the new building and to be my PA’ he said
‘No way’ said Segi as she blew up in anger. Tell that girl to get out of my business. I am the one who will decorate that church. She has no right! And she cannot be the PA because we already have one! She finished off.

Yes way! Segi. I’m not in the mood for your rubbish. She is our benefactor’s daughter and we had better be nice to her’ he said, shouting her down
‘She is crossing her line and we already have a PA said Segi in annoyance
No, we don’t. I think he should be replaced.

He is too forward. I still don’t understand how he could have slept in our house’ said Derin
‘Oh no sir! He will not be sacked. In fact, he keeps his job! It’s not the boy’s fault that you decided to stay out that night, neither is it his fault that you fancy the Robert girl. Just wait until the parents get you! She said as they lapsed into silence again.
They drove home in angry silence, as he whizzed through the streets, driving in the dark Lagos night, each lost in their individual thoughts.

Segi had made up her mind. She was going to cross this Oyinda girl and ensure that she frustrated whatever evil ambition the girl had.

She, Segilola, was the first lady of the Ministry and so, she was going to oversee the interior decoration. If Oyinda wanted the job, she would have to work with her.

As for being Derin’s PA, hell would freeze over first. Besides, they already had a PA in Keppy. What sensible Pastor wants a female PA anyway? Segilola kept quiet through the drive as she schemed and worked out how to get her way.

As they approached their gate, she saw a male form get up from the front of the gate, where he had been sitting and she saw the person approach them. Segilola was initially alarmed until she noticed that it was just Keppy, but he had a travel bag in his hand. He walked over to Derin’s side of the car.
‘Welcome Sir, Please I need your help, I need a place to stay temporarily. My brother just drove me out of his home sir’ said Keppy looking and sounding helpless.
‘Why? what hap..’ began Derin, but before he could continue, Segi interjected
‘Of course you can stay here till you sort yourself out. Come with us’ said SEgilola
‘Segilola!’ yelled Derin in alarm
‘I’m coming, let me sort out our PA’s sleeping arrangements okay?’ said Segi offhandedly as she alighted from the vehicle.

Segi was doing a mental jig for joy! Things could not have panned out better. With Keppy in the house, there would be no need for a PA that lives across town to take over her husband’s life. Segi smiled in glee for she knew she had outwitted Derin and Oyinda’s foolish plans as she breathed a work of thanks to God for helping her win this first battle.
However, Segi was not the only one smiling.

Keppy’s face also broke into a smile, as he whispered quiet thanks to the idiotic Akpan who had inadvertently helped him on his mission. Living with the Hughes would be a game changer for he was determined to succeed in bringing them down. This would be relatively easy for Segilola seemed to be a very willing victim
He looked at her as she walked ahead of him as her hips swayed sexily. He wondered the many other ways in which her hips could move.

He knew he would like to try many things with that backside, but first, he had to concentrate and play nice.

He smiled again for things were about to get very interesting.

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