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Must Read: Life With Spoilt Neighbours (Rated 18+) - Season 1 - Episode 4

Episode 6 years ago

While she gave me a satchet of ‘capri sonne’ (a soft drink).

I refused to accept it. She insisted but i did’nt relent. ” thank you, i have something to drink” i muttered while pointing at the bottle of milk in my lunch box.
## she did’nt insist any further and went to her sit.. I could see her handling it over to Tola who asked for it.##
## few minutes had passed, a classmate of mine called Yoma- who sat in front of me came into the class looking all sweaty and dirty after he must has played away his time during the brake.

I was still eating as he brought out a balloon from a pack.
I was keenly interested to see it. Cus i had never seen a balloon with a satchet before!
”what is that” – I asked.
” blom blom (ballon).. I saw it in my dad’s drawer ” – Yoma replied
” and you just took it like that, what if he notices you took his balloon?” – I asked
” how can my dad be playing with balloon? Am sure He bought it for me and my sister in order to surprise us.” – He replied
” ok, please can i have one? ” – I requested
” its remaining just two pack, one for me, and one for my sister. You did’nt ask on time, i gave the rest to some of our classmates.” – He replied
”ok, can i just blow it?” – i asked.
” lemme blow it for you since you’re eating.” – he replied.
” why is the mouth of the balloon so wide ? And the body is long?” – i asked
” its a special kind of balloon that they sell at the super market, its not like the ones you buy for N5 .. Can’t you see it has oil on the body, so that it won’t burst on time” – He replied me.
## The dude started blowing the BALLOON as i tried to touch it until Mr Ojo sighted us.##
” what are you holding?” – Mr Ojo
” its balloon” – Yoma answered
” let me see it, (He collected it).. Who gave it to you?” – Mr Ojo asked
” my dad bought it for me” – Yoma replied
” is this the only one you have?” – Mr ojo asked while collecting the pack from Yoma.
” no, one is still inside and i gave some to.. (started calling the names of pupils he gave the other satchets to” – Yoma replied
## Mr ojo ordered Yoma to call the pupils he gave the BALLOONs to.

Yoma did as instructed, and they lined in front of him. He asked them where the balloons they collected were. Some said they through theirs away cus it was difficult to blow. ##
## i sat on my sit confused while i saw Mr Ojo took the register and punched on his phone like he was somewhat collecting a number from the register. He stood far from us still holding the BALLOONs as he spoke on phone ( i guess He was Speaking to Yoma’s dad due to what happened at school the next day) .
After making his call, MR Ojo approached us and told us never to bring those kinda balloons to school ever again##
” ok uncle, but why uncle?” – I asked looking confused
# The man looked at me and I could see he was’ntt pleased with my question ( Though he always told us to ask him questions while he taught us) ..
Mr Ojo approached me and..
Mr Ojo turned to me and explained that those kinds of balloon was meant for adults only.
In my mind ” so adults have their own special kind of balloon”
I was more confused.
## time flew fast and the bell rang for closing.
I moved to the principal’s office to see if I’d see Nonso. Getting to the office, i peeped to look, but i did’ntt see Nonso nor his mom.
I immediately forged to the school’s gate to make my exit. Getting there, i saw Esther Standing by the gate ( as she always does, cus her dad always picks her up from there).
I tried talking to her but she did’ntt reply.
I did’ntt insist, I moved away from her.
” wait!” – Esther uttered.
”what is it? ” – I replied while frowning my face.
” why did Tasha offer you capri sonne ( a soft drink)” – Esther asked.
” i don’t know, go and ask her. Besides i did’ntt even accept it.” – I replied
” have noticed the way Tasha has been nice towards you, and she’s always looking at you. She even voted for you to be the class prefect yesterday” – Esther said
” what about you and Shola? A boy that just came today. you were already laughing with him and even helped him copy his notes” -I Replied.
” is that the reason why you hav’nt been coming to my sit?” – Esther asked
” do you want uncle to catch us? Can’t you see he is very attentive and rarely leaves the class, unlike our aunty in primary3 who is always in the staff room. Besides, uncle’s desk is too close to your sit.” – I replied.
” okay, should i Change my sit? I can come and sit with Yoma (Yoma sat before me)” – she asked.
” you can change to anywhere you want.

Am tired of standing, am going home” – I replied while moving away from her.
” wait” – Esther uttered
” what naaaaa?” – I replied
” lets go to the back of the school” – She said quietly
” why? ” – I asked
” to do what we did last term” – Esther replied
” i can’t go with you. Am lucky to have escaped Emma today. if he sees me, he’ll attack me. Besides, your dad would be here soon. Maybe tomorrow” – I replied while parting ways with her.
## i moved swiftly as i walked home. Getting to the house, i did’ntt meet my mom at home cus she was’ntt back from work.
I went to the usual place we kept the key. I opened the door and immediately advanced to the kitchen. I opened the pot and saw beans and plantain!
I was glad!
After i took my bath and ate, i took N20 from my save and zoomed to mama Emi’s (Emilomoh’s mother) shop.
As usual, i met Emi.
” i want to buy balloon” – I uttered
## she brought out this ‘pick your luck’ balloon paper.##
” its not this type. This one is in a pack, its transparent and oily.
………. ( I described the balloon I saw with Yoma) ”
She was confused!
# she then brought a pencil and a paper and insisted i draw what i was talking about.
I took the pencil and started………….. #

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