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Must Read: Adventures Of A Bad

Episode 7 years ago

Stella was in the sitting room gisting with her sister. I told her i was leaving and she stood up and kissed me on the lip in *front of her sister.
We went in together, i got dressed and was about bidding her goodbye when her sister said

‘Stella, you didn’t even introduce your boyfriend to me.’

Stella apologized and introduced me.

I got to know her sister’s name as Tope. She stood up to greet me and while she went back to her seat, i couldnt take my eyes off her big behind.

Stella saw me off to my house and infront of my house gate, told me *i saw how you were looking at my sister’s behind… Don’t even think about thinking about going near my sis. She’s still a virgin ooo…

me: enhen! how you sure say she be virgin? So if she fv.ck she go come tell you say ‘sister i’m not a virgin sgain ooo.. We were all once virgins jare, na one day we loose am. I’m not
interested in her sha! I just like her boo.ty.
Thats all! we bade goodbye and i went in to meet another problem!

i was in deep sh!t. My dad was at the door with a whip in his hand. ‘where are you coming from? Do you realize its 7pm already? and your brother has come back since.

Omoh… my lying skill was activated immediately and different lies came to my head. Within 1min i surveyed all the lies and chose the best.

‘Daddy’ i stared with my heart racing fast ‘I went to Frank’s house after school we went to do an assignment we were given in past question and he’s the only one that has past question in the class’

My dad is very literate and so he didn’t buy the lie very well. He still had some questions to ask.

‘but past question is supposed to be used when you get to SS3 for WAEC, how come you’re using it now in SS2′

I surveyed some answers and chose the best

‘Yes but we were asked to buy it now to start preparing and incase of those who will take GCE form’

It worked but he asked ‘who is Frank and where does he stay?’

‘Daddy, you know Frank nau. That tall guy I invited to play drum for us in church’.

Dad: Okay… I remember him. I know his house.
He stays on our street. #Ut next time, if you’ll be going to someone’s house after school, let us know. We were worried about you.

Phew! I was saved. I was very good with word and lies .I went into my rom and got a text from Stella saying ‘THANKS FOR THE VISIT.

I replied her telling her how sweet she was and how i can’t wait for next time with her

We met in school the next day and she kept teasing me on how i f.ucked like a learner. I had already given Frank the full gist of everything.

From that day, Stella and I became like 5 and 6 and almost everyone in school got to know we were dating including the school V.P who called us to his office and advised us against relationship at the wrong time. *wetin concern me. mtchewww*.

I frequented her house even on weekends and everytime i visited, we usually had hot rounds of s*e*x.

I went to Stella’s house one day and was told by her sister that she wasn’t around. I was ushered in by her sister who was all over me. I remembered the warning stella gave me concerning her sis and started hoping I wasn’t going to fall into any trap by the sister.

She offered me a delicious meal of rice and stew with chicken and sat beside me. After eating, we were gisting and one thing led to another, we started kissing passionately.

The kissing got more passionate, as i reached for her b.o.obs under the shirt she was putting on. Her b0s0m was so firm, just the touch got my J.T as hard as a rock.

I loosened the button on her shirt and started sU-Cking on her b0s0m like a 1yr old child that has missed his mother’s b0s0m. She kept pressing my head harder and was m0an!ng softly. With the way she pressed my head against the soft b0s0m, i felt as if i would suffocate so i withdrew my head and we started kissing again.

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Must Read: Adventures Of A Bad

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Must Read: Adventures Of A Bad

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