Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 1 - Episode 17

4 years ago

I was surrounded like someone who commited grave crime like killing the
president of Nigeria, I don’t have anyother choice than to call Tina again,
I dial Tina number again but still not reachable na wa oh why e be say
na now wey I need her she come dey unreachable.
After my people practice
finish, I went to our leader to tell him to call the police that does people
are cultist, he laugh at me like an idiot telling me they are vigilante
that he verified from them just now and they are following Mabel, because
of what happen to her brother, they fear they might also try to kill her
that’s why they are following her.

Following Mabel? let me go see her, I look for her I didn’t see her again,
I ask her friend she said she’s gone already, if she done go why them no
follow her commot if them truly they follow her, my people started going home one by one and the people no even stop them, and my people no fear
maybe them think say na vigilante them be true true, I saw my choir
master talking to one of them, then he point inside the church maybe telling them that am inside the church, I took my phone and enter the
instrumental room, I lock myself inside there after everybody don go house
finish, only me inside the church surrounded by cultist with gun and
cutlass, even though my grandpa do gun and cutlass medicine for me I still
they fear because I nor believe say e go work for me na just superstition,
I nor even want do am self but na my papa force me to do am, I hope the
medicine go save me for inside church today, na only God know sha.
Hoping for something else to save me when am in the house of God(the greatest

I was lost in my thought don’t know what to do or where to go, if I call my brother, he will want to know everything that happen thereby exposing me to everybody beside I don’t want to involve him because he is very
unpredictable, he might end up killing himself, I nor get any police number to call, and I don’t even have Edna’s number self, na which kind trouble I come put myself now eh, as I they think how I go take commot for
this kind trouble wey I put myself na im I hear somebody shout my name for church I was shocked, how did she know I was here, I answerEd her from inside then she came to the door and knock, even though I know its Mabel I

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