Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 1 - Episode 10

4 years ago

We drove silently, it seems like am afraid of edna, what do you guys expect. A sixteen years old boy in the midst of a cultist, well no risk no gain, at least i dey gain alot from tina.
Edna: why are you silent?
Me: well ermm, nothing just that i feel like you hate me.
Edna: yes you are right, i really do hate you, and if not for tina i would have put a bullet on your head long time ago.
Me: why, what exactly did i do?
Edna: well, since you want to know i will tell you, we are suppose to be half way out of nigeria now, but tina refuse to leave you behind because of the silly love she have for you.
Me: why would you want to leave nigeria? I said getting interested.
Edna: something happen in school and edna believe they will use you to get her, and if we leave they might kill you, thats why we came back and i have been watching you since then.
Me: nah all this one na silly story, i nor believe any of them or you think say i be pikin?
Edna: believe it or not, you are the bait, and we have to protect you no matter, even if we die doing it and please dont tell tina any of this.
Me: i wont because i dont believe it.
We arrive at their compound and edna park the car outside, one of the security lady open the gate for us na so we match enter like ambassador.,
edna opened the door, we enter inside, nobody dey house, na where tina come enter, so edna dial tina’s number, she told tina that she went outside to buy something that we should sit and wait for her,.
I sat at one of the luxurious chair, while edna enter inside room, i concentrated on the movie because i like film well well, edna tie towel pass my front enter toilet, omo see her butt0ckz dey blow groudnut ?.
I sleep for the long cushion chair dey wait for tina, then edna walk out of the bathroom with towel tied around her waist, wet and smiling, walking towards me in a seductive way, she untie the towel and it fell on the ground,
Me: what are you doing, i said trying to stand up, she push me back on the chair, and use her hand to rub my dicck, i just dey look like person wey them hypnotise, she unbuckle my belt and put hand inside my trouser and bring out my dicck, she spit on it and rub very well making it to rise, she sat ontop me and i m0an softly as my J0yst!ck enter inside her.
I was dumbfounded looking at her like a mad man.

I relax on the cushion chair while edna ride me like ghost rider, i was enjoying it sha, i just put my hand for back of her big butt0ckz and use it to empower her thrusting, the girl na correct rider oh, she dey ride and twerk her butt0ckz, the thing they sweet me die, i tried to touch her b0s0m but she slap my hand, hmmm e be like i don they like this girl after all she go dey like 22 or 21, na small she senior me na, after she don they Bleep me for like 6minutes, we heard someone open the gate, immediately she stood up and ran inside the bathroom, i quickly wear my trouser very well, buckle my belt also and focus on the film as if nothing happen.
Tina open the door and came inside the parlour.
Me: welcome dear.
Tina: thanks love, whats that smell?
Me: what smell?
Tina: smell like errrm, well forget it, how are you my darling?
Me: am fine, i hope you are prepared already.
Tina: come on its just after nine we still have like one hour before the service start.
Me: service start by 9:30.
Tina: and we will go by 10
Me: you know am part of the choir, i have to process in.
Tina: you join choir because you wan they play band, since no band them no go miss you.
She heard noise from inside the bathroom,. And ask “who is there”
Me: that should be edna.
Tina: shes still around, i thought she left already.
Tina stood up from my side, she carry wetin she buy enter room and later come out and knock at the bathroom calling edna.
Tina: edna why didnt you go to your place and baf.
Edna: (from inside bathroom) i want to follow you guys to church, so i thought i should take my bath here and wait for you guys outside.
Tina: no i dont want anybody to follow us, just me and him, so go to apartment when you are done.
Edna: but you cant go alone.
Me: that will be my calling.
Edna: alright no problem,.
I just sit down for chair dey listen to them, after edna baf finish she leave us, while tina went to the bathroom to take her shower,.
Tina: (from inside bathroom) oz come and join me na.
Me: nah i dont want to baf two times.
Tina: ok but theres nothing bad though.
Me: i know but if i join you we will surely spend more than one hour there.
Tina: so you nor want blow me.
Me: not this time.
Tina: hmmm i hope you and edna did not do anything?
Me: what, what did you say?
Tina: dont worry forget it.

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