Story: Adanna!!! (18+) - Season 1 - Episode 31

7 years ago

I open my door and i saw her on my bed, with the chain on my bed, i was surprise to see her but i was surprise to the chain.
Adanna: hello durling
me: hi hurney, how u doing.
Adanna: am fine and you.
Me: well you know, nothing really just waiting for me to be like you.
Adanna: dont worry everything will be alright i promise you,.
She hold my hands and we both sat on my bed.
Me: so how did you know what happen.
Adanna: what happen?
Me: about the chain i mean.
Adanna: yeah i was wondering why you didnt wear it to school.
Me: i wore it, but my lecturer seize,.
Adanna: so, continue.
Me: well i went to meet him after class, but he refuse to give me, so after class i went to visit one of my friend,.
Adanna: and?
Me: well somebody called her and told her that the lecturer had and accident,
Adanna: you caused it now, that was what you want to happen to him, and thats what happened,
Me: hmmm
Adanna: and who did you go to visit by the way?
Me: one of my classmate.
Adanna: to do what?
Me: well i went there to collect report book so that i’ll copy.
Adanna: why do you have to copy cant you do it yourself?
Me: well, honestly i cant, if i want to do it at least i will need another person so that we can crack our head together, and beside i dont have the right testbook.
Adanna: hmmm, you dont have the testbook, thats why you visit her?
Me: yes of course or are you jealous, i thought you are watching me 24hrs.
Adanna: yeah but not all the time, something happened, i felt like you kissed someone, and when i tried to intervene i was blocked by a heavy force, whatever wether you kiss her or not, i dont want you to visit her again, alright?
Me: alright dear.
Hmmmm so she thought i kiss owners instead of mercy, and she said she was stopped by a heavy force, hmmmm power pass power.

Five days for me to die according to my lovers, 4 day remaining for the crusade, and mind you the program is three days, friday saturday and sunday, but the programme will start 4 days from now, anywhere you go you will see poster of lord’s chosen and their general overseer, some wearing apron, some even use the apron design their keke self, me and adanna dey house we just finish fuccking, when one test message enter my phone,
” fours remaining for the programme, if you really do love me then, you will respect my wish and do this last thing for me, please and please try and come, and if possible, try and bring your lover also.

i look the sender the sender, from mercy of course,.
Adanna: who is that?
Me: from mercy my ex lover.
Adanna: what did she say?
I gave her the message to read, after she finish reading it she laugh and have me the phone.
Adanna: reply her.
Me: and tell her what.
Adanna: anything
So i type.
“we are not coming, so stop wasting your time and your credit, if you cant let me go, look for ne bridge and jump inside river, i found a new love now which i cherish, she is my everything, and shes also my god, so you see i cant come because i cant worship two god at a time, so stay of me i beg you with your god.
I send it, adanna was impress with what i wrote, she slept on my body touching my hair in my chest, while i play game on my phone, after sometime, she went outside and bought fruit.
Me: it seems like you love fruit alot.
Adanna: the fruit is not for me, is for you only.
Me: why for me only.
Adanna: well i still have strenght, but you, you dont, so eat it so that we can continue from where we stop,.
Lol this girl go kill me, she nor want make i rest at all, as i eat the fruit, she sat on my body and continue rubbing my chest, after 5minutes another test enter my phone, from mercy.
“if you know your god is stronger is strong enough to challenge my god, come to the crusade, if your god can defeat my god, i will bow and worship him or her, but if my God defeat your god, you will bow and worship him, Come lets see which one is the mighty God”

To Be Continued…

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