Story: Adanna!!! (18+) - Season 1 - Episode 29

5 years ago

if you guys dont know, my lover just told me i have 14 days more to live, while my exlover also told me i also have 14 days to live, my lover told me to sacrifice my soul so that we will forever and i agree, while my ex lover told me to come to crusade so that her general overseer of lord’s chosen charismatic revival hour will heal me and bind that spirit disturbing my life, well if i dont go withing 14 days, my soul will be lost to the devil, while if i go my soul will live on, and my love told me that if i sacrifice my soul, me and she will live together till eternity, waoh what a twist of fate, how did i even find myself in this kind of situation, i have fucck with devil before that was when i finish my secondary school and i needed to make money fast fast and by so doing i join the yahoo yahoo crew, thinking that is all about me and my laptop didnt know it also require sacrifice, (my next story). Chai i don really suffer for this live, well every man with his or her own destiny, its either we control our destiny by ourself or let another person control it, as for me, who is controlling my own destiny now, is it me or adanna? Well i will leave it for the readers to answer.
Sunday pass and monday came, 13 days remaining for my death, 12 days remaining for the crusade, i woke up early, cook indomie and eat, i took my bath, wear my clothes and my chain, i set out to school.
We have 9 colour codes of resistor, we also have the multiplier and the tolerance, i thought you those things last week, so today is revision, who can name the colour codes of resistor?
Come see as everybody dey raise their hand up, me i be know am oh but my mind no they class.
Lecturer: Ozes
me wey i sit down for back to reason my live, you dey disturb me.
Lecturer: is ozila not in this class.
He is sir, i said standing up, tell us the colour code of resistor, come see as 156 student eye begin they look me, omo i don forget oh, i nor remember am again,.
I look front and i saw blessing whispering to me “roygbiv” she will point at herself twice and whisper roygbiv, then i remember “BBROYGBVGW”
lecturer: ozila we are waiting for you.
Me: okay sir, Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey and White.
He look at me very well then say.
“where do you get that necklace from”
me: from my friend.
Lecturer: bring it here.

Which kind wahala come be this na eeh, you ask me question i answer am finish wetin come concern you and my chain now eehh.
Lecturer: i said bring the chain here. ( he shouted)
Me: ok sir am comeing.
Me Osuagwu nor be person wey you go want play with, so i quickly remove the chain from my neck and walk forward to hand it to him.
lecturer: go and drop it on my table in my office.
I walk straight to his office and drop the chain at the table, after class i went to see the lecturer, come see as people lineup for im office wey wan see am, last week he did not collect some report book because they fail to summit on time, so everybody just lineup holding their report book on their hands as if them wan receive money from bank, if i wan wait na like 2 hours oh, so i left and sat at one restaurant inside school, “madam abeg give me one bottle of farouz” i said as i sat down and relax my head against the wall, then mercy walk in, she came to were i sitting and sat down.
Mercy: good afternoon
me: afternoon, how is ur day going?
Mercy: fine and urs?
Me: alright, i hope u are getting better now.
Mercy: yes thanks to God.
Me: okay.
She remain mute for two minutes then ask.
Mercy: i hope you will be coming to the crusade.
Me: i dont know yet let time reach first.
Mercy: what time are you talking about? I told you, you have few more days to live instead of you to follow me so that we will go see our pastor, you are telling me let the time reach, what did she even give u to eat?
Me: mercy please not now.
Mercy: what happen to you, huh? You know you are not yourself why not let us find solution.
Na which kind wahala this girl come carry come now eeh, i stood up carry my bag and hed to the door, she stood on my way, everybody for restaurant come begin dey look us.
Girls: girl no allow am pass oh
Boys: guy, girl dey beg you and you form fine boy, you dey dull us here oh.
I tried to move her out of the way and she hold my head and kiss me, the kiss enter my head go inside my medulla onblogatha, within some seconds, electric spark killing all the glove and burning the television on the wall, i quickly free myself from her grip and ran out.
As i walk out of the restaurant i heard, ”
Guy 1: oh boy my phone don blind oh,
Guy 2: even me too oh, maybe that transformer don burn again.
Guy 1: chai i wish i know i for nor plug my phone for here oh.

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