Story: Enslaved Secretary (21+) - Season 1 - Episode 15

6 years ago

Sharon stood, quivering with uncertainty, staring at the tall bookcase on the wall behind the desk. It was only a couple of minutes before she heard the door behind her open and close, and heavy footfalls began approaching her from the rear. She trembled, not knowing what was going to happen as a man walked around and sat down behind the desk.

Chief, as he was simply called by everyone, was a large man, not as big as the bodyguard, but everything about him spoke of strength. His arms, where they stuck out of the sleeves of the loose agbada he wore, were thick and muscular. His hair was laced with gray, but Sharon thought that he wasn’t very old, perhaps only in his forties.

“Is this her?” he asked, but his eyes never left Sharon as he looked her over from head to toe. Once more it seemed as if a pair of eyes were undressing her, as she felt that her clothes were melting from her flesh to leave her completely Unclad.

“Her name is Sharon James,” Alex said. “She’s been through the usual stuff.”

“Can she type?” Chief asked.

“She’s an excellent typist,” Chika said. “She can really make those keys jump and spark”

“She’ll get a chance to do that,” Chief said, the hint of a dark smile on his face…

His eyes changed, as if he had just made a decision.

“Then I guess we better check the bitch,” he growled.

Sharon’s heart fell. She had hoped that Chief would somehow turn out to be a relief from her terrible boss and office manager. But when he referred to her as a bitch without even knowing her, Sharon realized that, like Alex and Chika, the man considered her nothing more than a s*x slave to torture and abuse. He was cut from the same sadistic cloth, and Sharon knew that falling into his grasp would offer her no freedom or relief. The sexual torture and humiliation would go an under her new owner if chief decided to make her one of his captives.

He ordered her to come around the desk and Sharon forced herself to move. It was as if her shoes had glue on the soles, because she had to struggle to get through each halting step. But finally she was around the expanse of the wide desk and was standing at Titus’ side. The huge man turned in his chair to face her straight on, then ordered her to turn around. Frightened, Sharon complied. As scary as it was facing the strange man, it was even more unsettling to her nerves to look away.

“Bend over and grab your ankles,” he said sternly, and, groaning, Sharon did as she was told.

As she reached down for her ankles, she felt her short skirt slide up over her hips until it was bunched at her waist. Only the filmy p@anties she wore hid her butt0ckz, and that flimsy garment was quickly stripped down to her knees. The cool air of the room tickled across her Unclad cunt and asscheeks, and Sharon m0aned from the intense shame.

“She’s got a pretty butt0ckz,” Chief said calmly, as if he was looking over a horse. “But that doesn’t tell me much. I better check out the tightness of her cunt.”

Fingers grappled into Sharon’s K!ttyC@t from the rear, shoving the tender folds to the side. Then one of the thick digits jammed into her cunthole. Sharon squeaked from the pain of the impaling.

He seemed pleased as Sharon’s K!ttyC@t sq££zed down on his finger.

“She’s got a tight cunthole,” he said, swirling his finger around inside her K!ttyC@t. “It feels like it would be a good F**K!”

“I can attest to that!” Alex said eagerly.

Sharon groaned. Humiliation filled her. There she was, her Unclad butt0ckz thrust up into the air and one man finger-fu-Cking her K!ttyC@t while another man was talking about fu-Cking her cunt with his prick.

“Now for the other fu-Ckhole,” he said as he ripped his finger from Sharon’s tortured cunt.

Then, just a second later, the thick finger jammed through her sore butt0ckz-ring and up into her shiner. She cried from the biting agony of her butt0ckz being pierced as the finger speared all the way in. The faint trace of p**syjuice left on his finger eased, but didn’t stop, the pain.

“That’s a Goddamned tight asshole,” Chief said with lusty interest.

Sharon winced at both the lewd talk and the pain that was shooting through her butt0ckz. As the finger started drawing back out, it hurt even worse, and tears of pain and shame began leaking onto her cheeks.

“Okay, you can stand back up,” he said, and Sharon straightened her back and pulled her p@anties up over her Unclad butt0ckz.

When he told her to turn back around, she did so, her skirt falling back across her hips.

“Now let’s see your tits,” chief said smugly. “No!” Sharon cried. She had been pushed as far as her humiliated mind could accept. With her face covered by tears, she wrapped her arms across her tits, unable to accept any more of the terrible abuse.

He smirked and reached over to one corner of his desk. He pushed a button, then leaned back in his chair. In only a few seconds, a door opened behind Sharon. There, filling the doorway completely, was the big bodyguard.

“Yes, sir?” he asked, his voice like low thunder.

“We seem to have added this bitch to our secretarial staff,” Chief said to the bodyguard calmly. “And, as usual, the first thing that she has to be taught is our discipline system for cunts that get out of line. Would you set it up for us now, Saka, so we can get that part out of the way?”

“I’d be happy to, sir,” the bodyguard said, walking into the room and closing the door behind him.

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