Story: Enslaved Secretary (21+) - Season 1 - Episode 8

6 years ago

When Sharon finally stepped through the entrance of her home, she breathed a very deep sigh of relief. She leaned heavily back on the double-locked door, almost exhausted from the rush of feeling free. The house wasn’t really very much — just a small bedroom, a living room, kitchennet , bathroom and toilet and it cost the earth, getting any decent accommodation in Abuja usually cost the earth — but right then it seemed like a mansion of security that she had been afraid that she might never reach.

It was after seven in the evening before Sharon had managed to get home since the wild s*x action hadn’t stopped, even when Alex Odaju had emptied his balls for the second time. Slowly, his J0yst!ck had gone partially soft, but not completely limp, and he had dragged it out of her K!ttyC@t to leave her slumped on the desk.

Chika Amanna, the office manager, hadn’t been through, and she had continued to rub her K!ttyC@t around Sharon’s face and, for a minute or two, Sharon had thought that they were alone. But there was a strange clicking and whirring that would occasionally go on, so she knew that her boss was still in the room. What he was doing she didn’t have the faintest idea, but Sharon had been far too busy with Chika’s cunt mashed on her face to worry.

But finally, even Chikaseemed to tire, and she climbed down from the table, taking her Unclad, bald K!ttyC@t from Sharon’s mouth. Then the office manager had dived her face into Sharon’s juicy cunt and licked from one end of the slit to the other. The lewd s£nsat!ons the velvety tongue caused in the young secretary’s K!ttyC@t made her clench her eyes shut and try to overlook what was going on.

Sharon imagined that it was a man busily eating out her cunthole, and the thought made things a bit less terrible. Maybe even strangely pleasant, Sharon thought as, once again, the clicking and whirring broke the silence.

Then it had been Alex’s turn again, and he slapped his thick, partially swollen J0yst!ck against her chin and cheeks. Finally, he forced the hot meat between her lips, the bulging shaft spreading her jaws open, and he F***ed her mouth absent-mindedly, without much enthusiasm, and Sharon wondered why he even bothered. One more time, the clicks and whirs began sounding.

Then, strangely, they had let her up from the desk and left her, allowing her to get back into her clothes. Sharon pulled her garments on, nervously watching the doorway, afraid the pair of tormentors would return and attack her again. But when she peeked out of Alex’s office, there was no one to be seen. It was only when she had picked up her purse and was scurrying toward the front door that Chika came out of her office. The last words that the office manager had said were that she would see Sharon in the morning at about nine.

Fat chance of that, Sharon thought as she pushed herself through her front door a little later. She checked it to make sure that both locks were engaged, then she went in and took a bath and changed into a short and tank top. After eating cornflakes for dinner, she sat in her favourite chair and stared at the flickering TV, wondering what she should do.

Sharon’s entire life flicked before her face. She thought back to having to get a job after her OND because she could go no further as she had no financial support. Her father wasn’t well off but things would have been better if he had not kept making babies like a factory making sweets. Sharon parents gave birth to nine children and the highest education they could provide for any of them was a secondary school education and in a public school at that. Her father opined that if any child wanted more then he or she should do it himself. Sharon was the fifth child but she had high ambitions. Her older siblings were either married for the women while the men were engaged in one menial job or the other. But Sharon wanted more and she strived for it. Against all odds she gained admission to the polytechnic and through holiday jobs and all she managed to finish her OND but that was as far as she could go on her own. No help, no support, so she had to get a job.

The day Sharon got a call and was told that she was successful in the interview she had attended about three months earlier in Mr Alex Odaju’s company was like a dream come true. She had left school over two years earlier and had been involved in one salesgirl job after the other. So when she got the letter of appointment to be a secretary in the big company, it was a welcome development as it meant better pay and having more time to pursue her studies through the Open university as she would have her weekends to herself unlike being a salesgirl where she only had a random day off. If only she knew, she would have turned down the appointment, she thought to herself.

Despite the size of his family, Mr James, Sharon’s father was a very strict parent who had been very thorough in the moral aspect of their upbringing. He always watched over his female children like a hawk as he felt they were his asset since he believed their pride-price would bring him the much needed wealth. Sharon was a virgin till she got to the polytechnic where she met and began dating Niyi. After months of dating, Niyi managed to convince her that it was alright to have s*x with him since he was going to marry her and because of her naivety, Sharon accepted. The experience was painful for Sharon and below expectation for Niyi who merely wanted a F**K and discarded Sharon as soon as he got one. She made a vow after that to stay off men till she met Mr right.

Should she call the police? Certainly she wasn’t going back to work. The more she worried, the more uncertain she became.

There was a loud knock on her front door. She glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that it was ten-thirty. A bolt of sheer panic ran through her with the thought that it might be Alex and Chika. They knew where she lived and that she would be alone, and Sharon suddenly knew that she should have left town and run completely away.

The knock crashed again. Sharon pushed herself from her chair and edged across to the door on tiptoe. Please make them go away, she thought as she stared at the locks.

“Miss James?” a deep, masculine voice asked through the door. The knock sounded again. “If you’re in there you need to open up, because I need to talk to you! Something has happened! This is the police!”

The police? Sharon’s mind was in a whirl. Then her mind jumped to her parents, and she thought something had gone wrong. It was the only reason policemen came knocking at your door so late at night. She reached over, pulled up the small metal cover of the peephole, and could see a tall man standing there solemnly dressed in a policeman’s uniform.

“Just a minute!” Sharon cried and quickly unlocked the door. When she pulled the door open, the tall police officer stepped inside. In one of his hands, he held a manila envelope.

“I’m Sgt Tom,” the policeman said as he walked to the center of the siting room. He pointed to the easy chair in which Sharon had been sitting. “Frank Tom. Now why don’t you turn off the television and sit down, Miss James? I think it would be better that way.”

Agonizingly, Sharon turned off the TV and sat down where the man had indicated. He towered over her — black, strong features, and a muscular body upon which his tailored uniform fit like a glove.

“You better take a look at these first,” he said, handing Sharon the envelope. “Then I’ll tell you just how things are.”

Confused about what the package could have to do with her parents, Sharon flicked open the flap and dumped the contents into her lap. It was a collection of pictures. There were six snapshots that had apparently been taken that afternoon in the office. In two of them, she was eating Chika’s p**syhole, and in two others, she appeared to be sU-Cking Alex’s J0yst!ck. He had actually been fu-Cking her face, but there was nothing to reveal that in the photographs she held.

The final two pictures showed Chika eating Sharon’s K!ttyC@t, and the young secretary had a strangely dreamy smile on her face. Sharon knew that she had been blanking her mind and pretending it was a man’s face between her legs, but, again, the photos made that truth a terrible lie. In all six of the pictures, she was clearly recognizable, leaving no doubt about what the clicks and whirring that afternoon had really been.

Suddenly she became very, very aware of how little clothing she had on, her shorts barely hiding her K!ttyC@t and butt0ckz. She knew that her cunthair showed through the shorts, and that her Tips showed through the tank top.

She glanced up. The policeman had a tight, satisfied smile on his face.

“There’s at least a dozen more,” he said. “All of them easily recognizable. The way I make it, that’s indecent exposure, coupled with prostitution, since the story is that you charged each of them fifty thousand naira. Add that to the theft charges over the two-hundred thousand naira you took and it’s enough to send you to prison for a long, long time. And if that’s not enough, we can probably stir it al’around and come up with some more charges.”

“But I didn’t do it!” Sharon cried. “They made me take off my clothes and then they raped me! I didn’t charge them anything and I didn’t take their money!”

“Maybe not,” the policeman said “But I’m a policeman and I investigated it, and that’s what I say happened. And my two good friends, Alex Odaju and Chika Amanna, will testify to it all. And there’s at least a couple girls in the office who heard your gasps and screams this afternoon and knew you were fu-Cking your boss in the office. You haven’t got a chance, bitch! It’s either prison or being our nice, compliant s*x slave!”

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