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Story: I Date White men Only - Season 1 Episode 21

Episode 7 years ago

After two days, i travelled to Ibadan to go see him, i’ve used all those spiritual item, i drank the water, used the black soap to bath, mixed the substance with my cream, i made sure i used everything. On getting to Ibadan, i met my husband to be, i apologized…
In the sitting room….
Me: Baby i’m sorry if i was rude, i can’t abort the pregnancy. I had terrible nightmare, i swear to almight God.
He didn’t respond, i began to kiss him…
Me: I said i am sorry, say something…. Please
Zvicka: What do you want me to say? Since you don’t want to abort it, i won’t force you.
Me: Haba now! Do you want me to die? I don’t know why you don’t want to marry me.
Zvicka: Marry you?
Me: Yes baby
Kissing him…
Me: Make me your wife, divorce your wife and be with me. I love you baby..
Zvicka: Is that what you want me to do?
I sat on his laps, kissing me…
Me: Yes baby, for our love and your unborn child.
He sighed…
Zvicka: How many months is the pregnancy?
Me: Its over 6 months now, you know i can’t abort that anymore. I love you baby, please marry me.
I continued kissing him, manipulating, the spiritual item actually worked, we ended up having s*x. Having s*x during pregnancy can be fun….
I spent some days with him… One morning like that, he informed me that he will be travelling to Isreal to see his family saying they are going on family vacation and he will away for 6 weeks. He gave me 100k cash, i was so happy when he gave me. He said when he comes back from his Isreal, he would make arrangement on how to see my family. I was so happy, i guess he was gonna file for divorce during the vacation, i advised him to ask for divorce during the vacation and he agreed. The following day, i travelled back to school, Zvicka was to travel few days later.

I was damn happy, i quickly called Dorcas and thanked her, the spiritual thing worked for me, i called Bidemi and informed her that Zvicka had accepted to marry me. I even called my mum to inform her about it, i finally went home to inform, although she castigated me, she really chastised me. I began to inform some of my friends that i will be getting married to a white man soon, i even updated my facebook page sef, uploaded me and Zvicka’s pictures on facebook, tagging it as ‘about to wed’, i purposely did that to make my enemies envy me more, especially Cynthia who thinks she’s the only one that can marry a white man. People were just commenting on Facebook. Also purposely did that for that silly Obinna to see it that i’m getting married to someone better than him. I even sent him a text message that he can go to hell, i abused him, told him i was getting married to a better, richer man. He’s very silly, just because i said i can’t marry him, he turned me to his enemy, he now want to create enemity between and my son. I even told him once i get married my son will be living with me in my husband house, as a matter of fact we would relocate to israel

Finally, i will be getting married to a white man. I was so happy Zvicka agreed to marry me, he has travelled to Israel to divorce his wife, can’t wait to say i do to my baby. After few days Zvicka travelled, i noticed he didn’t call me, i was kinda wondering what was going on. I tried calling his international number but he wasn’t picking my calls. Probably because of his wife….

Few days later, Zvicka called me… I was so happy when he called, he told he didn’t pick my calls because of his wife and he couldn’t call me as well because of her, he doesn’t want her suspect. He was so sweet, he even spoke to my mum, he greeted my mum and said he will back to Nigeria soon to get married to me. Can you imagine, thank God for my life, i will definitely put my enemies to shame. I had planned to have one of the biggest party ever, he then told me to go meet one of his Colleague, that his Cynthia’s husband in Lekki over the weekend, that he’s to give me 250k. I was so happy, the spiritual items really worked on Zvicka, thank you Jesus for all these.

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