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Story: I Date White men Only - Season 1 Episode 19

Episode 7 years ago

After some days, I travelled to Ibadan cos Zvicka invited me over. He begged me to come, i had no choice than to go, moreover i was so ashamed of myself on campus, i couldn’t go out that horrible incident. I kinda became a laughing stock to my enemies and haters on campus, especially in my hostel. Anyway, i got to Ibadan, in Zvicka’s apartment, he was surprised to see my growing belly…
Zvicka: How many months?
Me: It should be four months plus
Zvicka: We can still get rid of it
I got angry…
Me: What? No way, over my dead body, i will never do that. Its either you marry me or you become my baby’s daddy.
Zvicka: You know that is not possible, i’m legally married. I’m an old man, you don’t need someone. How do you want my wife feel when she founds out about this? She would take over all i ever worked for
Me: Why can’t you marry me? I thought you said you love me
Zvicka: I love you but i love my wife and family more. I told you before we started that i just want concubine not a second wife. And don’t even think of me divorcing my wife because this, no way…
Me: Ehn ehn no way, when you were doing it without condom didn’t i warn you?
Zvicka: You purposely conceived this, you should know what to do, you did this purposely to tie me down. You’re making me regret having anything to do with you, i can’t marry you.
I was already fuming…. I stood up
Me: Look, enough of this insult, so i’m just a pro*titute to you right? Your s*x slave..
Zvicka also stood up and held…
Zvicka: You were never a s*x slave to me, you know i cherish you but you know i can’t marry you.
Me: Please i’m leaving, enough of this insult, you really betrayed my love for you.
Zvicka: Stop saying such… Before we started this whole affair, i told you i’m married and i love my wife and kids, don’t make me look like the traitor here.
Me: Its okay, no problem, i guess i will have to report you to your company. Cos you just have to take responsiblity of this baby, you’re the father. When i go to your office and report, i guess that would change things. Its either, you marry me or you make your babymama, what am i even saying, i want you to marry me here in Nigeria.
Zvicka went on his knees, held me on waist… I was surprised
Zvicka: I’m a jew, but i beg you in the name of God to please abort this pregnancy. I’m ready to give you any amount you want, i’m ready to get you the best doctors to do this for you. Please don’t ruin my family and my career i have spent over 50 years to build. It is against my tradition, please i’m on my knees.
Me: What if i die in the process? The pregnancy is 4 months gone, i’m scared of dying….. But why can’t you accept this baby, its obvious you don’t love, you’re just interested in my K*ttyc@t.
Zvicka: You know i love you, but what about my family? Our agreement was never marriage. Please do this for me, please i’m still on my knees.
Me: Please stand up…. Let me think about it
He stood up…
Me: I will think about it, let me go back to school before its too late.
Zvicka: No, no… Like how many hours should i give you to think about it?
Me: Hours? No, i want some days..
Zvicka: You will have to stay here with me for the days you will use to think about it.
Me: What, i need to go back to school
Zvicka: But you’ve graduated already
Me: Well, that doesn’t mean i’m free yet, i still have to stay in school for some period before leaving. Moreover, my project is still there…..
Zvicka: Just stay here with me, please…. Honestly, if you can accept to abort the pregnancy, i will make you enviable to your peers. I will do anything you want…
Well, i was confused, i didn’t know what to do again. I stayed with Zvicka for some days, more than a week, i contacted some my friends if it is adviceable to abort more than 4months pregnancy, they gave me positive response.

I also seeked the advice of Bidemi, she told me the same thing. So i made up my mind to abort it, since my plan didn’t work. I tried forcing him to marry me, but its not working, i wouldn’t want to be the loser here. I guess i’m not lucky like Cynthia, the best thing for me to abort the baby and ask for millions of naira from him. I will just have to sacrifice the baby and my dream wedding (to a white man) for money.

Finally agreed to abort the pregnancy, Zvicka was happy about and he promised me heaven and earth. I told him the money for the Abortion will cost him 500k, he didn’t even argue about it,i was surprised. While leaving for school the 2 days later, i found a brown envelope in my bag full of money, it was the 500k, i was so happy when i saw the money. Anyway, i thanked him,kissed him and went back to school. Got to school and explained everything to Bidemi, she advised me to stay away from the school premises after the abortion cos it will bring unwanted gossips, since my belly has grown little obvious to everyone, she even advised to tell people after the abortion that i had miscarriage, that will be after i stay away from school for some weeks.

So the following day, Bidemi took to a hospital to book an appointment, i was kinda nervous but i just have to abort the baby. The doctor gave us appointment to come back in 2 days time.

In the hospital, on the hospital bed, in the emergency room, the doctor performing the D&C (Evacuation), there was complication, i was bleeding really bad, my breathing became faster, i couldn’t survive it anymore, i’ve lost a lot of
blood, the doctor could not control the heavy flow blood, i was a pool of blood, it became complicated, i stopped breathing and i died in the process.

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