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Story: I Date White men Only - Season 1 Episode 16

Episode 7 years ago

Me: Why?…. Why is he drunk for crying out loud (sat on the bed)
Bidemi walks up to me….
Bidemi: What happened? You and Obinna, what is it again?
Me: The fool is drunk, he got himself drunk just because i said ‘no’ to him.
Bidemi: No? No to what?
Me: i rejected his marriage proposal..
Bidemi: Jesus christ! You did what? Haaa, Tolulope this is what so many girls are still looking for, you have this on a platter of Gold and you wanna throw it away, why?
Me: You can’t understand
Bidemi: Understand what? You should have accepted the ring
Me: Abegi, which ring? That cheap ring…. Its not as if, i don’t want to, i just said i still want more time, like 2 years.
Bidemi: This guy loves you, why can’t you just….
Me: No ooooo, i can’t. I can’t marry Obinna
Bidemi: But why?
Me: He’s family, they are too much, ibo people and moreover he’s the first child, he has so many responsibility on his head. I won’t enjoy the marriage. I have responsibilities too, look at my siblings too now
Bidemi: That doesn’t mean, it means you have to work hard as well, but you said his family likes you..
Me: I should not lie, they like me but how am I sure sef? They are ibo, they speak their language when i’m around, do i know if they are abusing me. Most times his mother like to speak ibo language to him in my presence, what if they are abusing me? Wo i can’t
Bidemi: I know what is your problem, you date white men only
Me: Whatever!
Bidemi: Must you be like Cynthia?
Me: Don’t compare me to Cynthia, please….. Moreover is she different from us? I need a white man in my life
Bidemi: At what stage? Isn’t it too late, which white man do you want to marry now?
Me: Zvicka of course
Bidemi: What? I pray you don’t regret this, i just pray it won’t be too late.
I didn’t reply afterwards, as a matter of fact we kept malice for some days, i decided not to talk to her. Honestly, i have this quilty conscience, i just hope i’m doing the right thing, i just hope so.
In Zvicka’s room…
Zvicka: (Mo@ning) Yes, yes, yes baby…
I was on my knees giving a hot Mouth Gig, the sweetest Mouth Gig ever.
Zvicka: Oh babay i miss you, uh, yes, s*ck me (mo@ning)
I stood up, we were both Unclad, i started kissing him, as he was squeezing my B*ttocks and Bosso. Both of us mo@ning…
Me: I miss you baby
Zvicka: I miss you too…. S*ck my Tips baby
I began to s*ck his Tips, he loves it, he crave for it, some men love it. I continued s*cking his Tips as he was mo@ning so hard, squeezing my B*ttocks. I stopped and stared at him with flirty eyes, deep my finger in his mouth, as he was s*cking it…
Zvicka: F*uck me baby..
I pushed him on the bed, as i la!d on him, grabbed his j0ystick, ins@rted in my j0ystick and sat on it.
Me: Haaaa! Zvicka: Oh yes….
As i began to rock him slowly, riding him slowing, sitting on it, panting left and right, tilting up and down, doing it so slow and he was squeezing my Bosso with it with his hands, i was so enjoying it, he was also feeling it, i put my two hand on my head, rocking him really smooth.
Me: Zvicka, i miss you…. Zvicka was really squeezing the hell out of my Bosso..
Zvicka: Make me cum baby, faster…
I was so fast this time, i was doing it really fast, b@nging his j0ystick, up and down, i began tot make some silly noise, he continued playing with my Bosso and Tips…..
Then all of a sudden, someone opened the door and barged in, who could that be?
OMG! It was Obinna…. Clapping his hands as I quickly separate from Zvicka.
Obinna: So this is it, finally i caught you.
Zvicka: Who the hell are you? How did you enter my house?
I was really nervous, i was already panting, so scared…
Me: Obinna its not what you think.
Obinna: Really? Is that so?…. I’ve told you if i can’t have you nobody else will.
Obinna brought out a gun and pointed it at Zvicka.
Zvicka: What is going on here?
Obinna pulled the trigger and shot Zvicka on his fore head. I screamed… He pointed the gun at me
Me: Obinna please don’t kill me for the sake of our son, please. (crying)
Obinna: Our son? Now you remember our son…. I love you Tolu but i can’t stand any man sharing you with me, you betrayed me (crying)
He pulled the trigger and shot…. I screamed.

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