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Story: I Date White men Only - Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 7 years ago

I got to school, the first thing I did was checking
the envelope, I couldn’t check it while in the bus cos I was so tired. I counted the money, it was 25k.. I was surprised, I never expected it, I
honestly didn’t expect that much. Bidemi came back from Church, I explained everything to her, I even gave her 1k cos she wouldn’t let me rest.
Honestly, that 25k will do a lot, cos I needed to
send money to my mother, my son needed
somethings too. The following day, immediately
after lectures I sent 7k to my mother and deposited the rest in my account, saving up for tuition fee. I got the hostel that day, I met Bidemi and Cynthia discussing my room, its been long I saw Cynthia, the foolish girl doesn’t stay in school anymore always following her Oyinbo boyfriend up and down like a desperate cheap girl. Anyway, I joined the conversation, Cynthia was actually inviting us to her White boyfriend’s birthday party in IITA in Ibadan. I joined the conversation, Cynthia inviting me to her boyfriend’s party. Initially I was surprised she could invite us cos she never wanted us to meet her boyfriend, probably she was scared we could snatch him, honestly speaking, I would snatch him if he’s snatchable.
Me: When is the party?
Cynthia: Its this weekend…. Believe me girls you’re gonna have fun
Bidemi: Really?
Cynthia: There is even one of his colleagues that needs a girlfriend and he even likes you. Me And
Bidemi: Me?
Cynthia: Tolulope of course…. He saw your picture and he said he likes you, he’s been disturbing me that he needs a Nigerian girlfriend, he’s from Isreal.
I became totally focused, he likes me? I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy but I dare not express my happiness in Cynthia’s presence cos I don’t want to look like a cheap girl. I pretended as if I wasn’t interested, pride no go kill me.
Me: Me ke? Its not possible, I’m not interested ooo, you know I already have a boyfriend now. I love Obinna and I can’t cheat on….
All of a sudden Bidemi began to cough, faking the cough, silly girl, she knows my secret, its not her fault. I looked at her in annoyance and hissed.
Me: I can’t cheat on Obinna ooo
Cynthia: Awww! I already told him you won’t even be interested, that he should forget it.
Me: (shocked) Why now? You shouldn’t have done that now, let me even be the one to decide.
Cynthia: I thought you said you’re not interested. Chai! This Cynthia want to put sand, sand for my garri

Me: I’m not really interested
Bidemi: Lobatan (Mocking me)
Cynthia: Bidemi I tire ooo (mocking me as well)
Me: Na una sabi, I sha go come the party and I might be interested in him. Who knows?

Both of them laughing, mocking me…. silly girls

We eventually attended the pool party in a hotel in IITA, IITA is such a nice place to be, that place is so damn big. The party was fun, I saw some nigerian girls there also that are dating the white men. It was so obvious those nigerian girls are dating them, those girls are so lucky. We finally met Cynthia’s white boyfriend, he’s not even that fine in real life sef, he’s even short, he’s just there. Anyway, I was introduced to the white guy that was so interested in me, honestly I was little bit disappointed. I was expecting something different, its not that he’s ugly neither is he handsome with his bald head, its just that he’s an old man. He’s a married man, I wanted a single guy, I was already blaming myself for not visiting the lebanese dude instead, but who am I to complain? All I need is someone to spend for me, that’s all I ask for, I want the money, I want to be treated the way Cynthia is being treated by her white man.

His name is Zvicka, 58 years old, he is from Israel, he’s a married man with 4 grown up kids, his family lives in Israel. We talked through out at the party, till we went to his apartment. He lives in a very nice place. He played a very boring Israeli song on the TV. Zvicka is very friendly and jovial as well, he was admiring as usual then he went straight to business. He told me he needed a girlfriend who will take care of him, a nigerian girl, a girl that would always visit him every weekend to take care of him, he told me so many things about himself. He told me he’s not looking for marriage that he loves his wife and his family, he just wanted a concubine in Nigeria. He promised to take good care of me if I am loyal to him, he asked if I have a boyfriend, which I totally denied that I am very single and searching. Zvicka has been living or working in Nigeria for over 5 years, so I wonder why he want me to be his girlfriend, hasn’t he date any nigerian girl? So I asked…
Me: Am I gonna be your first Nigerian girlfriend?
Zvicka: Of course not, but you’re the prettiest of them all.
Me: Them? Like how many Nigerian girls have you dated?
Zvicka: Just 3 and they all left me, they didn’t come back again.
Me: Why? Why didn’t they come back?
Zvicka: I don’t force them if they want to go. Even tho, one of them got married that was why she couldn’t visit again. But the others left me, and I don’t know why maybe they don’t enjoy the jigi jigi (laughing)
Me: What’s jigi Jigi?… Oh! se*x
We both laughing…

Zvicka: From the moment I saw your picture, I liked you instantly. Its been long I dated a nigerian girl, it was my friends that forced me to get a girl, I don’t like flirting my friends, I just want a permanent girl. I just hope you won’t run away.
I was just smiling, I already liked him. He’s matured and sincere , and he’s even rich. Although, I would have preferred he was a single guy but I’ve no choice than to manage him. I want to marry a white man, less I forget, Cynthia got engaged at the party, her white boyfriend proposed to her with a diamond ring in front of everybody, that girl is really lucky. I would have prefer the lebanese dude cos he’s single but that one is a complete dog, make him no go do s*x tape with me and ruin my life.

Me and Zvicka talked all night, slept together on the bed, no s*x at all, it was just a kiss, just a kiss. The following day when I was about to return back to school with my friends, he was just taking my pictures with his camera, the old man likes me. The most shocking part was that, Zvicka gave me 20k as a gift, with no s*x or whatsoever, I was so surprised. I couldn’t believe it, 20k just like that…
In the hostel..
Bidemi: 20k just like that? (Holding the money)
Me: I swear with my life, he didn’t touch me.
Cynthia: Zvicka is the most responsible of them all, so don’t just loose this opportunity, that man is very reserved and he spends well to those girls he was dating before, I don’t knw why they left him.
Bidemi: But, if you date him now, what about Obinna?
I hissed and forcefully collected the money from her.
Cynthia: That’s true oo, the father of your son…. Tolu can you cope? Cos that guy loves you die.
Me: Abegi! I’ll play my game wisely, moreover its not like Zvicka want to marry me, he just want concubine that’s all.
Bidemi: This is your opportunity to save up for your school fees ooo, you know exams are knocking on the door. Grabbed this opportunity, pay your school fees and leave him go so that you can concentrate on Obinna and your son.
Me: Enough with that ibo name..
Cynthia laughing…
To Be Continued…
Watch out for I date White Men Only Part 8

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