Story: Holy Boy Turn Baddo - Season 1 Episode 2

6 years ago

We then heard another scream, I was like..
‘Eh eh’, I then summon the courage to go and peep maybe I can benefit from the “shouting-enjoyment” but as I peep, guess what I saw?

I saw two unclad bodies, a light and skinny girl’s unclad body and senior biola’s unclad body…

The unclad body of senior biolas isn’t a new thing to me because I’ve seen it almost everyday whenever we wan baff for hostel… In short e don tire me.

But the lady’s nakedness make something rise for my body, guessed it should be my J0yst!ck…

I then saw senior biola’s J0yst!ck entering into that lady’s K!ttyC@t, its going in and coming out…
He was pounding her like a mortar and pestle…
What they were doing was a surprise that I don’t know the meaning, had it been they slept on top each other I would have understood but this one they’re doing is not something I can decode…

They are bleeping like goats(Doggy style)…. After like 3mins that I’ve been peeping, I then heard a knock on my Great Head and someone pulled me backward. I wanted to shout but I remember that they musn’t know I was peeping.

As I faced the person, it was lolade… He dragged me down to the bottom of the hall and said;

Lolade: Oniranu ni e o (you’re wayward o)

Me: what do u mean by that?

Lolade: shey u wan F**K ni?

Me: I already have one in my pocket.

Lolade: you’re crazy!

Me: sheybi this it (bring out the fork from my pocket)

Lolade: you’re stupid. Get out of my sight jor, onishe kushe iya…

Me: na u know o.

Later they rang the bell for breakfast, then I saw senior biola and that girl moving out of the dining hall and he told us to bring his food to the hostel.

S. Biola: ebami gbe ounje mi wa si hostel o, she e ti gbo?(Help me bring my food to hostel o)

Lolade: ekun, we don hear…

S.biola: mad man…

Lolade: baba, lemme Pour do small na..

S.biola: abi weyrey leleyi ni, lori iyawo temi. (U dey mad, on top my wife)

Lolade: kosi were jor, I go Pour ur room when I reach hostel

S.biola: with my food ni o

Lolade: no lele

As he waka for that dining hall, I noticed everyone in the hall murmuring and then they all busted when he’s out kpata kpata… I was like what’s funny…

That little raw §ex I witnessed live kept me wondering till a day at school during long break that I asked a friend of mine;

Friend: fawaz, come here make we talk.

Me: and the talk is about wetin?

Friend: about u!

Me: what’s wrong with you o?

Friend: I noticed something about you ever since the last saturday of last month, I notice a change in you!

Me: observant! Wetin u notice?

Friend: talk to me, I’m your friend fawaz. Don’t hide anything from me! Is it that they didn’t gave you pocket money from home?

Me: see dis yeye boy, did I tell u anytin do me or I told u I’m hiding anytin. Leave me alone let me be jare!

Friend: I know you more than you think! Or is it that a senior gave you a work that’s too hard or what?

Me: mr knower, keep it up..

Friend: you are too playful, that’s why I don’t like you, you turn almost everything to joke even when everyone is serious…. Look, I promise to help u out if you let me know what’s bothering you and if you don’t. Bye!

As he wan move, I dragged him back and said

Me: do you have a girlfriend?

Friend: (laughing) so, you need a girlfriend?

Me: answer me jor

Friend: I have and is there any problem?

Me: how did you get a girlfriend?

Friend: see foolish boy wey dey whine me! Don’t think I don’t know about those girls you dey F**K o….

My head rang as I heard that word ‘F**K’ again..

Me: look, come let’s talk.

Friend: and what are we doing before?

Me: mtchew, talk jor, how did u get a gf?

Friend: is it a joke or whining?

Me: I mean it, I don’t know how to get a girlfriend!

Friend: I will help you out, but on one reason!

Me: ehn ehn, lemme hear!

Friend: you’ll gimme half of your rice on thursday!

Me: for what?

Friend: you dey craze, shey u think say na free? I go help u get a girl and you’ll be fu-Cking her for free… And u are asking me what, water ni!

Me: that’s what I don’t understand, what’s the meaning of ‘F**K’ and what is the essence of a girlfriend?

Friend: no answer for u now, you’ll know everything by night…

Me: why not now?

Friend: sha calm down!

Me: okay boss.

(I named him friend cos I’ve forgotten his name tho)

So, the day flew away with usain bolt speed its like 3hours that e take reach night from that break period.

I was inside my room feeling like ‘what’s going to happen tonight?’ before I heard a gunshot!

Guess what?
To Be Continued…

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