Story: Even Your Boo Get A Boo - Season 1 - Episode 28

5 years ago

Clara: where have you been Daniel?

Me: good evening Clara.

Clara: keep your greetings to yourself, you were fully aware that I will be coming to today. Yet not only did you locked me outside, you also kept me waiting for long. I tried reaching you on phone but your number wasn’t going through, and you expect me to welcome you with open arms.

Me: am sorry Clara, i can explain its not what you think.

Clara: please keep your explanations to yourself, I don’t need it.

I continued to beg her but all my apologies fell on deaf ears. There was no doubt she was very angry and she has every reason to coz no lady will feel happy if treated such way. Not knowing the next approach to make, i went towards the door and unlock it.

Please come in, I said to her. At first she pretended not to hear me before she shrugged for some moments and walked into my apartment. A very sad facial expression was clearly visible on her face which made me felt bad that very moment.

Clara please forgive me, am very sorry. Those were the words i could only utter as I slowly took a step towards her. I just needed to say something convincing so she can believe am truly sorry.

Clara, I know I have wronged you and you have every reason to be sad about it but you know I can’t do anything to hurt you. Seeing you this way makes me feel bad and am sincerely sorry about it, Clara please forgi…….. She placed a finger on my lips signalling me to stop talking.

It’s okay Daniel, i have forgiven you. Its just that from the way you abandoned me outside, you made me felt like I was not important to you, like you never cherished the moments we spent together, please tell me the truth Daniel, do you truly love me?
Of course, yes I do. Have come to realize what we truly feel for each other and am glad to say I love you Clara, with all my heart.

I love you so much, she replied with a smile on her face. We brought our mouth closer and locked our lips with a passionate kiss. Instantly my hormones became charged, my body temperature was on the rise and d!ckson became very hard.

She massaged my c0ck through my trousers as we
kissed. While my right hand fondled her b—–s as my left
hand caressed her inner thighs. All I could hear were the
incessant hums the she made as we devoured each
others lips. Soon d!ckson was out, she unbuttoned my shirt and
began to sU-Ck and nibble my Tips. Her tongue felt so good
on my skin and I succeeded in bringing out her round
b—–s from her flowery bra.

I lifted her head from my chest (she stared at me with
those bulgy and s*xy** eyes of hers) and I bent to sU-Ckle
on her b—–s. Clara gasped and panted
passionately as I moved from one nippIe to the other.
“Yes baby….I missed your touches” she rasped.
My hands dropped on her thighs and moved upwards to
tug at her p@anties. Slowly, I pulled her undies down her fat
thighs and she leaned backwards lifting her hips off the
desk as her thin p@anties came of her legs. Throwing the
undies on her desk, I spread her legs and made to go
down on her but she protested.
“No baby. Just give it to me. I’ve been starved”

And I dug into my back pocket for a condom which she
helped me tear open with shaky hands (she was anxious)
and she slipped it on me. Guiding my piston between her
thighs, I penetrated her rings and was rewarded with a
whimper which sent shudders down my spine and I began
to pump into her.
she spread her legs so wide, leaning on her
hands as I watched my s—t dig into the soft pink flesh
of her velvety snatch. She m0aned and groaned, urging me
to go faster (which I did) and she grabbed the back of my
neck with her left hand, gasping and looking into my eyes
with such lusty passion.
Her eyes were dilated and beautiful, her lips full and
quivering as she made shrieking sounds with each t—-t I
made. To be honest I missed her p—y. There was
something about her cuñt which I enjoyed so much. It kept
sU-Cking my d!ck deeper and deeper like a vacuum cleaner
as I found myself pounding away with my head thrown
“Oh don’t stop….yes don’t stop”, she m0aned aloud as I
was feeling my orgasm building up. And she grabbed my
waist and began to writh and jerk wildly giving me a hint
of her approach. Together we climaxed in a frenzy and I
tappered to a slow halt, feeling my face sweating in the well
ventilated room.
We later had a bath together and spent the night on bed where we cuddled each other and slept off.
There was no doubt i really enjoyed the fun but as the saying goes, you can’t eat your cake and have it, story continues in the next episode.

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