Story: Even Your Boo Get A Boo - Season 1 - Episode 20

5 years ago

I came out of the pool and sat down on a chair ignoring Jaga’s mockery of my inability to swim which almost made me drown but for the timely intervention from Clara. Grabbing a bottle of Origin, i settled down for a drink so as to while away the time I had left to spend. I drank the content slowly coz my stomach was already filled up with the water i had drank from the pool. I watched as jaga led Sarah into the pool and they began to swim together, smooching and kissing each other at intervals which made me felt a little bit jealous and that was when I realized that I haven’t had s-x for a while now. Jaga later got out of the pool and walked up to me bringing three more bottles along with him, but I could still hear him giggle as he sat down with me.

Jaga: have this, use it to calm your nerves, he said dropping the bottles on the table.

Me: when are we getting out of this place.

Jaga: why do you ask, are you in a hurry to leave

Me: yeah, got some stuffs to attend to at home

Jaga: if you say so, but am afraid you will have to go alone.

Me: why? Aren’t you leaving today.

Jaga: No. I have some unfinished business with Sarah.

Me: dats your problem, besides who really is she to you

Jaga: she is one of my girlfriends, had to bring her here just to chill out with me.

Me: so what about Clara, why did you stop dating her?

He gave me a surprised look which made me realize he didn’t had an idea i knew he once dated Clara.

Jaga: how did you know i dated her?

Me: don’t look surprised, i had known about it for long, just decided to spill it out now, so what do you have to say about it.

Jaga: well me and Clara never really liked each other that much, guess that was what made her get attracted to you at first sight. But the Clara i know, can go to any extent just to get whatever she desires.

Me: I really don’t like her that much anymore but I seem to be cool with her owing to the fact that she even saved me.

Jaga: she really likes you, she has been making advances at you but you don’t seem to notice, why don’t you give her a chance.

Me: you won’t understand, am into a girl who happens to be Jenny by name and I feel she is the lady my heart yearns for, not Clara.

Jaga: does she know about this, am talking about Clara.

Me: No she don’t and I don’t even plan on telling her.

Jaga: You don’t have to think twice, i happen to have numerous girlfriends yet I don’t trouble myself. What if you consider taking in both without their notice.

Me: jaga, are you saying i should become a player like you.

Jaga: you don’t have a choice, do u? Why don’t you give it a try and am sure you will see who to rely on at the end.

Me: i just hope i don’t create trouble for myself.

Jaga: this is exactly how I felt when considering about it but it’s all history now.

Enough of the talk, I do you still wanna go into the pool?

Me: no i don’t, I’ll just stay here and finish up the drink.

Okay I’ll be back, he said and went to meet Sarah in the pool.

Dating both girls won’t be a bad idea, afterall we all know what we seek from them.

I let out a cool smile as I watched Clara approached me, i couldn’t help but stare at her curvy bwest and hips which made my hormones yearn for s-x. Am gonna bang this girl before leaving here.

Clara: what’s up with you Daniel, you shouldn’t be here alone drinking yourself to stupor.

Me: what were you expecting, well good thing you came here to keep me company. Do you care for a drink?

Clara: sure I do, I wanna ask, how come you don’t know how to swim.

Me: coz i never attempt on learning how to, too bad it almost cost me my life and I should be grateful to you for saving me.

Clara: i had no choice Daniel, y don’t you come with me into the pool so i can teach you, it will be fun doing so.

Me: you don’t have to bother, am just not going in there anymore, have enough already.

Okay, if you say so, she replied. We continue to sip our drink in silence while we watched jaga and Sarah as they were having a great time in the pool.

Me: Clara

Clara: yes, what is it

Me: what about Jay, your boyfriend.

Clara: Jay is dead

Me: Dead? How? Who killed him

Clara: do you mean who killed him or what killed him? Well he had an accident weeks ago but didn’t survive it, he was Dead On Arrival(DOA) according to the doctor’s report, but that’s all i in the past now, i have forgotten about him and moved on.

Me: Am so sorry about that

Clara: Daniel all i need now is someone who will love and care about me and am glad I just found you.

Me: eh?

Clara: yes Daniel, that was y i never allowed death to take you away from me while you were in the pool. I love you Daniel

Me: I love you too

We came closer and hugged each other, we then locked out lips and kissed each other. I later left for home but not after having s-x with her, which i enjoyed every bit of it.

I never knew that the repercussion of the decision i just made awaits me.

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