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In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 46

Episode 7 years ago

Sitting alone with a swollen head as all eyes were on me inside the fast food… I said to myself you know nothing, chai …. I tried consoling myself by thinking I did the right thing, been truthful to the one I love right?

I didnt know what to do, going after her will be of no use cos I know she wont listen and besides where will she be heading back to, school abi her house?.. I wanted to chill and watch TV but nothing instrest me so I decided I go after her.

I looked for her everywhere I knew she could be, called her severally till her phone eventually went dead..

I decided to visit one of my nigger roll kush and forget my problems… as he kept telling me you don fork up..

I got home eventually, spent the evening with family and tried acting happy but I was sad like a new widow so I kept trying Sugas number intermittenly as it was still off so I decided dropping messages..

I couldnt sleep,…. no matter how hard I tried and the most annoying part was that I couldnt do anything for myself, like reading or even ironing I was just in my bed wasting the night.

The following morning @ about 9 30 AM I was at Sugas place, her sister was gone(work). I met suga and started explaining but she was just quiet and didnt say a thing.. I talk go left, enter right, go up come down she just kept starring…

I got tired moved closer, tried touching her na so she push me and said please dont touch me I beg of you…

She stood up and told me she will be leaving for school if thats all I came to say then she has heard and that I am free to go, if I want to or I could stay anytime I feel like leaving I could lock the door and drop the key inside the flower vase outside..

I told her okay I will leave but what about us.. she said she doesnt know..

Me: I love you and I am not making excuses for what I did but accepting that what I did was wrong and I am sorry sincerely not becos I got caught

Suga: its the same..

I walked away wondering why she is that mad becos of s*x….. hian, I wonder why people dont like the truth, I told her the truth and she is acting as if she caught me, I was vexed…. weytin she dey feel like self…

I got home force myself eat afterall I no go kill myself e don happen e don happen, I tried being happy but it was not possible..
Last last I slept off.

Its saturday that means two days now Suga still wasnot picking my calls…
I said to myself its time to get happy..
Ah I no go kill myself ni cos of love

Went out chilled with my niggers and had fun and then bought something for my Nene.. yes my Nene
My niggers advised me to be a sharp guy or else I go loose both… after all Dem talk say a bird at hand better pass 20 for bush o..

Got back home met my Nene gave her the parcel I got for her….

Nene didnt show up for dinner cos she was filled…. but she leta joined everyone in the living room after a while me went back to my room..

In no time an sms entered my phone… a thank you message from Nene..
I replied with a smiley anything for my princess… as you are always on my mind..

She replied really!..
I said yes..
She replied hmm what of my Suga?
I replied she left me cos of you..

She didnt drop messages anymore..
I went on and tapped my pad..(PES)
Time checking it was 10 30PM sleep never do me..I realised I am still thinking about my suga.. chai mood swing..

I stand up enter bathroom roll small kush afterwards shower.. came out to notice my phone has been ringing.. I had a message I prayed it should be suga but it was Nene..

She said I cant sleep keep your door unlocked I am comming.. I smiled and replied I am waiting..

Nene showed up shinning like the moon,..
We sat down and she smiled at me..

Nene: what did you say happen between you and Suga? Was that why you have been walking around with a long face?

Me: I told her about us..

Nene: 4 real? What?

Me: evrything..

Hmm I thought Nene will be impressed o instead she got angry

Nene: I am dissapointed.. why would you do such a thing.. ? How do you think she will take me? Chai referee u messed up seriously.. do you even realise the fact that we are not even mates..? Had it been she didnt know me

Me come dey reason I come realise my fork up .. After I don loose my suga Nene go just dump me? That wont be fair

I begin the reason correct tape wey I go play Nene she need dey free me of conji things… after all na becos of her wey me go loose the girl I love..

Me: Nene you didnt even ask me why I told her?

Nene: I dont care.. the truth is I am more than ashamed, I cant and wont be able to look at her.. I think I need to get some sleep, you have ruined everything..

Nene stood up and walked towards the door..
Chai I realized I am going to loose Nene join after I don loose my love..

I have to do something..

I walked towards her and held her hands

Me: Nene the reason why Suga is gone is simply cos I love you..

I wanted to continue but Nene started laughing hysterically..

I was confused what the heck is wrong with Nene? I come dey wonder weda I resemble basketmouth..?

To Be Continued…

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