In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 43

Episode 7 years ago

As I lay in my bed I began to wonder what just happend,.. I neva thought me and Nene fit gigida again for this life… as I dey recover from such a ride….. it was a lovely ride I said to myself… but then I was filled with guilt and sadness as I remembered my suga…

I got to the bathroom n allowed water from the shower drench me as I relaxed….. I felt used, so anytime she feel like to knack she go just come knack me.. I decided to find out what that was all about
Freshen up n got into a nice short and singlet and then I headed to her room..

I met Nene starring at the mirror, talking to herself crying… she too has just finished cleaning up…. she was wearing a big Tshirt

When she saw me from the mirror she quickly wiped her tears…
I walked up to her held hands and asked what was the matter..

Na so Nene break down again, she even cried loudly as we stood hugging each other, my shoulder got wet but I allowed her..

After like 5mins of serious crying she finally calm down a little but tears continued rolling.. I walked her and then we sat on her bed.

Nene began narrating her story
She said her Fiance had been forking one of thier church girl wey dey her fiance unit 4 church and the girl got pregnant..
She told me how she found out and how she confronted her Fiance and so on and so forth..

I asked her when she found out, she said last week wensday but me becos of my busy schedule, IT and Suga I no notice.. and this explained her red puffy eye…., and the anger she was feeling

Nene was now crying loudly as she began asking me am I not pretty enough? What is it he wanted eh? I was faithful to him ..E.t.c

I told her its okay, that everything will be alright as I wiped her tears and held her close to me.. and everywhere come quiet..
And she kept sobing..

After a while I tried disengaging she said please stay with me… dont leave me
She looked up our eyes met, she kissed me, ..

We kissed as she slowly pull me, na so I come lay ontop her body…. she whispered make love to me
We continued kissing as my hands went underneath her Tshirt handling and squeezing her breasst as she m0ans…

Gradually our clothes went off our body as we both got to our feet..
She asked me am I not beautiful anymore?

I smiled and told her more than you think of and truly I meant it.. Nene na pretty girl.. she closed her eyes as I kissed her again.. pushed her softly to wall turned her around and then made her arch her back a lil as I slid in her honeywell..

I went in slowly and gently… and she turned her face and kissed me deeply as she held my thigh pressing it against her body with her eyes closed..

I drove in out and slowly but steadily as Nene both hands were now on the wall as she began gibbering,… I continued..

After some minutes Nene began thrusting her arss an indidcation that she wants an increase in speed and I responded…
Her hands fell from the wall as she was now holding the ground and her b0s0m flapping against her body..

She fell finally to floor and I followed her up as she turned and we concluded our mission in a missionary style..
Nene wrapped her legs around me, and she began dragging the bedspread and she began breathing very fast and acting as if there was no air for her to breath..

She began choking and choking and finally screammed… and it was if her demons left her and she let go of everything…
As I kept pushing and finally got to the desired destination..

Every where was wet…Nene couldnt move but she held me tight..

To Be Continued…

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