In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 25

6 years ago

She was truly made from heaven for me… I lack the words to describe the beauty she inspires….

I stood there staring at her, suddenly I felt intimidated cos of her beauty…

Well with time we became friends, I called her Suga she loved the name and did call me same, she was a year older than me but we were same level(200) and she dey Economics dept..

Sincerely for one month I no fit ask this girl make she be my girlfriend, though everybody thought we were dating but we were just friends..

I looked forward to seeing her everyday… she stays with her elder sister who was working.

I spend most of my days with her talking, playing chess and sometimes even loosening her braid but nothing dey happen between me and her, I buy her gifts, take her out on dates, as in all my allowance they finish for this girl head…

I go back home fantasising about her, most times when I am with her my johnson gets rock hard but I no fit talk my mind….

For almost a whole semester I no fit talk my mind, finally I decided to face my fears after this last semester exams.

On that day saturday, my parents travelled to the village to attend a church fund raising event and they will be back on sunday after the event…
me and my suga went out to a fast food, after her order we were seated as we began eating…

We talked and talked and talked as I kept drinking water becos I was getting thirsty out of anxiety..

Finally me tell am say I am in love with her..
Suga: hmm what took you so long to say it?
Me silent

Suga: well Its a lil late now cos I av a boyfriend and I love my boyfriend though the guy is serving now….

me no fit talk as food no get taste 4 my mouth, water was kinder bitter, nothing just d sweet me again, I began sweating for inside AC there, but sha as guyman I come arrange…
We decided to be just friends, good friends ….

I went home sad and depressed and met Sisi we come gist as I tell am weytin happen…. she laughed and said why did I take so long but I shouldn’t loose hope sha, say e fit b she dey lie make she see how serious me dey with am…

Sisi later showered got dressed and told me she is not comming back this evening say tonight na her anniversary with her boyfriend, say food dey kitchen….

I felt tired and confused as me dey parlour dey look TV but I no dey see anything I was heartbroken, my mind travelled far as I began reminiscing on all our good times together, me and suga… I hated myself for not striking and waiting this long..

I was brought back to this part of the world when I felt some one touched me…

I looked up and there she was this girl na fine girl, Nene was stunningly beautiful with a blue gown… the only girl that can replace the Suga girl in my heart.
But obviously I can’t have her anymore cos she is now in a serious relationship wey dem d talk about marriage..

Nene: how far?

Me: I just dey o…, where you bin go wey you fine like this?
Nene: ah I just comot o

As she sit don

Me: u funny o.. I know say you bin comot na…..but where u go?

Nene just dey smile as she wan talk na so her phone ring.

Ah Nene don get new phone( Nokia I no remember the model but by then it was costly )

Chisos so Nene now na big girl
Well she answered her call smiling, removing things from her handbag and putting them back chai they thing just dey sweet am… I just know say this girl dey in love.

Nene finally ended her call with I love you… as she looks up and smiles, na so she begin do explanation wey nobody ask am..

Nene: that was Sammy,.. blah blah blah..
Nene talk plenty me just dey form listening but I don tire for the talk..

I have never seen a guy who loves me for nothing as in for who I am, you know he is so honourable….

As in ehn ! E b like say I dey watch network news you are only to listen. ..

Nene told me plenty she was very happy,.. and since she doesn’t really have friends to vent all this, hence this story wey she d knack me…

Time checking it was past six, Nene begin arrange dinner… na for there she come notice say I no just happy at all…

I didn’t have any appetite as I realised all my babes don place me for brotherly love zone….. suddenly ma phone rang.

I prayed it should be Suga but it wasn’t na one of my niggers Dano
He called to say Hi but since popsi em no dey house we decided to meet…..

I told Nene I was going out she said I should make sure by 8:30 PM at most I should home…

I agreed and dashed out of the house

We just go somewhere go chill as we just high some beer its been a while I did that… even Dano surprise, I was high… my Johnson was getting harder and harder..

Each glass of beer poured into my system was heading straight into my Johnson as it kept expanding as if it was trying to accommodate the beer…..

This conji strong I swear, I felt so Hot as all the girls wey dey there I don use eye and mind UnCloth and fork em..

My mind just they remember Nene, Ella, and Jenny…

I come dey think of Nene wey dey house all the things wey Dano dey talk me no dey hear anything as my mind no dey there…,

But how I go start go touch Nene? Nene now na changed girl more so she dey in love with some one whom she don already agree to marry na just school dey hold the thin….

But then she fit dey suffer from conji thins o after all she and her man of God boy friend no dey tidy…
After much thinking just when I was about giving up, out of no where popped up this great idea…

To Be Continued…

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