In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 14

7 years ago

I was no longer getting the transmission of signal from my johnson to my brain so my eyes popped opened and my brain was re activated… l looked up and saw Ella she had a big Smirk on her face…. she took the remaining Ice cream and covered her b0s0ms and said ur Turn

I stretched my hand and pulled her to myself as she fell on top on me..
We locked our Lips… explored every where in her mouth with my tongue, Occasionally breaking the kiss and gently biting her lips..

Slowly I began tracing down her body with my tongue… starting from the ear down to the neck and stop at her b0s0ms as I licked all the Ice cream…
I began sU-Cking the Left b0s0m and handling the right b0s0m and occasionally twisting the tip…..

I continued my tracing down to her belly button and moved down to her honey well… Ella increases the volume of her m0an!ng, her legs began to shake as she held my head…

I stopped looked at her Face her eyes were shut, I inserted my left index finger, I began with rubbing her Clatoris to finger bleeping as I used my right hand and gently scratched/rolled her inner thighs…

Ella began twitching, as she dragged and rolled up my bedspread, Her m0an!ngs were getting louder.. she stifled dragged me up and kissed me…
Rolled me over put hand inside her hand bag and brought out a condom opened it and slowly rolled it over my johnson as she blessed it with a kiss

Dragged me up as we both got to a standing position and briefly kissed
She bent over and held the edge of my bed, and arch her back a lil…

I moved closer held my johnson and placed the Tip at the gate of her honey well and drove in slowly, I could feel the walls of her honey well contract… she m0aned and jiggled

I felt the tip of my johnson hitting some rock like stuffs inside of her, as she placed her left hand on her stomach..I began wondering cos sometimes I bin dey feel this kind thing for Nene show, I promised myself to find out what that thing is…

Well I continued with an Increased tempo.. her legs began to wobble, as she repeatedly said baby, baby baby baby… she was increasingly getting wet as her honey well began dripping. ..

Her legs continued to wobble and she finally loosed balance and fell into the bed.. I followed her up rolled her up and raised her two legs and slid in

In no time she began convulsing and gibbering, Bite me and grabbed me as if to break all the bones in my neck, I never knew she was this powerful… she began to shake, writhe with so much intensity….. I knew she has been released from Conji prison…… I increased the Tempo as I began to feel my heartbeat racing faster I knew I was getting to finish the line ..I looked up and saw the stars as I shoot….

Ella kissed me deeply as she stood up and moved to the bathroom..
I admired her, she was truly beautiful. . You know the Jessica white kind of beauty.. I couldn’t belive I had just nailed this girl without any stress, e b like say me na fine boy o…I thought within me…

Still lost in my mind as I remembered Nene…..I for still like do am again, I never had enough of her, chai Nene bin warm pass this babe…. I giggled, finally I did hurt her feelings too, I was happy… Ella peeped at me on hearing me giggle

Ella: whats that? Whats amusing?
Me: nothing dear.. just missing you already, and I found it amusing that U are here and I am missing you..
Ella: really? I guess u lucky cos I am still here.. come and join me and show me how much you missing me..

As I stepped into the bathroom I noticed I didnt return my kush back to its stash….I wondered what I was thinking, well I pretended as if nothing.

Ella stretch forth her hand and held my semi turgid johnson as we kissed…
I found my self sitting on the toilet and Ella riding me, she twisted and turned her waist slowly with so much expertise … as I concentrated on her b0s0ms.. sU-Cking handling and lil biting of the tip… this drove her wild as her m0an!ngs were getting out of hand…I had to strech forth and turn on the shower……

She began jerking like generator wey fuel wan finish…. her motions were no longer steady.. so I carried her down stood up as she clinged to me tigthly..
I turned her around as she understood what I was up to…as she Immediately assumed the position…

She held the edge of the bath tub and put one of her leg on top the toilet seat as I drove in… and kept a steady acceleration.

Ella started gibbering. . Saying all sort of things as she began shaking..she removed her leg from the toilet seat to gain more balance as she continued to quiver. .she started saying baby baby repeatedly her hands fell off from the side of the bath tup and she fell inside with her legs outside….

She was now bending over the bath tup….
In a way for me to gain more balance I moved one of my legs inside the bath tup….
Waoh this gave me a deeper penetration as I could see her eyes pop open with each thrust….

She raised her hand trying to block me so as to reduce my intensity but her hands fell off as she began to climax…. she stifled, all her body contracted.. her honey well walls contracted hard on my johnson, she was quiet and all of sudden went floppy… as she let out one loud m0an…

She stayed motionless the only thing she was doing, was breathing as if she had just finished a 100M race… as I continued to ride on… I knew it was my turn as I began to feel my build up… in no time…I crossed the finish line as I emptied my Riffle….and fell on top her….
To Be Continued…

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