In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 8

6 years ago

Nene was gradually getting tired of trying to get my attention and slowly drifted more into depression. I began to feel pity for her… someone that was very happy some months ago is now very sad and lonely, her phone rarely rings any more.
Nene might have lost everything but there is one thing she hasn’t loosed her beauty, even in her darkest moment she still dey compete with Meegan Woods..
I Thought of ways to get her attention back, so I came up with a plan…
Friday morning Mumsy and Popsi gave me money to take arrange myself as school wan resume.. so I went shopping. I bought only a wrist watch and a shoe for my self and spent the remaining on Nene and Ella. I bought 2 good and expensive handbags for them… after paying the money I began to feel guilty paying that huge amount of money on girls and couldn’t even buy one thing for my mum and dad.. I come strong mind say after all my mum and dad get money….. na so my mind come tell me say so Na u be Nene and Ella parents? I felt bad but I don buy am already…
I come back house as I enter parlour I see Nene and Sisi dey gist.. ouch Nene she wear one semi transparent gown her Tips wey just pointing at me… as I see am, my temperature rise I swear I wan carry the two hand bags give am but Sisi dey there but she is fully dressed it seems she is going out as usual, I greet them as I rush enter bathroom go shower becos everywhere was hot I needed to cool off..
I come dey wait for inside room make Sisi comot with heart beats as loud as Dre headphones, I thought of how to present the hand bag and the words I will say to Nene… Finally Sisi holla at me say she don d go o..
I come comot go do like say I wan buy something outside na so I go lock gate come back inside.
Nene d concentrate for her movie I pass go dinning comot water from fridge drink…come pass go my room, come pass go kitchen, come pass go outside again..I never still know how I wan take start.. as Nene still dey form serious movie watching…
Finally I come gather mind go carry the bag come ..
Me: hey baby I got this bag for you…….. Nene come look up as she smiled, got the bag and was amazed at the quality
Nene: this must be really expensive , where did you get the money?
Me: don’t worry…
Nene: waoh, thank you very much.. am grateful.. come here as Nene stood up and gave me a hug..
As We hug each other It felt like electric shock as my body shivered, her b0s0ms pressing hard on my bare chest.. I felt my johnson kick.. I decided to bend and give Nene a kiss
Gbosa was the sound…. Nene gave me a hot slap and shove me aside
Nene: I resemble Ella? Or na becos of this bag you wan come kiss me? What do you take me for? You think I don’t know about her? I cant be an option… Never again in this life………. O boy see transfer aggression from her x boyfriend .
Me: surprised! Ah baby its nothing Ella is just a friend. . She is my….
I never talk finish I begin see stars Nene gimme another slap thosaa this time with all her might she screams Liar Liar thats what all of you keep saying…
Everything she was saying was Re echoing. ..
I was raged, this girl don too slap for this life Nene still d run mouth, d knack teeth as I send her sprawling on the floor with one thunderous slap as every where quiet.. she la!d motionless on the floor.. I got scared, I knelt down as I try to raise her up… as she turned her face… Ouch all the anger left me as I saw my five fingers on her face, she looked at me with tears… I was heartbroken, I regretted my actions…
Me: am sorry, truly I am….. I didnt mean to… I wiped her tears,
Nene didnt say a thing instead gave me catatonic stare.. she stood up and moved to her room without carrying the hand bag so I fellowed her with the hand bag.
She went inside her room turned and noticed I was following her, so she moved into her bathroom and locked the door..
Me: please say something.. I said am sorry I didnt mean to hit you.. please…
she was still silent…
Me: Nene, Nene, Nene, pls say something
Finally she spoke
Nene: do you love me?
The handbag fell from my hand and I went dead pan…
Nene: I am in love with you and thats not suppose to be happening, I hate myslf for it, I try not to, but I keep thinking about you even when I was with Henry.. I am confused cos I dont want to love you.. its not right.. you are not even up to 18. Please I think we need to stop this…
She kept talking but my head became heavy.. therefore I needed a place to keep it so as not to fall…. I tottered out of her room.

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