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Episode 8 years ago

I opened my eyes gently only to shut them back almost immediately due to the piercing pain on my eyelids.

Arrrrgh! I winced.

I opened them again on impulse only to see Eniola sobbing gently.

I looked around me, there was comotion everywhere. Only then did I recall we just had an accident. I quickly sat up when I heard a siren, an ambulance was heading towards us.

"ye! Haaaa! Mi ole ku ooo"one old women screamed as the nurses helped her to her feet.

I managed to stand up, dragged the sobbing Eniola away from the chaos.

"mummy, let's go home"she whimped. Some blood trickled down her cheek, she'd a cut on her temple.

"Sorry baby"I wiped the blood off with my skirt.

"Young lady, get into the ambulance!"a nurse said to me.

Me? Go back to Ibadan? God forbid.

"No don't worry, we'd be fine."I replied.
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"But you can't remain here!"she protested.

"I said I'm not coming with you!"I yelled at her and she left me alone.

Soon the whole scene was deserted, it was getting dark.

I sat Eniola down on stone, she looked tired, I felt so sorry for her.

I saw a station wagon approaching, I quickly flagged it down; luckily it stopped.

"Errm, please, we're going to Lagos."I told the driver, surveying the passengers with my eyes.

"five thousand naira"

"No problem."I shoved Eniola into the vehicle, though I knew the price was over expensive.


It was already dark when we arrived Lagos.

"We're in Lagos."I told Eniola excitedly.

She smiled at me and continued to munch her Gala, I wondered if she understood me.

"where do we go? Maybe we should get a hotel room?"I told her again.

"I don't know"she replied innocently.

"We have enough money girlie.."I was cut short by the rumbling of thunder.

Oh yikes! This rain should hold on, atleast not now.

"mummy!"Eniola squealed rushing to hug my thigh, she pointed at something behind me.

I turned swiftly only to find two Agberos glaring at me.

"Wetin you carry?"One of them asked.

"Nothing."I was trying to calm my self.

The other one dragged my purse off my grip, and they both ran off.

"Oh no! Thief! Thief ooo, help!"I called for help but none came, the whole place was deserted.

I looked at Eniola, she placed her hand on her face and sobbed silently.

"I'm sorry.."Was all I could whisper.

She nodded.

"We are stranded!"I hoped she'd understand.

"Lets go home"she sniffed.

"Noo honey! We can't! We've no money..."

the thunder rumbled again.

"Oh no!"I gasped

the rain began with a shower, later it came down in torrents.

I hugged my daughter tightly, we both wept and shivered under the rain.

"Mummy...cold...mummy..cold..."Eniola kept whimpering.

"I'm sorry my Lil' princess..."was all I could offer.

I regretted my actions. If and only if I didn't run away. I cursed David, his family and all.
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Suddenly light flashed around us, it was a car coming towards our direction.

Kidnapper! Ritualists! My heart was pounding dangerously. We're doomed.

"What are you doing here?"A woman in mid-forties question from the car.

I turned to look at her, she was alone, I just felt I could trust her.

"Please can you take my daughter with you?"I wasn't sure of what I said.

"How's that possible? Why?"

"Please madam, she's cold, we came into town late, we were robbed...we don't know where to go.."my lips quivered.

She shook her head gently.

"Come in"She opened the back seat.

I didn't hesitate, we got into the car and she drove us to her house.

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